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The Harry Potter universe returns to theaters in 2016 with the Fantastic Beasts trilogy

Warner Bros. has announced the release dates for the Harry Potter prequel trilogy Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them penned by J.K. Rowling.


Leaked concept art from Star Wars: Episode VII teases old enemies and new blood

A batch of images featuring concept art from Star Wars: Episode VII reveals a host of new characters and old, familiar faces in the upcoming sequel.


Aquaman, Cyborg, Suicide Squad, and Green Lantern are all coming to the big screen

Aquaman, Suicide Squad, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Justice League, and a reboot of Green Lantern are among the DC Comics movies announced by Warner Bros.


Resident Evil takes aim on The Walking Dead as a TV series moves into development

After the Resident Evil film franchise concludes in 2016 with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, the game franchise will be adapted as a television series.


Batfleck casting for Batman V Superman almost went to Ryan Gosling or Josh Brolin

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice producer Charles Roven explains why Ben Affleck was the right choice to play Batman in the sequel to Man Of Steel.


Can Netflix change how movies are released and distributed? Ted Sarandos thinks so

Speaking before a crowd of MIPCOM delegates in Cannes this week, Netlix's chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, talked about the company's efforts to get into movie production in order to shorten movie release time for home viewing, and disrupt the status quo.

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Robert Downey Jr. to suit up as Iron Man again as Marvel sets the stage for heroes to clash

Iron Man franchise actor Robert Downey Jr. may don the armor again for the third Captain America movie, which will kick off Marvel's big-screen Civil War.


Jesus plays baseball? That’s what happens as the timestream unravels in Bill & Ted 3

Keanu Reeves explains what's holding back a third Bill & Ted movie, and where the long-awaited next film will find the time-traveling, rock-and-roll heroes.


Cops hunt supervillains in this first look at the upcoming PlayStation series, Powers

Sony has posted the first, edgy trailer for the upcoming superhero crime drama series Powers, which debuts in December on the PlayStation Network.


WWE star Batista reportedly eyed for a new iconic James Bond villain role

Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista has reportedly landed the role of an assassin named "Hinx" in the next installment of the James Bond franchise.


The Walking Dead weekly recap: There’s ‘No Sanctuary’ in the season premiere

Lines are drawn in the sand between the good guys and the bad guys as AMC's ratings monster returns for its fifth season premiere.


Stormtrooper and Robocop working together, mass hysteria! NY Comic-Con in pictures

Check out the wonderful cosplay and show floor madness of 2014's New York Comic Con, held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center from October 9 through October 12.


Dracula Untold review

Dracula Untold puts the horse before the carriage by attempting to build something larger before it's earned our interest in the individual parts, which are thus far lackluster.


Marvel and Disney join forces with a tubby robot in Big Hero 6 clips from Comic-Con

Disney debuted footage from Big Hero 6, the first feature from Walt Disney Animation Studios based on a Marvel Comics property, during New York Comic Con.


Visit the magical world of Tomorrowland in Disney’s first look at the 2015 film

Disney premiered the first teaser and poster image for its upcoming science-fiction adventure Tomorrowland on the first day of New York Comic Con.