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James Bond takes on Spectre as the cast and car of the next 007 are revealed

The next James Bond film will be titled Spectre and feature a cast that includes Christoph Waltz in a mysterious role and Dave Bautista as Mr. Hinx.

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70 riveting movies you can watch on Netflix right now

Save yourself from hours of scrolling and searching through Netflix's massive library by checking out this list of our favorite movies you can stream right now.


Marvel’s first family of superheroes loses the ‘family’ in Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot

The official plot synopsis for the Fantastic Four reboot offers a hint of what's to come for Marvel's family of superheroes when they return to theaters.

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Watch Stephen Colbert slice through the Star Wars lightsaber controversy

The Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert weighs in on the heated debate surrounding the new lightsaber seen in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser.

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Will Smith is Deadshot and Jared Leto is Joker in the Suicide Squad

Will Smith, Jared Leto, Tom Hardy, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, and Cara Delevingne confirmed as stars of supervillain team-up movie Suicide Squad.

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Why Kickstarter is great for coolers, and terrible for feature films

Oh, you want to make a movie? And the studios won’t bite? While the allure of Kickstarter is strong for aspiring filmmakers, the hidden catches of crowd funding start to make studio sharks look like the more appealing option.

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Couch bound? Here are our favorite shows currently streaming on Netflix

Looking for a new show to watch? Check out DT's tightly-curated list of the Best Netflix Instant TV Shows to find your next addiction!

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Watch Batman infiltrate the Death Star to take on Darth Vader

The latest episode of Machinima's live-action webseries Super Power Beat Down features a battle between Batman and Darth Vader on board the Death Star.

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Jean-Claude Van Damme replaces Tony Jaa in the Kickboxer reboot

Original Kickboxer star Jean-Claude Van Damme has replaced Ong-bak's Tony Jaa in the upcoming remake of the 1989 cult-classic martial-arts film.

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Gollum’s voice narrates the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser, but who is he playing?

The Lord of the Rings and Planet of the Apes franchise actor Andy Serkis has been confirmed as the narrator in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser.

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FBI warns U.S. firms about ‘destructive’ malware after Sony Pictures hack

The FBI on Monday issued a "flash warning" to U.S. businesses warning them to beware of specific malware that could cause havoc on their computer networks. The FBI's action is thought to be related to the damaging Sony hack that occurred last week.


Watch the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser in Lego form and ‘Crazy Lens Flare Edition’

Two new parodies of the Star Wars: the Force Awakens teaser offer a LEGO recreation of the footage and a "crazy lens flare" version of the preview.

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The Independence Day sequel is officially greenlit and it could be coming on July 4, 2016

The upcoming sequel to the 1996 blockbuster Independence Day has received the official green light from the studio, putting it on target for a 2016 release.

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James Cameron says to expect ‘bitchin’ Avatar sequels, all filmed in 48fps

Avatar director James Cameron says the upcoming sequels to the record-breaking 2009 film will be 'bitchin' and be filmed in 48 frames-per-second format.

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The Walking Dead weekly recap: ‘Coda’ ends in senseless death

The midseason finale of The Walking Dead kills off a main character, but for what reason?

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