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Tumblr blog replaces guns in notable movie moments with selfie sticks

Look out, there is a new meme on the block and it's causing all kinds of commotion. The new, and aptly named Guns Replaced With Selfie Sticks does exactly what the name implies. Pointless? Sure. Fun? You bet.
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'The Nice Guys' throws a groovy, one-two punch with Crowe and Gosling

'The Nice Guys' turns Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling into a truly memorable odd couple and showcases the best elements of writer and director Shane Black's unique take on action comedies.
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X-Men: Apocalypse offers up an ’80s ad for Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters

In a new promotional video for X-Men: Apocalypse, the mutant Jubilee hosts a television recruitment ad for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, the school for mutants in the X-Men franchise.
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Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling get animated in nostalgia-inducing 'The Nice Guys' trailer

The latest trailer for Warner Bros. Pictures' action-comedy The Nice Guys presents the film in classic Hanna-Barbera animated style and makes a strong case for Shane Black's film to get its own cartoon.
Virtual Reality

New IMAX theaters may trade in massive screens for this VR headset

IMAX and Starbreeze have partnered for "destination-based VR" using the latter company's StarVR headset. The venture will bring games like John Wick VR to movie theaters and other complexes.
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Bye-bye Marvel? Hulu’s new live TV service has Disney CEO rethinking Netflix deals

Disney CEO Bob Iger said he'd gotten the chance to see Hulu's upcoming live TV offering, and that it has a "tremendous" user interface. The service has now dropped to an expected $30/month price point, and may have Disney rethinking deals…
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This Marvel Comics legend will say goodbye to the Big Apple at New York Comic Con 2016

Stan Lee is a certified legend in the comic book world, but New York City will be seeing less of him after 2016. The former president and chairman of Marvel Comics will make New York Comic Con 2016 his last.
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Craig out as Bond after refusing mammoth offer, but a likely successor has emerged

After several contradictory statements about his level of interest in continuing to play Bond, James Bond, it seems that Craig, Daniel Craig is officially moving on from the franchise.
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‘Preacher’ producer Seth Rogen goes rogue to get himself into new AMC show’s trailer

In a new video released by AMC, Preacher producer and co-director Seth Rogen plays every character in a DIY re-creation of the highly anticipated series' first trailer ahead of its Sunday premiere.
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Comcast is rolling out its HDR-ready Xi5 set-top box before it rolls out 4K

Comcast plans to launch its HDR-ready Xi5 set-top box on July 4, just in time for NBCUniversal's coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics, which will feature some content airing in HDR.