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Oh, to live like Wallace and Gromit: Seven fictional smart homes we wish existed

While many homes are starting to incorporate smart technology to automate basic tasks, the modern house is still pretty primitive compared to these cinematic counterparts.
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Get ready to cry watching the season 7 trailer for ‘The Walking Dead’

The season 7 trailer for The Walking Dead, revealed at Comic-Con, will tug hard at your heartstrings as it further teases a major event in the first episode. Plus, we finally see Ezekiel, leader of The Kingdom, and more.
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Trouble is brewing in Mexico in new trailer for ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

A new trailer for the back half of season two of Fear the Walking Dead reveals that we'll be following all three groups separately as they encounter trouble in Mexico; Nick on his own, Travis and Chris wandering about, and the…
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Jon Stewart stages mini comeback, takes over Colbert's 'Late Show' desk

Watch as the erstwhile Daily Show host helps make political satire great again by performing a not-so-hostile takeover of the Late Show desk. T-shirt and beard notwithstanding, he's the same old Jon Stewart.
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Lin-Manuel Miranda to put a tipsy spin on Hamilton/Burr duel for 'Drunk History'

Who better to get drunk and narrate the infamous duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr than the Broadway wunderkind who created a hit show about one of the two participants?

Between the Streams: Stranger Things, Better Things, Trekkie things, and more

This week: The new Star Trek movie gets high marks, Stranger Things fever breaks out (as does talk of a second season), the VCR takes one last ride, Louis CK preps his next hilarious series with Pamela Aldon, and so much more.
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'Jurassic World' sequel will reportedly head to Hawaii in February for production

A recent, unofficial report indicates that the cameras will begin rolling on the untitled sequel to "Jurassic World" in February 2017, with filming expected to happen in Hawaii for some portion of the production.
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'Star Trek Beyond' boldly turns Kirk and his crew into action movie heroes

'Star Trek Beyond' turns the intensity up for a fast-paced, high-flying adventure that makes the best of new director Justin Lin's knack for action sequences and takes the series in a new direction.
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Comic-Con kicks off with a new look at Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’

Director Oliver Stone and leading man Joseph Gordon-Levitt took the stage during the first day of Comic-Con International in San Diego to introduce the new trailer for "Snowden," a biopic of Edward Snowden.
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Netflix releases action-packed ‘Luke Cage’ teaser, announces Daredevil season 3

Definitely good news for fans of Marvel comics, Netflix launched a series of teasers and first looks for comic book adaptions of Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders and Daredevil.
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Harley Quinn steals more than the spotlight in new ‘Suicide Squad’ promo

The latest Suicide Squad promo from Warner Bros. is all about Harley Quinn. The villain, played by Margot Robbie, shows off her impressive bat-swinging skills and wit in new footage.
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Amazon reveals first look at 'The Tick' ahead of comedy pilot season premieres

Fall comedy pilot season is coming to Amazon, and we finally know when. The online retail giant/ streamer has revealed that The Tick, Jean-Claude Van Johnson, and I Love Dick will premiere on August 19, and also released new photos.