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Turner’s FilmStruck streaming service should have film buffs buttering their popcorn

There has never been a better time to watch mainstream movies in your home, but life for the arthouse film fanatic or classic film buff isn’t quite as easy, with a handful of films scattered across a range of streaming services requiring multiple subscriptions.

That’s about to change, as today Turner announced its first ever direct-to-consumer streaming service, FilmStruck. The new service will offer movies from across both the Turner Classic Movies catalog as well as the Criterion Collection, all together in one place, streaming commercial-free.

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It seems that this will also mark the end of the Criterion Collection’s availability on Hulu. Though no official withdrawal has yet been confirmed, the press release says that FilmStruck will be the “exclusive streaming home” of the Criterion Collection. This includes the new Criterion Channel, a new curated premium service.

“Working with TCM’s programming team, we’ll present a broad, constantly changing cross-section of Criterion titles on FilmStruck, a platform designed from the start to present films with the kind of robust supplemental features that Criterion is known for. The addition of the premium Criterion Channel will offer subscribers the most comprehensive Criterion experience ever available anywhere,” Criterion Collection president Peter Becker said in a statement.

This includes access to over 1,000 films from the Janus Films library, many of which Becker says aren’t available anywhere else. Indie studios like Flicker Alley, Icarus, Kino, Milestone, and Zeitgeist are also among those supplying content, while more generally popular films like Seven Samurai, Blood Simple, Mad Max, and A Room with a View are also included.

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FilmStruck is slated to debut this fall, though no official launch date has yet been announced. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet either, though considering the content available, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the service charging at least $10 per month. For a preview of what the service will have to offer, take a look at the FilmStruck website.