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Willem Dafoe joins Noomi Rapace and Glenn Close in new sci-fi thriller

Oscar-nominated actor Willem Dafoe has joined the cast of What Happened to Monday?, an upcoming science-fiction thriller with an impressive cast that already includes Prometheus actress Noomi Rapace and six-time Oscar nominee Glenn Close.

Directed by Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and Dead Snow filmmaker Tommy Wirkola, What Happened to Monday? unfolds in a dystopian future in which overpopulation and famine have forced the government to enact a strict single-child limit on families. Rapace plays each of seven identical sisters — named for each day of the week — who are forced to hide their existence from the outside world by assuming the identity of a single person on the one day each week they’re allowed to go outdoors. Their system is thrown into disarray when one of the sisters, Monday, doesn’t come home.

The roles for Dafoe and Close aren’t identified in the initial casting report from Deadline, but the film is already generating some buzz due its original story — something of a rarity in today’s remake- and reboot-crazy Hollywood environment.

The script for What Happened to Monday? was penned by Kerry Williamson (Alex Cross) and Max Botkin (Robosapien: Rebooted), with Marwan Kenzari, Christian Rubeck, and Pal Sverre Hagen also playing unidentified roles in the film.

Wirkola first hit Hollywood’s radar with his 2009 zombie-Nazi horror movie Dead Snow, which became a cult classic of sorts and spawned a 2014 sequel. That attention led to him directing Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton in the surprisingly successful, R-rated 2013 action-fantasy film Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, which earned more than $226 million worldwide. A sequel to that film is also in the works.

There’s currently no official release date for What Happened to Monday? as casting continues on the film, but the movie is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2016.