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Zack Snyder posts official photo of Batmobile in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Back in May, we got our first, incomplete look at the Batmobile that Ben Affleck’s Batman will drive in Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. After a series of fan photos featuring the vehicle on the Detroit set of the film appeared online this week, director Zack Snyder has released a more detailed, official image of the famous car.

The photos of the Batmobile parked in a Detroit alley first began popping up yesterday afternoon on sites like Ain’t It Cool News and Batman News, and offered some nice — if somewhat grainy — shots of the vehicle in its entirety and from various angles (including an overhead shot that includes the driver checking his smartphone from the cockpit of the vehicle). While the previous photos released by the studio offer just a glimpse of the vehicle, theset photos seemed to confirm that the new Batmobile was something of a blend between the “Tumbler” of Christopher Nolan’s films and the more stylized Batmobile of the later films in the previous Batman franchise.

Naturally, all of these photos began making the rounds online — a fact that apparently prompted the Batman V. Superman director to post an image of his own featuring the new Batmobile.

Just after 10pm ET last night, Snyder posted a photo (pictured above) of the Batmobile on Twitter with the caption “Here’s a real picture of the #Batmobile.”

The hyper-detailed, official photo of the Batmobile is certainly eye-catching, and one can’t help but note the presence of quite a few big guns positioned around the frame of the vehicle. Guns are nothing new for the Batmobile, of course, but the photo does a nice job of pushing the military-meets-superhero vibe of this film’s iteration of the iconic vehicle (and possibly its driver, too).

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016.