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All Songs Considered

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Bob Boilen and Robert Hilton are big names in the NPR music scene. Boilen’s show introduces listeners to all genres of music, from that emerging Latin America band you’ve never heard of, to the more mainstream indie fixes.

Music That Matters

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Seattle’s’ KEXP is constantly at the forefront of broadcasting new alternative and indie music. The show features both prominent and emerging artists from the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

Who Charted?

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More than two years after launching, Who Charted? proves that a show about the charts can make it big. Hosts Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack play off each other, and cover everything from music to movies.

Above & Beyond

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Electronic music more your thing? Then Above & Beyond is where it’s at. The London DJ trio Above & Beyond hosts the weekly two-hour show, bringing in 30-minute guest mixes from some of their favorite artists.

Morning Becomes Eclectic

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Morning Becomes Eclectic is a great way to open your ears to something new. One minute you can be listening to progressive synth-pop from Zimbabwe and the next to some jazz-fusion ensemble coming out of Soviet Russia.

Sound Opinions

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Sometimes it’s not enough just to listen to music. We have to have opinions about it as well. Sound Opinions features music critics discussing music news, reviewing new releases, and debates about the musical merits of songs.

Song Exploder

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Music lives and breathes in songs. Exploder takes apart a single song — its structure, inspiration, and production — with the original musicians who created it. Artists include everyone from Spoon and Garbage, to Julia Holter and Valley Lodge.

Music Popcast

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A panel of music critics, including the New York Times‘ Ben Ratliff, discuss the latest pop news, songs, albums, and artists. It’s opinionated, sure, but the excess of music knowledge and sharp commentary make it worthwhile.

Tune Me What?

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There’s more to South Africa than Searching for Sugarman. Leon Lazarus and Brett Lock’s podcast sheds light on a wealth of music coming out of the country, from its ragged roots in Marabi to modern-day Kwaito explosion.

Current Song of the Day

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Minnesota has one of the best music scenes around and a great public radio presence to boot. The Current’s Song of the Day offers upcoming artists from all over a platform one song at a time.

Full Frontal Radio Show

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The topics tackled on Full Frontal aren’t always just music, but it’s a center point of the program. Hosted by All Time Low’s singer and guitarist, it features occasional guests and tons of pop culture.

NPR Microphone Check

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If you think NPR isn’t hip enough for a hip-hop podcast, think again. Microphone Check is all about what’s happening in hip-hop culture and covers the genre in the way only NPR can.

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