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For Your Brain

Stuff You Should Know

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This podcast is a fantastic way to learn why music provokes emotions, how black holes work, and what Subway is actually good for. The topics are interesting, entertaining, and laid out in a manner that is easy to digest.


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TEDTalks always provides some of the most fascinating, insightful, and intriguing discussions from professionals around the globe. Each talk is condensed into a small, short audio segment.

Hardcore History

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Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History approaches the past with that same crazy thinking his Common Sense podcast is known for. He raises many good points and relevant what-if scenarios.

60-Second Science

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Your quick, 60-second dose of potentially useful (or useless) scientific knowledge brought to you to the good folks over at Scientific American. Be sure to check out the 60-second space and mind versions while you’re at it.

Please Explain

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The goal of Please Explain is always the same, whether talking history or science. Each week Leonard Lopate and his guest try to get to the bottom of a single, complex issue using a melange of basic facts and intrinsic principles.

Learn to Speak Spanish

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Who needs Rosetta Stone when you have David Spencer? The show’s content varies from a “word of the day” portion to an assortment of greeting and conversation scenarios.

Freakonomics Radio

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Hosted by Stephen Dubner, co-author of the mega-bestseller of the same name, this podcast “explores the hidden side of everything” from an economical/sociological perspective.

NPR: TED Radio Hour

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Red Radio Hour

Based on the renowned TED Talks, each episode of Guy Raz’s TED Radio Hour is based on a common theme. It addresses everything from happiness to crowd-sourcing innovation, with interviews snippets and discussion.

Smart People Podcast

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Hosts Jon Rojas and Chris Stemp aren’t the smartest people around. Thankfully, they interview PhDs and industry professionals to get the inside scoop on a slew of topics, from Amazon and the human mind to Buddhism and porn.

Stuff to Blow Your Mind

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Ever wonder how the electric eel generates juice or what trypophobia is? Julie Douglas and Robert Lamb have answers, whether talking about mind-blowing mysteries or the newest scientific revelations, in this 30-minute podcast.

This … Is Interesting

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As the title of this podcast suggests, Matt Miller, also one of the hosts of the political talk show Left, Right & Center, is curious about everything, from Singapore’s healthcare to the historical Jesus and thought-controlled computing.


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Delve into the historical background of current affairs with the American History Guys, three Virginia academic historians. Along with their research and observations, they interview experts and listeners.

The Memory Palace

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Another “tiny” podcast, this one about history. And it is really, really tiny: The longest episode is about 14 minutes and the shortest is barely a minute long. Each story is a perfectly told and produced bite of the past.

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