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Radio junkies right here: Listen to our 72 favorite audio podcasts

DT writers Brandon Widder, Jacob O’Gara, and AJ Dellinger contributed to this article.

There are few who would argue that podcasts aren’t awesome. You can stream or download them and listen to them at home or on your way to work. Plus, they cover just about every topic you can think of. The only thing not to love? There are so many to pick from. So let us help with the decision-making process so you can spend less time fumbling through the bad and more time listening to the good.

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Podcasts Categories:


Global News 

iTunes | RSS


This podcasts features just what the name implies: World news from around the globe. It consists of two,  30-minute news broadcasts compiled twice a day from the 24-hours news coverage offered by the BBC World Service.

Common Sense

iTunes | RSS


Dan Carlin arguably one of America’s favorite political commentators. He took to the Internet after leaving his traditional radio gig behind and created a show that’s smart, thought-provoking, and interesting.

Left, Right & Center

iTunes | RSS


Left, Right & Center is a weekly 30-min podcast assembled by one of Los Angeles’ radio stations. It features Matthew Miller, Robert Scheer, and Arianna Huffington bickering over politics, policy, and culture.

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me 

iTunes | RSS


This podcast features a variety of different news-oriented games so you can test you’re news knowledge against the contestants on the show. Play along and see how well you’ve been following the news this week.

Democracy Now 

iTunes | RSS


The award-winning show hosted by investigative journalists Goodman and Juan Gonzalez has been making the rounds for quite some time now, but it’s still going strong and broadcast on more than 1,000 stations.

Slate Political Gabfest

iTunes | RSS


You could ignore political news all week, then listen to this podcast on Friday, and be set. Following the same format as the Culture Gabfest, the three hosts bring insightful political analysis and commentary to the roundtable.


iTunes | RSS


Since 2005, this has been a guide to everything from politics and foreign affairs to religion and science. Two experts come up with a list of things to talk about, then talk about them.

The Takeaway

iTunes | RSS


The Takeaway, hosted by Emmy and Peabody winner John Hockenberry, hosts conversations about the topics that matter. Live reports from the field and listener call ins round out the show.

The Economist

iTunes | RSS


Most news podcasts take a look at the week that was. The Economist points its compass toward the future. Commentators join the show and offer their take on what the next week might bring.


WTF with Marc Maron

iTunes | RSS


We all have “WTF” moments in our lives and Marc Maron is just pointing a few of them out. His twice-weekly podcast, usually recorded in his LA garage, consists of him talking with comedic friends, writers and celebrity guests

The Nerdist

iTunes | RSS


Web Soup and Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick geeks out with co-hosts Matt Mira and Jonah Ray, plus a bunch of notable guests including everyone from Adam Savage and William Shatner to Rob Zombie and Drew Carey.

The Smartest Man

iTunes | RSS


Greg Proops may not be the smartest man in the world, but he’s entertaining. The Who’s Line is It Anyway? vet takes on an audience each week, discussing current events, celebrities, and his personal life.

Girl on Guy (Aisha Tyler)

iTunes | RSS


Sometimes we feel Aisha Tyler knows more about being a guy than guys do. It’s crazy. She frequently rants about video games, drinking, sex, fast cars, fights — you know, the works. Don’t mess with her.

Comedy Bang Bang

iTunes | RSS


Mr. Show may be gone, but Scott Aukerman is not. Formerly known as Comedy Death-Ray Radio, this is nearly two hours long and features a mixed bag of sketch comedy, guest interviews, and deadpan humor.

Jordan, Jesse GO!

iTunes | RSS


The hosts of this show, Jesse Thorn and Jordan Morris, have known each other since college, so they have superb chemistry. Each week, a comedian joins the duo to lay down some professional hilarity and off-track tangents.


iTunes | RSS


Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter tackle the most pressing .. topics of our age. Parodying those irritatingly earnest and serious discussions you had in college, this podcast is almost too dry to be funny.

James Bonding

iTunes | RSS


You don’t have to be as obsessed with the James Bond series as these two guys named Matt (Gourley and Mira) to love their podcast. In each episode, the Matts and a guest bond over a Bond movie. Hilarity ensues.

Dead Authors Podcast

iTunes | RSS


Do you like literature, comedy, or Paul F. Tompkins? If you said yes to any of those, you should listen to this podcast. If you said yes to all three of those options, then you probably already are listening to this podcast.


All Songs Considered

iTunes | RSS


Bob Boilen and Robert Hilton are big names in the NPR music scene. Boilen’s show introduces listeners to all genres of music, from that emerging Latin America band you’ve never heard of to the more mainstream indie fixes.

Music That Matters

iTunes | RSS


Seattle’s’ KEXP is constantly at the forefront of broadcasting new alternative and indie music. The show features both prominent and emerging artists from the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

Who Charted?

iTunes | RSS


More than two years after launching, Who Charted? proves that a show about the charts can make it big. Hosts Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack play off each other, and cover everything from music to movies.

Above & Beyond

iTunes | RSS


Electronic music more your thing? Then Above & Beyond is where it’s at. The London DJ trio Above & Beyond hosts the weekly two-hour show, bringing in a 30-minutes guest mixes from some of their favorite artists.

Morning Eclectic

iTunes | RSS


Morning Becomes Eclectic is a great way to open your ears to something new. One minute you can be listening to progressive synth-pop from Zimbabwe and the next to some jazz-fusion ensemble coming out of Soviet Russia.

Sound Opinions

iTunes | RSS


Sometimes it’s not enough just to listen to music. We have to have opinions about it as well. Sound Opinions features music critics discussing music news, reviewing new releases, and debates about the musical merits of songs.

Current Song of the Day

iTunes | RSS


Minnesota has one of the best music scenes around and a great public radio presence to boot. The Current’s Song of the Day offers upcoming artists from all over a platform one song at a time.

Full Frontal Radio Show

iTunes | RSS


The topics tackled on Full Frontal aren’t always just music, but it’s a center point of the program. Hosted by All Time Low’s singer and guitarist, it features occasional guests and tons of pop culture.

NPR Microphone Check

iTunes | RSS


If you think NPR isn’t hip enough for a hip hop podcast, think again. Microphone Check is all about what’s happening in hip hop culture and covers the genre in the way only NPR can.

For Your Brain

Stuff You Should Know

iTunes | RSS


A fantastic way to learn why music provokes emotions, how black holes work, and what Subway is actually good for. The topics are interesting, entertaining, and laid out in a manner that is easy to digest.


iTunes | RSS


TEDTalks always provides some of the most fascinating, insightful, and intriguing discussions from professionals around the globe.  Each talk is condensed into a small, short audio segment.

Hardcore History

iTunes | RSS


Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History approaches the past with that same crazy thinking his Common Sense podcast is known for. He raises many good points and relevant what-if scenarios.

60-Second Science

iTunes | RSS


Your quick, 60-second dose of potentially useful (or useless) scientific knowledge brought to you to the good folks over at Scientific American. Be sure to check out the 60-second space and mind versions while you’re at it.

Learn to Speak Spanish

iTunes | RSS


Who needs Rosetta Stone when you have David Spencer? The show’s content varies from a “word of the day” portion to an assortment of greeting and conversing scenarios.

Freakonomics Radio

iTunes | RSS


Hosted by Stephen Dubner, co-author of the mega-bestseller of the same name, this podcast “explores the hidden side of everything” from an economical/sociological perspective.

This … Is Interesting

iTunes | RSS


From what this podcast suggests, Matt Miller, also one of the hosts of the political talk show Left, Right & Center, is curious about everything, from Singapore’s healthcare system to the historical Jesus to thought-controlled computing.


iTunes | RSS


Delve into the historical background of current affairs with the “American history guys,” three Virginia academic historians. Along with their research and observations, they interview experts and listeners.

The Memory Palace

iTunes | RSS


Another “tiny” podcast, this one about history. And it is really,really tiny: the longest episode is about 14 minutes and the shortest is barely a minute long. Each story is a perfectly told and produced bite of the past.


This American Life

iTunes | RSS


No podcast collection would be complete without This American Life. Host Ira Glass delves into first-person stories and short fiction pieces from around the world. It will make you laugh just as often as it will make you cry. TAL holds the torch by which others are judged.

Radiolab from WNYC

iTunes | RSS


Each edition of RadioLab focuses on one particular idea or concept, honing in on the people, sounds and stories that work to bring the show to life. Hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich tackle scientific and philosophical topics.

The Moth

iTunes | RSS


A different breed of storytelling than This American Life andRadiolab comes from the Moth organization. Each storyteller stands under a bright spotlight, in a crowded room, sharing their true experiences with a live audience.


iTunes | RSS


Think This American Life is a bit bland? Then take a walk on the wild side with Kevin Allison’s Risk! The weekly show features live writers, performers and everyday people telling stories they “never thought they’d dare to share.”

A Prairie HC

iTunes | RSS


Garrison Keillor’s weekly down-home, signature monologue from A Prairie Home Companion conjures some of the best imagery and storytelling to date. Keillor’s steady voice chugs and billows relentlessly through each podcast.


iTunes | RSS


This podcast is like a cross between This American Life and The Twilight Zone. The (mostly) true stories are alternately spooky, humorous, intense and fascinating, and the experimental and eerie sound design is spellbindingly fun.

Welcome to Night Vale

iTunes | RSS


This series purports to be the local radio announcements of the titular weird desert town. Welcome to Night Vale is a bit like A Prairie Home Companion, except with menacing glow clouds and monstrous mayors.

Snap Judgement

iTunes | RSS


This podcast is, as host and producer Glynn Washington puts it, “storytelling with a beat.” Snap Judgement is a profound, engaging, and humorous listen. It puts a new kind of spin on standard storytelling.

The Truth

iTunes | RSS


This podcast is like those radio dramas from the ’30s and ’40s, except with better production values and more mature themes. Everything about this podcast is amazing, from the voice acting to the script to the sound design.


The Dan Patrick Show

iTunes | RSS


Dan Patrick pulls a good deal of weight when it comes to sports broadcasting, so it’s not surprising that he lands some of the biggest and baddest guests in the sports realm. Listen to his show to hear big names.

ESPN Fantasy Football

iTunes | RSS


This one is for all you fantasy sports lovers out there. Hosts Matthew Berry and Nate Ravitz provide some of the best daily fantasy football insight, from player previews and strategy, to make sure you’re up to snuff with what’s going on.

The B.S. Report

iTunes | RSS


Bill Simmons, editor-of-chief of Grantland.com, showcases a surprising amount of pop culture knowledge when it comes to his podcast. The show is entertaining, whether Simmons’ guests are sports stars or just his buds.

Sklarbro Country

iTunes | RSS


Online magazine Slate dishes out the Hang Up and Listen podcast weekly. They usually just discuss the big sports headlines for the week and look ahead regarding what’s coming up in the world of sports.

Hang Up and Listen

iTunes | RSS


Garrison Keillor’s weekly down-home, signature monologue from A Prairie Home Companion conjures some of the best imagery and storytelling to date. Keillor’s steady voice billows through each podcast.

Grantland Sports

iTunes | RSS


The ESPN off-shoot Grantland has built a steady following thanks to its great contributors. The Grantland Sports podcast is just another platform for discussion among some of the best minds in sports journalism.

The Starters

iTunes | RSS


The Starters covers the day-to-day happenings of the NBA and touches on everything that happens on and off the court. The crew on this show bring a wicked sense of humor to the table along with basketball knowledge.

Jay Mohr Sports

iTunes | RSS


You might know Jay Mohr from his other careers. He’s been on television, in major motion pictures, and tours the country as a standup. But he has a passion for sports and spends three hours a day on air talking about it.

Jalen Rose Report

iTunes | RSS


Jalen Rose is a unique voice in the sports broadcast world. He’s a former NBA player who spent plenty of time in the limelight and isn’t afraid to dish insider knowledge when it can provide better context to current stories.


This Week in Tech

iTunes | RSS


This Week in Tech has been one of the premiere tech podcasts for a while now. The weekly show features tech enthusiasts Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, John C. Dvorak, and others as they discuss trending tech.

NPR Technology

iTunes | RSS


NPR dabbles in almost every podcast category that comes to mind, so its technology podcast doesn’t seem so farfetched as you might think. This podcast is short, sweet, and offers very little in the way of spin.


iTunes | RSS


The BBC podcast provides an alternative viewpoint from the American tech shows while examining the many facets of technology and the role each one plays in our lives. The show often focuses on the Internet and social networking.

Giant Bombcast

iTunes | RSS


This weekly show features video game journalist Jeff Gerstmann and the rest of the Bombcaststaff talking about what video games they are playing, the latest news and updates, and various listener emails


iTunes | RSS


Amplified was named one of iTunes “Best of 2012” for a reason. Hosts Jim Dalrymple (previously of Macworld) and Dan Benjamin share their wealth of knowledge regarding all things Apple, guitars and recording equipment.

Still Untitled

iTunes | RSS


Adam Savage is best known for his work on the TV show Mythbusters but he’s built more out of his following, including the Still Untitled podcast. He and his co-hosts cover topics of interest from their perspective.

New Tech City

iTunes | RSS


WYNC’s New Tech City offers insight into the world of tech by approaching it through the lens of human experience. Every topic is covered with a focus on how it effects humans and our daily lives.

The Web Ahead

iTunes | RSS


This podcast, hosted by Jen Simmons, tackles the ever-changing ways of the web. Whatever issue is currently hot, from HTML5 to iOS and Android, will get discussed thoroughly each episode.

The Indoor Kids

iTunes | RSS


Hosted by comedian and actor Kumail Nanjiani and his wife freelance writer Emily Gordon, the Indoor Kids podcast focuses on video games that the couple enjoys and is currently playing.

Arts & Culture


iTunes | RSS


This is the latest iteration of Jesse Thorns arts & culture program, which started a decade ago on college radio. Thorn loves rap music and comedy, so the people he interviews tend to be rappers and comedians.

Slate Culture Gabfest

iTunes | RSS


At this point, the “roundtable discussion about pop culture” format is kinda cliched. But Slate’s is one of the first and best. Each week, the three hosts pick three cultural topics, a mix of timely and timeless, and just gab about them.

99% Invisible

iTunes | RSS


This “tiny radio show about design” makes you appreciate the big and small decisions that shape the world we live in, from purple hotels and traffic markings to camouflage and parentheses around area codes.


iTunes | RSS


Brian Heater has a quiet, open-ended conversation with a writer, cartoonist, musician, podcaster, artist, or comedian, and you’re dropped somewhere in the middle of it. Listen to learn how creators create.

Get Up On This

iTunes | RSS


This is the podcast that “keeps you in check,” letting you know about culture before it blows up. Since this is a part of the podcast network owned by Kevin Smith, the show is profane and hilarious, naturally.

Alton Browncast

iTunes | RSS


If anyone knows food, its Alton Brown. The TV host and foodie uses his podcast to review recent food-related news, talk with celebrities about their passion for food, and generally discuss the culinary arts.

NYT Book Review

iTunes | RSS


Looking for a good book? The taste-makers at the New York Times can point you in the right direction. Authors and critics join the show to discuss literature, art, and ideas with host and editor Pamela Paul.

Philosophy Bites

iTunes | RSS


David Edmonds of the Uehiro Centre and Oxford University and freelance philosopher/writer Nigel Warburton use their platform to interview top philosophers on a wide range of topics.

Arts and Ideas

iTunes | RSS


The BBC is a great place to go for cultural and artistic influences. BBC Radio 3’s Arts and Ideas program is one of the best. It has interviews, talks, and debates with artists, scientists, and public figures.

What do you think of our best podcast list? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below.