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The Dan Patrick Show

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Dan Patrick pulls a good deal of weight when it comes to sports broadcasting, so it’s not surprising that he lands some of the biggest and baddest guests in the sports realm. Listen to his show to hear big names.

ESPN Fantasy Football

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This one is for all you fantasy sports lovers out there. Hosts Matthew Berry and Nate Ravitz provide some of the best daily fantasy football insight, from player previews and strategy, to make sure you’re up to snuff with what’s going on.

The B.S. Report

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Bill Simmons, editor-of-chief of, showcases a surprising amount of pop culture knowledge when it comes to his podcast. The show is entertaining, whether Simmons’ guests are sports stars or just his buds.

Sklarbro Country

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Sklarbro Country features Randy and Jason Sklar, two comedians who offer up their take on sports and pop culture. Even if you’re not a huge sports fan, you’ll enjoy hearing their humorous take on recent events.

Hang Up and Listen

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Online magazine Slate dishes out the Hang Up and Listen podcast weekly. They usually just discuss the big sports headlines for the week and look ahead regarding what’s coming up in the world of sports.

Grantland Sports

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The ESPN off-shoot Grantland has built a steady following thanks to its great contributors. The Grantland Sports podcast is just another platform for discussion among some of the best minds in sports journalism.

Men in Blazers

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Hosts Michael Davies and Roger Bennett wears blazers and discuss soccer. They’re passionate and knowledgeable, providing both in-depth analysis and airing riveting guest interviews with equal jest.

The Ross Report

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Hall of Famer Jim Ross may remain the greatest WWE announcer in wrestling, but this podcast’s celebrity roster of friends and weekly discussion of today’s stars and storylines make it the go-to for wrestling fans.

Best of Mike & Mike

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Not everyone has time for ESPN’s flagship, four-hour sport show. Fortunately, hosts Greeny and Grolic offer a condensed version of it once a week as one-hour show featuring high-profile guests, analysis, and plenty of opinion.

The Starters

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The Starters covers the day-to-day happenings of the NBA and touches on everything that happens on and off the court. The crew on this show bring a wicked sense of humor to the table, along with basketball knowledge.

Jay Mohr Sports

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You might know Jay Mohr from his other careers. He’s been on television, in major motion pictures, and tours the country as a standup. But he has a passion for sports and spends three hours a day on air talking about it.

Jalen Rose Report

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Jalen Rose is a unique voice in the sports broadcast world. He’s a former NBA player who spent plenty of time in the limelight and isn’t afraid to dish insider knowledge when it can provide better context to current stories.

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