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This Week in Tech

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This Week in Tech has been one of the premiere tech podcasts for a while now. The weekly show features tech enthusiasts Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, John C. Dvorak, and others as they discuss trending tech.


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The BBC podcast provides an alternative viewpoint from the American tech shows, while examining the many facets of technology and the role each one plays in our lives. The show often focuses on the Internet and social networking.

Giant Bombcast

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This weekly show features video game journalist Jeff Gerstmann and the rest of the Bombcast staff, talking about what video games they are playing, the latest news and updates, and various listener emails

Windows Weekly

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Despite the name, Windows Weekly deals with everything Microsoft-related. Though the hosts dabble in a variety of topics, from the Xbox One to Satya Nadella’s massive salary, they always keep the content tailored to their audience.


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Amplified was named one of iTunes “Best of 2012” for a reason. Hosts Jim Dalrymple (previously of Macworld) and Dan Benjamin share their wealth of knowledge regarding all things Apple, guitars, and recording equipment.

Still Untitled

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Adam Savage is best known for his work on the TV show Mythbusters but he’s built more out of his following, including the Still Untitled podcast. He and his co-hosts cover topics of interest from their perspective.

This Week in Google

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Like it or not, Google is an integrated part of our daily lives. Leo Laporte and Gina Trapani’s podcast rehashes the latest news regarding the tech giant, offering insight on everything from sales and stocks, to new devices.


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ShopTalk isn’t for the the faint of heart. It’s essentially a podcast for Web design, one that delves into front-end development and UX. Hosts Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert answer questions and calls, typically with a knowledgable guest.

Trends with Benefits

Digital Trends


A shameless plug of self promotion, sure, but we’re just getting started. Our recently-debuted podcast is a casual and comical discussion between our writers and editors about the latest happenings in the tech industry and beyond.

MacBreak Weekly

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Recorded live every Tuesday, MacBreak Weekly is the premiere podcast for all things Apple. Host Leo Laporte and the rotating cast of veteran tech journalists discuss product rumors, security hacks, appointments, and more.

New Tech City

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WYNC’s New Tech City offers insight into the world of tech by approaching it through the lens of human experience. Every topic is covered with a focus on how it effects humans and our daily lives.

The Web Ahead

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This podcast, hosted by Jen Simmons, tackles the ever-changing ways of the web. Whatever issue is currently hot, from HTML5 to iOS and Android, will get discussed thoroughly each episode.

The Indoor Kids

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Hosted by comedian and actor Kumail Nanjiani and his wife, freelance writer Emily Gordon, the Indoor Kids podcast focuses on video games that the couple enjoys and is currently playing.

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