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Jam out in style with the 18 best playlists Spotify has to offer

Even in an age where streaming music is bigger than ever, a good playlist can be hard to find. With tens of millions of sounds, thousands of bands, and a never-ending supply of new tunes to mop up with your ears, discovering who to trust when it comes to compilations can be a daunting task. Even a cursory search of Wikipedia’s List of Lists of Lists reveals nothing musical (and seems to create a feedback loop, as well).

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Well, look no further weary streamers: We’ve put together a list of our favorite Spotify playlists, with groups of songs that range from current pop hits to classic rock masterpieces, in hopes that your stressful search for new music will be simplified. We’ve also thrown in a few celebrity-made playlists for you to sink your teeth into.

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Strap on some cans and turn up the jams, this is our amalgamation of the 18 best Spotify playlists:

Have A Great Day!

The best way to fight a bad mood is with cheery music, and that’s exactly what Spotify’s Have A Great Day playlist is made for. Featuring upbeat selections from classic artists and newcomers alike, even the corny cuts here — I’m looking at you, Counting Crows — will blast positive vibes your way.

Walk In Like You Own The Place

Whether you’ve got a big game, a big interview, or a big date, these songs are the musical equivalent of a pump-up speech. This is a flurry of self-confidence boosters which may just raise your game.

I Love My ’90s R&B

Who doesn’t want to dance around the living room to the classic sounds of Lauryn Hill, clean the garage to some Boyz II Men, or pick up a friend while blasting TLC? This playlist is the perfect tongue-in-cheek throwback; It’s filled with excellent music, but it’s all stuff you might have forgotten about since the Spice Girls left the radio.

Daft Punk’s Favorites (Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo)

A hand-picked playlist from Daft Punk member Guy-Manuelk de Homem Christo, this amalgamation of songs offers an interesting glimpse into the musician’s helmet. An eclectic collection of songs with sly nods to massive pop stars like Drake and cult heroes like The Ramones and Ariel Pink, there’s a depth to the song choices here and each pick seems carefully juxtaposed with another.

’90s Rock Renaissance

Featuring many of the hits that made Seattle the music capital of the world for a brief moment in time, this list is full of grunge, alt-rock, and industrial jams. Put on some acid washed denim and a worn red flannel and get your groove on.

This Is: Max Martin

Among the most interesting (and wealthy) music producers in the history of pop, Swedish songsmith Max Martin has lent his sonic palate to virtually every important pop star of the past two decades. This list features many of Martin’s hits, offering an interesting look at his own creative development through the years, as well as a mix of some of the most iconic pop songs from the mid-’90s to the modern day.

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