The beat goes on: This drummer uses a bionic arm to lay down the groove

Jason Barnes, a drummer who lost a limb due to an accident, now plays his instrument with the help of a bionic arm. The arm functions by picking up on electrical signals from his upper arm which control the grip and speed of the drumstick.

All About That Bass songwriter received just $5,679 for 178 million song streams

All About That Bass co-songwriter Kevin Kadish testified to members of the Congress this week that songwriters receive an unfairly low streaming royalties. The hearing was part of a roundtable discussion this week about music copyright.

News you missed this week: iOS malware, Oculus goes mainstream, Serial returns

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That's why we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week — just for you. From Apple's iOS malware to VW's diesel scandal, it's all here.

Comfort, style, and excellent sound make KEF's new M100 a winner 1:30

Follow us on a test drive with KEF's new M100 in-ears, part of the second generation of headphones offered by the long-established British brand. Crafted from quality components, the M100 mix style and substance into a lovely…
Health & Fitness

With a body strap and light, this speaker mixes science fiction with sporty fun 2:50

There are plenty of waterproof Bluetooth speakers out there, but not many that are also lights. Add a snap in holster and cross body strap, and the Core makes a serious statement aimed at the sport-inclined.

Spotify vs. Apple Music: Who wins the ultimate streaming showdown? 2:22

Apple's new streaming music service, Apple Music, made its anticipated debut at WWDC 2015 and largely impressed the crowd. But how well might it stack up against Spotify? Follow us as we compare and contrast all we know about the…

Pope Francis has a rock album? Listen to his first Papal single

Pope Francis just released the debut single, Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward!, from his debut Papal rock record. The anthemic prog rocker features a spoken-word interlude from the Pope, who encourages listeners to sing, dance and rejoice. 

K-OS rapped into iPod headphones for his latest album, and you would never know

Canadian rapper K-OS redefined “lo-fi” by recording all the vocals for his latest album, Can’t Fly Without Gravity, on his iPod headphones. And you probably wouldn’t have even noticed.

Vinyl sales generate more revenue than free Spotify, Youtube, and VEVO combined

Vinyl sales generated $60 million more revenue than all on-demand free streaming services combined in the first half of this year. Vinyl revenue is up 52 percent year over year with no no signs of slowing down soon.

Opt out of Apple Music’s auto-renewal option with this easy walkthrough

Test driving Apple Music but don't want to commit yet? Follow these simple steps to turn off its auto-renewal feature and avoid the upcoming monthly fee.