Merry Jane takes tokers around the world, first stop: Uruguay the first nation to legalize weed

Snoop Dogg's marijuana culture and lifestyle website Merry Jane just posted its new video series, the Wide World of Cannabis. It's kicked off in Uruguay, "the great experiment," the first country in the world to nationally…

These smart hearing aids restore the beauty of music to those with hearing loss

A new hearing aid from Starkey Hearing Technologies is able to connect to the user's smartphone through Bluetooth, after which users can stream music to their hearing aids and fine tune things like hearing aid volume.

Here are the best songs to work to, in four distinct genres

The perfect soundtrack can make all the difference between a good day of work, and a great one. We've assembled four separate playlists in four distinct genres, allowing you to pick your favorite focus-inducing soundscapes.

‘Music is suffering’ On 99¢, Santigold calls to fix a broken streaming biz

On her latest album 99 Cents, Santigold challenges the streaming music-biz model that brought us the likes of Spotify without losing the energetic bounce that vaulted her to stardom.

Kickstarter makes Drip its first acquisition

In a blog post published Thursday, Yancey Strickler, the co-founder and CEO of the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, announced that his company made its first acquisition. The lucky beneficiary of the buyout is Drip, a crowdfunded music…

Why Apple’s next iPhone may kill the headphone jack, and what it means for you

The rumor mill has all but confirmed the new iPhone 7 will come without a standard headphone jack. So what does that mean for you? Follow us as we explore the strange new world where Lightning and Bluetooth reign supreme.

Spotify agrees to pay $21 million to artists in unpaid royalties

After being slammed with lawsuits left and right, Spotify comes to agreement with the National Publisher's Music Association to pay $21 million in unpaid royalties to music publishers and songwriters.

SoundCloud’s deal with Sony means access to tunes from all three major labels

Music streaming company SoundCloud has inked a deal with Sony Music Entertainment giving the streamer agreements with the world's three biggest music labels, and access to most of the biggest names in music.
Home Theater

The Min7 is a seriously powerful wireless speaker handmade from wood

The Min7 speaker is handmade from wood, packs 150 watts of power, and boasts multiple connectivity options including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It has also already made over five times its Kickstarter funding goal with nearly two months left to…
Movies & TV

Infamous Kanye West footage makes for hilarious American Crime Story parody

Funny or Die has given Kanye West's many notorious moments over the years a brilliant spin in a hilarious new parody video: Using footage from American Crime Story, as well as of the musician, the comedy website has created The People v…

Have you noticed? Jay-Z quietly removed all three Blueprint albums from all but Tidal

Famed rapper and businessman Jay-Z has removed all three of his Blueprint albums from every streaming service except for Tidal, giving the service more exclusive content with which to fight Spotify.