Spotify’s Music Map taps into the musical DNA of nearly 1,000 cities

Whether you're looking for a musical vacation or just a trip to nostalgia town, the streaming service's new interactive Music Map wants to take your ears on a journey around the globe.

New iPod rumors: A 64-bit iPod Touch could launch in July with a Nano and Shuffle

The newest release of iTunes let slip something big: all-new iPods. One image in particular shows an iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle in new colors. It's unclear what internal changes are in store, if any.

JVC XX Elation Bluetooth headphones: Surprisingly solid sound, expectedly low price 2:13

JVC's budget-friendly Bluetooth headphones surprised us with their balanced sound, optional bass boost, and impressive battery life. For $150, it's hard to do much better.

FTC examining Apple App Store’s 30 percent ‘tax’ on rival music streaming apps

Apple Music has drawn plenty of attention lately, including the stern gaze of the Federal Trade Commission. The U.S. antitrust agency is examining Apple’s 30 percent cut of subscriptions fees for rival music streaming apps downloaded in…

Catch up with Ghostface Killah’s mob saga and more in our 5 songs to stream

Not sure what new music to listen to? We'll let you know what new tracks and albums dropping this week are worthy of your attention. Up this week: Ghostface Killah, Coheed and Cambria, Crystal Castles, and more.

Apple turns video producer to get you to switch to its music service

Would exclusive videos from some of the world's biggest names in music be enough to get you to pay up for Apple Music? Apple is hoping so, and a new clip from Drake is the first to appear.

Two runaway fugitives were caught in Mexico, all thanks to Spotify

Spotify helped authorities locate a woman and her husband who fled to Mexico with her children. The wife was expected to lose custody of her children, which is why she left the country.

Lee Bannon on ‘chair music,’ his name change, and sonic link to Keith Richards

Pattern of Excel finds Bannon twisting the cosmic knob of a futuristic radio station parked on the edge of an experimental ambient universe where bass and beats have been replaced by reverb-drenched intergalactic axe scrapings.

Another Swift Record: 1989 is the fastest album to hit 5 million US sales in a decade

Taylor Swift's 1989 is now the fastest album to reach 5 million in U.S. sales in over a decade, taking just 36 weeks to accomplish the feat. Usher's Confessions managed it in only 19 weeks back in 2004.

Apple Music will give users more control over audio quality in iOS 9

Apple Music might have a lot to offer out of the gate, but that doesn't mean that it's perfect. One thing the app needs is better control over streaming quality, and luckily, that's coming in iOS 9.

Tidal’s new family streaming plan costs more than Apple Music

Tidal, Jay-Z's hi-fi streaming service, has added a family plan, which allows users to add 1-4 members and lowers the per subscriber monthly rate. Tidal's family plan is similar to Spotify's, but relatively expensive compared to Apple…