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New report: Free music streaming will bring in $1 billion by 2017

A new report from Juniper Research expects free, ad-based music streaming revenue to cross the $1 billion mark by 2017. This expected growth is in spite of industry backlash against free music streaming and new streamers not offering a free option.


Say goodbye to mail-order CD service Columbia House

The CD and DVD mail-order company, which once brought home as much as $1.4 billion a year, has gone bankrupt. The precursor to modern streaming music services, Columbia House fell to the age of iTunes, Spotify and Netflix.

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Déjà vu: Kendrick Lamar slated to be Stephen Colbert’s first guest on the Late Show

When Stephen Colbert takes over for David Letterman on Late Show next month, there will be one familiar face on the show (for a night): Kendrick Lamar. The rapper was previously Colbert's last musical guest on The Colbert Report.


Miley Cyrus dogs Taylor Swift’s new ‘violence revenge’ video Bad Blood

Miley Cyrus attacks fellow pop starlet Taylor Swift in the upcoming issue of Marie Claire magazine. Specifically, Cyrus disapproves of Swift's violent "Bad Blood" video and questions Swift's reputation as a role model.


Listening to Mozart may actually prevent seizures, new study claims

According to researchers from Ohio State University, people with epilepsy have different neural reactions to certain types of music, such as that of Mozart and John Coltrane, than those without epilepsy.

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Bass doesn't have to be a guilty pleasure for audiophiles with Audioquest's NightHawk

Audioquest’s freshman headphone effort mixes brilliant innovation with a powerful sound that brings big bass to the upper-class headphone genre.

  • Pros: Warm, rich sound , Authoritative bass , Wide, dimensional…
  • Cons: Misses some presence/detail up top , Can sound slightly…

Talking Beatles, hi-fi, and subwoofers with Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr.

Once and future Strokes guitarist drops new solo album Momentary Masters, and the man is all about great sound and cool vinyl.


Listen to Meryl Streep’s take on Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance from Ricki and the Flash

In Meryl Streep's new film, which depicts her as a mother-turned-rock star, the actor covers Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance.' After guitar lessons from Neil Young and practices with Rick Springfield, she covered ten songs for the rock movie.


Spotify considering major restrictions on free tier, report suggests

Spotify may bow to pressure from music labels and place heavier limits on the use of its free, ad-supported tier. Contracts are up for renewal in October, with a new report suggesting serious changes could be on the way for free users of the service.


Hulu isn’t taking Netflix’s bait, commits to weekly release schedule for original series

Video streamer Hulu doesn't agree with Netflix's strategy of simultaneously releasing all episodes of comedy and drama shows. Hulu exec says the traditional release strategy is still preferable as it gives individual episodes the recognition it deserves.


Prince has a new album coming out, but you’ll need a Tidal subscription to hear it

If you want to listen to Prince’s new album, you’ll need a subscription to music streaming service Tidal. It’s a big win for the streamer, which has had difficulties with both its public image and its competition in its first few months.


This Is My Jam shutting down, but its owners want to be as nice about it as possible

The creators of song sharing service This Is My Jam have decided to shut down the service, but instead of simply pulling the plug, the website will become a "read-only time capsule" starting in September.


When sound matters but you can’t skimp on style, you want NAIM’s $1,500 Mu-so

The NAIM Mu-so is a proud member of a very exclusive club of ultra-premium wireless speakers. Its design is second to none, and its sound quality will bowl listeners over, though it failed to win us over. We wouldn't buy one, but we bet lots of folks will.

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Spotify counter-punches, adds new features to match Apple Music

Spotify has maintained a position as debatably the best music-streaming service for years, but then Apple Music arrived and changed the industry. In this quick video, we take a look at how Spotify has reacted to its competition and examine its plans for…