Beatlemania forever! Fab Four streamed over 250 million times on Spotify already

The Beatles have claimed their throne as one of the most popular artists on Spotify in their first hundred days on the service, with over a quarter of a billion plays from 6.5 million monthly listeners.
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Parrot Zik 3 Review

The only thing Parrot's crazy advanced Zik 3 wireless headphones don't do is fly.

Paul Simon unveils the first single from his experimental new album

Classic songwriter Paul Simon continues his decades of sonic exploration with a new record, called Stranger to Stranger, which was inspired by experimental 20th century composer Harry Partch.
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Rhapsody’s new Listener Network wants to be like ‘Tinder for music lovers’

Music streaming company Rhapsody is expanding subscribers' ability to connect with one another, establishing what it calls its Listener Network to recommend new music based on other users' tastes.

Sony Music sues Rdio execs for fraud after Pandora buy-out

Sony Music is suing Rdio executives, implying the top brass swindled them out of millions while negotiating a golden parachute deal with Pandora. The acquisition saw executives at the now-defunct streamer getting big payouts, leaving Sony…

The Rolling Stones to release first album in over 10 years in 2016

Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood says that the band will release a newly-recorded blues album by the end of this year, marking the band's first new studio LP in over a decade.

T-Mobile’s free streaming plans top 100 partners with Amazon Music, ESPN, and more

T-Mobile's controversial but extremely popular Binge On and Music Freedom streaming plans have added several new services, including Nickelodeon, Spike, and TV Land, as well as audio streamers Amazon Music and ESPN Radio -- 16 new partners…
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In celebration of Web culture, Webby Awards announces its 2016 nominees

If there's one place on Earth where improvement is constant, it's the Internet. And now, to celebrate exactly how little you can't do online, the Webby Awards are back for its 20th year.

The Beatles Anthology recordings finally hit streaming services

The Beatles Anthology Series, a collection of rare B-Sides, demos, and other performances released in the mid-1990s, has been remastered and released on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.

Future iPhones could automatically censor music and audio books

Apple has a patent on replacement and removal of explicit audio content in music and audio books. Data that contains the location of undesirable audio can be used to replace it with alternate audio, a beep, or silence.

Musi turns your messy room into music

Here's something to make everyone feel a little less guilty about the mess they come home to. The Musi turns the objects around it into music, letting you create music by being dreadful at cleaning.