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Spotify updates its iOS app to include an equalizer

While the latest update to Spotify’s iPhone/iPad app might seem minuscule in relation to previous updates, it does add one nifty feature that not even the desktop app has: an equalizer.

“A lot of our users have been asking for a built-in equalizer for a while now and it’s currently one of our most requested features on iOS,” said Spotify vice president of product Sten Garmark. The equalizer includes 22 presets, from classical to hip-hop, that are customizable with six sliders for different frequencies.

The update also takes the Discover function and places it into the Browse tab on iPhones. Meanwhile, the iPad version has a redesigned Artist page, which now features their latest tracks and merchandise for purchase, bringing it up to speed with the desktop app.

Currently, the update is only available for the iOS app, though we presume that a similar update will make its way to the Android app. Similarly, there’s no word on when we’ll see an equalizer for the desktop app, but all good things take time.

The update is now available for iOS.