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Hands on: Kyocera Torque takes a beating, drums sound into your skull sans speaker

Check out our full review of the Kyocera Torque rugged smart phone.

Kyocera’s rugged Torque smartphone includes the protections against water, dust and impact, but also includes another unique feature that allows you to hear your phone calls in noisy ambient environments, just by touching the phone to your head.

Amid the usual flurry of oversized, turbocharged and feature-laden smartphones that made an appearance at Mobile World Congress this year, Kyocera’s Torque stands out for one merit these superphones lack: durability. Like the Nextel feature phones of old, the Torque is built to take a beating.

Besides the usual waterproof, dustproof and shockproof ratings that accompany its mil-spec stamp of approval, the Torque also has another quirky feature just for noisy job sites. Using a motor rather than a traditional speaker to transmit sound, you can touch the phone to any part of your head and hear sound, even through hearing protection.

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