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Sapphire phone screens: What they are and why they’re awesome

The era of the fragile phone will soon be behind us, and while chemically strengthened materials like Gorilla Glass may have led the charge, the indestructible phones of the future will be made from sapphire. Yes, that’s sapphire as in the gemstone - a naturally growing crystal that happens to be the second hardest substance on earth. It’s so hard, only diamond-tipped saws can cut it. Soon you won’t have to worry about scratched or broken screens – unless of course you walk around with diamonds in your pocket like our mobile editor Jeff Van Camp.

GT Advanced grows sapphire in a lab, then melts it down and hardens it into ‘boules,’ which are 115 kilogram, or 254 lb. clear cylinders. Those cylinders are then cut into cubes, which are then chopped up into slices that can be used in mobile devices.

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