Mobile World Congress

This could be Huawei’s smartwatch, and boy does it look ugly

Reports surfaced that Huawei's smartwatch would make an appearance at Mobile World Congress. As happy as we were, those feelings were quickly deflated by alleged images of the smartwatch, courtesy of Chinese social network Weibo.

MWC 2014 Rumors and News: Samsung smartwatches, Nokia X dominate final rumors

The Mobile World Congress is approaching fast and MWC 2014 is sure to deliver some surprises. We take a look at the hottest rumors and stir up our expectations in time for Barcelona’s mobile tech extravaganza.

Archos gets anxious, unveils its tablets and phones ahead of MWC

Archos is showing off its Mobile World Congress lineup before the show starts, which is comprised of a tablet and three budget smartphones. The selling point: They're all really cheap.

Jolla to release Sailfish launcher app for Android, so it’s easier to try the new mobile OS

Jolla has announced its Sailfish OS is about to reach version 1.0, and when it does, a separate launcher app for Android will be released, giving more people a chance to try the new mobile operating system.

Oral-B reportedly set to launch a smart toothbrush this June

Procter & Gamble execs have recently announced that the company has developed a smart toothbrush that can sync with your phone, track the quality of your brushing sessions, and more.

HTC’s new smartwatch set to appear at MWC next week

The smartwatch that HTC has said it's working on looks set to make an appearance at Mobile World Congress next week, although it's not expected to hit the market until later in the year.

LG G2 Mini exposed before MWC, specs can’t match the G2

The LG G2 Mini has been exposed ahead of its launch at Mobile World Congress, but sadly, the specification isn't up there with the G2.

Samsung rumored to replace Android with Tizen on Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch

A new rumor suggests Samsung will replace Android with Tizen on the Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch, and that it'll launch during Mobile World Congress.

ZTE packs the Grand Memo 2 LTE and Firefox-powered Open C for its Barcelona trip

ZTE has pre-announced the new smartphones it'll launch at Mobile World Congress next week, the Grand Memo 2 LTE and the Open X, plus news on a new version of its MiFavor Android user interface.

BlackBerry Z3 ‘Jakarta’ touchscreen phone leaked, could arrive during MWC 2014

A new all-touchscreen BlackBerry phone has been leaked. Known as the BlackBerry Z3, or Jakarta, the mid-range device could launch during MWC 2014, and be one of the first produced for BlackBerry by Foxconn.

Faster, Android 4.4 KitKat-powered Xperia Tablet Z2 rumored for MWC 2014

Sony may be about to launch the Xperia Tablet Z2, a sequel to last year's Xperia Tablet Z. A leak has provided a run down of its specifications, indicating we can expect a substantial power upgrade.