Mobile World Congress

Use protection: Connect to public hotspots and encrypt your sessions with Keezel

VPN? If you sort of know what it is (or don't), but never really bothered to set it up, take a look at Keezel. It's a portable device that lets you connect to a VPN server around the world, encrypting all your browsing sessions.

This smart bike runs on Android, and can shoot frickin’ laser beams

The LeEco Le Super Bike really does shoot laser beams. Unfortunately they're not for carving up pedestrians or vaporizing cars, they're for safety purposes. It's one of many cool features on this clever smart bike.

We tried a new battery tech that can fully charge your phone in 5 minutes

We got a demo of StoreDot's fast-charging technology at MWC 2016, where it charged up a Galaxy S6 from 10 percent to 100 percent in five minutes. It could be coming to a phone near you soon.

Solar gadgets will make charging less frequent, not eliminate it forever

The next Vector smartwatch will have a solar charging system that will extend its already impressive battery life even more, potentially meaning you'll only have to charge it six times a year.

Motorola finally says what we all knew in our hearts: the Nexus 6 was too big

In a recent interview, Motorola admitted that 2014's Nexus 6 was a behemoth of a smartphone. However, according to the company, that's exactly what Google wanted for its Nexus program.

Article12 wants to ensure your right to privacy via your smartphone

Named after Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which grants the right to privacy, this Zurich company wants to replace Blackberry. Article12 has contracted a manufacturer to provide its secure operating system on a…

The CheetahPhone wants you to sacrifice stock Android for battery and speed improvements

The software company that makes the Clean Master app has made a phone, with the plan of making its performance and optimisation techniques even more effective, due to having deeper access to the device. Here's what it's like.

Impressive impostors, Google Experiments, and fighting robophobia on Day 3 in Spain 2:12

Xiaomi's Mi 5 is a Samsung impostor we can live with, Android Experiments blend art and engineering, and Pepper the robot teaches us that not all robots are out for human blood. At least, not yet.

Xiaomi's Mi 5 Pro is a sexy, powerful Galaxy S7 impersonator with style

Xiaomi finally released the gorgeous Mi 5 smartphone in three different models. We took a look at the Mi 5 Pro, its most high-powered and high-specced version. It's powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and 4GB of RAM.
Cool Tech

Cure your robo-phobia with Pepper, the adorable ‘human-shaped’ robot 5:10

Day three at MWC finally left some time for a conversation with Pepper, the wondrous 'human-shaped' robot. Pepper's creators envision a future where humans have robot companion that read our emotions and help in our daily lives.

A face-drawing robot, animated 3D drawing app, and more crazy Android Experiments 4:44

Android has a big presence at Mobile World Congress 2016, and Google is using it to showcase a few fun Android Experiments. Take a look at the IOIO Plotter, which draws your face in one continuous line after you take a selfie.