Mobile World Congress

Digital Trends Top Tech of MWC 2016 award winners

We sifted through all the tech at Mobile World Congress to bring you the best of the best, our Top Tech of MWC 2016.

Samsung finally earns its Edge with the waterproof, always-on Galaxy S7

The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge have been talked about for a year, but now they're here. We detail the new features, what we think of the phones, and everything we know about price and availability.

MasterCard will soon let you pay for stuff by taking a selfie

MasterCard's bringing "selfie pay" to more countries through an update to its identity check app. Soon, users will be able to authenticate payments by snapping a photo of themselves.

5 ways the ‘supermaterial’ graphene could transform the tech around us

We checked out the Graphene Pavilion at MWC in Barcelona and found five intriguing prototypes that show off what graphene might bring to electronics in the near future.

Wiko’s Android phones glow in the dark, and have super smart fingerprint sensors

Wiko is a French startup that has been offering lower-budget phones for the past five years. It's more recent announcement of smartphones have some distinguishing fun features enabled with a fingerprint sensor.

This crazy beautiful smartwatch runs full Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Haier made a smartwatch with a fully round screen in a stainless steel casing that runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It has a user interface on top that makes it seem like Android Wear. We go hands on to examine it.
Home Theater

Bots roll, cameras shake, and anything turns into a tablet on day 2 of MWC 2016 2:19

Day two at Mobile World Congress brought us a brilliant portable home theater for one, LG's take on BB-8, Oppo's idea for a shake-less camera phone, and Sony's interactive projector of the future.

The world's first Ubuntu tablet is a promising push into productivity

Canonical demoed Convergence at Mobile World Congress, and it offers a way to plug in your smartphone to a monitor, and get a desktop experience with Ubuntu. We also took a look at BQ's M10, the world's first Ubuntu-powered tablet.
Home Theater

We tried out this portable home theater for one, and we’re already hooked

The brilliant Glyph portable mediawear is coming to a store near you. The personal home theater device is one of the coolest things we've seen at MWC, offering a thrillingly immersive A/V experience for one.

Caller ID is making a comeback on the Samsung Galaxy S7 0:36

Samsung announced the upcoming Galaxy S7 will feature Whitepages caller ID integration at the system level, adding spam filters and public contact listings to lock screens and search bars.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. LG G5: Which Android superstar shines brighter?

Both Samsung and LG went all out this year with their respective flagships, the Galaxy S7 and G5. However, which one should you choose? This in depth comparison will help you decide.