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‘Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate’ gameplay side-scrolls into your dark, creeping heart

For those that are fans of games like Shadow Complex and MetroidBatman: Arkham Origins Blackgate looks like portable gaming bliss. Check out this hefty chunk of footage, showcasing Batman’s slow creep through a prison in chaos. The story picks up several months after the events of Arkham Origins, after an explosion triggers a riot at Blackgate Prison that sees The Joker, Penguin, and Black Mask each seizing control of different areas. Batman goes in to do his Dark Knight thing, and many unconscious thugs are left in his wake.

The footage in this final look before release comes from the PlayStation Vita version of the game. As you can see, it quite a sharp-looking little Batman adventure, with all of the assets from Origins seemingly pulled for use here in a slightly different style of game. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate arrives on Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita tomorrow, October 25, 2013.