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Mario smashes all in this New Super Mario Bros 2 trailer

Hot off the Nintendo press, this new video promoting the upcoming release of New Super Mario Bros 2 for the Nintendo 3DS highlights some of the game’s best power-ups. The most notable is definitely the Mega Mushroom — a fungus which transforms our favorite plumber into a screen-sized behemoth that can demolish anything in his path. There’s also the Mini Mushroom, which shrinks Mario down so he can access more cramped areas of the level and also run on water. We also get a glance at the white Tanooki suit — a power-up that will appear if you die in the same place five times, and render you invincible for the remainder of the level.

Many of these are things you have seen before, but as we noted in our recent preview, the brilliance of the Mario games is the level design, and New Super Mario Bros 2 looks to have that in spades. The Nintendo 3DS’ library is still a bit softer than we would like, but that seems to be changing at a decent pace. For those looking for the next big hit on their handheld device, or for another reason to shell out the cash for a 3DS, look no further.  

New Super Mario Bros 2 for the Nintendo 3DS hits North America on August 19.