If the Surface Studio is so advanced, why is it using an old GPU?

The new Surface Studio has a striking design, beautiful, high-resolution display, and advanced feature set. Unfortunately, its graphical power is noticeably limited by last year’s mobile GPU.

You OK, Apple? As Windows 10 hits its stride, MacOS is wheezing

It wasn’t so long ago that Windows looked dead in the water, treading water while Apple’s Mac confidently swam laps around it. But now, with Windows 10 released and Surface seeing success, Microsoft is leading the charge.

Nintendo is back on its game, and the Switch proves it

Nintendo has revealed the Switch, its first home gaming console that's also a handheld. The system is incredibly exciting, but it also represents a huge shift for Nintendo. After losing its grip on the gaming market for years, Nintendo is…

Verizon says it will push Android updates for Pixel 'at the same time' as Google

Google is out with new smartphones, ones that are apparently "Only on Verizon." They're not -- you can use them on any carrier. Here's why you should avoid purchasing the phones from Verizon, and get them from Google instead.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 debacle is far from over

Samsung needs to stand up for its customers and end the production, sale, and promotion of the Galaxy Note 7 in light of the exploding battery issue. The Note 7 is dead, but Samsung doesn't have to be buried with it.

Checkmate, Apple: Why Google’s Pixel is a genius move for Android

Google's grand new strategy for mobile world domination is taking end-to-end control of software and hardware with the new Pixel line of phones. This marks a break with Android partners and pits Google directly against Apple for the first…
Virtual Reality

A rift in the Rift: Why room-scale VR is about to split Oculus fans apart 1:04

For the past year, Oculus has been telling users that limiting VR to sitting or standing is for their own good. Now room-scale Rift has been announced – and you’ll have to forgive us for doubting its success.

Friends? Not anymore. Google wants you to bow down and meet your master

Google has changed. Gone are the days of cheap Nexus phones and an open-door policy. Now it wants to lock you into a new ecosystem with its new Pixel phones and Google Home, which work with its cool artificial intelligence platform called…

The best smartphone is the one you already own

Relentless upgrades and hypnotic marketing have tricked us into churning gadgets as quickly as possible, but the unseen costs of this cycle should have thoughtful buyers shoving a stick in the spokes.
Social Media

3 ways social media is warping politics more than ever

We may treat politics as a spectator sport on Facebook and Twitter, but our reactions there are feeding back into the system and changing the process more than ever.
Virtual Reality

It’s impossible to predict the future of VR, and the Palm Pilot proves it

What will virtual reality be used for twenty years from now? Frankly, we have no idea. Technology evolves evolve in ways that are hard to predict -- and the Palm Pilot is a great example of how that evolution happens.
Home Theater

As the iPhone’s headphone jack dies, Apple wins and you lose 4:07

As predicted, Apple just killed off the headphone jack in the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S, and the company had plenty to say to rationalize the decision, but at the end of the day, it was a bad call, and one that could have…