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Hate Uber all you want, it’s still better than climbing in a cab

The archaic regulations that protect cab companies and prevent new competition set the bar so low, that even one of the most hated companies in America does a noticeably better job.


Like kale, letting the FDA regulate wearables is bitter, but it’s good for you

FDA regulation may slow down the gadget train, but it’s a small price to pay for knowing that devices meant to help us won’t accidentally harm us.


Do theaters still matter? Amazon knows they do, even after The Interview

The Interview made headlines by skipping theaters and making its money online, but meanwhile, Amazon is trying to worm its way into theaters. What gives?

Movies & TV

The importance of privacy, style, and other lessons learned from Google Glass

There’s good news for everyone in the lukewarm reception to Google’s very public Glass experiment. The company is clearly taking all of the lessons learned from one of the most public betas in recent memory back to the drawing board.


Thanks Google, I just spent $1,500 on a project you abandoned

Thanks Google, I just spent $1500 on the Glass project you've shut down, without a word on whether it's about to become a useless tangle of metal on my face.

Android Army

Nintendo, why do you seem to hate your fans so much?

Here's an open letter to Nintendo, asking why the company would make such unfortunate, anti-consumer choices for the New 3DS XL handheld when it's clearly conceived as an upgrade proposition for fans.


VR continues to drop jaws and win fans at CES, but it’s still not ready for 2015

We’re all drooling over the latest virtual-reality gear making the rounds at CES this year, but despite the hype and the very real promise, none of the technology’s keepers seem ready to unleash it this year.


You might already be healthy, but you can still benefit from a fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are marketed toward those looking to lose weight or stay in shape, but what if you’re already getting by just fine without one? As it turns out, a little feedback can do wonders.

Health & Fitness

From graphene to flexible displays, this tech could revolutionize wearables

Today’s wearables are fairly simple and often cumbersome, but a host of new technologies, from graphene to flexible displays, could change the way they look, feel, and work.


I left Spotify to find the limits of Sony Music Unlimited, and I’m ready to run back

Find out what happened when a long time Spotify user switched to Sony’s Music Unlimited service. How does it fit into the music streaming landscape? Learn all about the highs and lows in this review.


Do cell phones cause cancer? Admit it: You couldn’t give yours up if they did

Phones can cause cancer. No, they can't. It's an argument which has gone on for years, and shows no sign of being settled. The trouble is, regardless of the outcome, smartphones have no become so important, we just don't seem to care if they're dangerous to…


Curation kills: Why Netflix is just as doomed as cable in the long run

Consumers may be rejecting cable in favor of Netflix in droves, but when cable dies, the same desire for freedom will send them looking for even more flexible solutions.

Movies & TV

After sitting out smartphones, Intel will do anything to ride the wearable wave

After embarrassingly stumbling about while ARM and Qualcomm won the smartphone war, Intel has no intention of missing out on the next big trend. It's betting we'll be mad about wearables in the near future, and is taking a scattergun approach to ensure it's…


Why are movies more expensive than ever when tech makes them easier to make?

You can get a cinema-caliber camera at Best Buy these days, but the budgets for Hollywood films has never been higher. Why hasn’t technology made movies cheaper to make? It’s complicated.

Movies & TV

Your body is the next gadget battlefield, and every company wants the wrist

The battlefield in the war for ecosystem dominance will play out on the battlegrounds that are our bodies. For the moment, the stakes are pretty low.