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Netflix has a new nemesis as Hulu cuts commercials, hooks huge shows

Netflix may be the prom queen of the streaming marketplace, but Hulu's new ad-free tier makes the service a serious contender in the cutthroat genre. Find out why, in many ways, Hulu is the new service to watch.

The redeemer: Why the Gear S2 is the best Samsung product in years

Beautiful, functional, and even better than the Apple Watch, Samsung’s Gear S2 is a damn fine watch -- and a real flash of genius.

John McAfee: How no one got laid on Ashley Madison

How could it be that tens of millions of men paid up to $1,000 or more to find cheating housewives at Ashley Madison and none of them managed to do it? Notorious security expert John McAfee explains all.

Don’t be so smug, cheater haters. You’re next

The names of 37 million users of Ashley Madison, a dating site explicitly for married men and women to cheat on their spouses, have been made public for anyone with a mastery of Google to discover. But before you high-five the righteous…

Hey Samsung, don’t kill the Galaxy Note for an Edgy gimmick

Samsung shocked the tech world when it announced that the Galaxy Note 5 wouldn't launch worldwide. Instead, Samsung is betting on the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus with its two curved edges. Here's why Samsung should stick with the Note.

Slow cars rule: Why more horsepower doesn’t equal more fun

Everybody wants more horsepower. Except we pay too much for it, we almost never get to use it all, and it doesn’t always make driving more fun.

Stagnant? Nah. PCs are improving faster than you thought

Today's software often doesn't need a powerful PC to run smoothly, but that doesn't mean progress is slowing. In fact, the home PC is quicker than ever, and easily puts every other consumer electronics device to shame.

Why a billion Android phones will never be safe

If you're an Android owner, you need to get used to one thing: You aren't going to get updates, so you won't be as safe as someone on an iPhone. Manufacturers, carriers, and Google must work together to make Android unified and secure, but…
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Why Netflix is poised to become the biggest TV network in the world

Most of us barely remember a time before Netflix became a streaming video staple, but recent moves have put the once-floundering company on pace to become a full-fledged network of monstrous proportions.

For the OnePlus 2 to be the best deal in Android, it has to defeat Motorola first

OnePlus showed the new OnePlus 2 off in a flashy virtual reality launch event that went beyond anything its competitors have done before. The phone has a lot to live up to, if it's to beat a surprise challenge from Motorola.

Why I hate Amazon Prime Day with a passion

Hooray, it's Amazon's Prime Day! Deals, excitement, and more are promised from the online retailer, and the world can't wait. Except behind all this, Prime Day has a more insidious purpose, and people are in danger of forgetting it.
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Why the end of New Music Tuesday signals the true death of the CD

With CD shipments declining by tens of millions each year, the format could become obsolete in the music industry by 2020. The shift to New Music Fridays will further push the listening experience toward the Web and social media.