John McAfee: The NSA is running on ‘sheer luck’ — and that’s a travesty

Surveillance programs are largely designed for the express purpose of targeting citizens, pure and simple, says John McAfee. And there's something fundamentally wrong with this concept. Something un-American. It's the antithesis of freedom.

Tear off that tinfoil hat and chill, Windows 10 isn't watching your every move

With the frenzy the computing community has been whipped into over Windows 10, it's time someone sat down to explain why there's nothing to worry about.

John McAfee: Why the hacking of Ashley Madison will go down in history

John McAfee discusses the biggest hack of 2015, its ramifications, and if there is anything positive that came out of the cheating habits of millions being exposed for all to see.
Movies & TV

The golden age of TV: How we got here and why there’s no bubble to burst

Are we really experiencing a so-called ‘TV bubble?’ Is it possible there’s an unsustainable amount of really great TV? This week we examine the issue, or perhaps more accurately, the lack thereof.

Why you absolutely, by no means should even consider buying a Windows Phone

If you've already moved on, here's a reminder: Microsoft has two new Lumia phones about to go on sale. But you shouldn't buy them. Here are all the reasons why.
Home Theater

3 reasons I’m in love with Apple Music (and the 1 reason I can’t leave Spotify)

Apple Music and Spotify have emerged as counterpoints in the new streaming paradigm, with fans taking sides -- especially Spotify's. But, once you crack the code, there are some very cool reasons to give Apple Music a real shot. And one big…

John McAfee: No one in government cares about your privacy. So let’s burn it down

Americans cite political corruption as their number one-fear, above even terrorist attacks or economic collapse, yet most Presidential candidates have no plan to restore citizens' faith in their government, or stop abuses of power.

Maybe you can handle the truth: How tech has dulled our taste for tall tales

As the backlash to Aaron Sorkin’s all-too-tidy Steve Jobs biopic shows, digital audiences have learned to embrace a messy, unpredictable style of tale that mirrors real life.

Should your self-driving car kill you to save a school bus full of kids?

In the future, your self-driving car might decide to kill you – and you might be OK with it. As David Weinberger points out, the philosophical snarls of autonomous vehicles aren’t easy to reconcile.

Can an adrenaline-centric dashcam make people drive like idiots? 1:35

The Waylens dashcam is designed to let adrenaline junkies capture their most exciting moments behind the wheel. But will having an online audience help goad risky drivers into even more ridiculous behavior?

John McAfee: Americans must prioritize privacy to thrive as tech booms

As technology further encroaches into every corner of Americans' lives, prioritizing privacy must become a bigger issue than it ever has been in the past.