Windows 10 just might save the Xbox One

Xbox One had a terrible launch, but fans need not worry. Windows 10 is coming to the rescue with new features and an aggressive, yet cooperative, development strategy perfectly suited for console gaming.

Stop! Why it’s a bad idea to buy an iPad, for now

The new multi-tasking feature in iOS 9 may look like a compelling reason to go out and pick up an iPad Air 2, but careful, it's really not. However, it is a very strong reason to wait and see if the iPad Pro comes out later this year.

Stratos’ futuristic credit card could simplify your wallet, but not yet

The Stratos smart card stores all your credit cards in one very secure piece of plastic. We used the Stratos card for a few weeks to test out the credit card of the future. Here's how it went.

Will iOS 9 finally let the iPad replace your laptop?

Apple has announced that iOS 9 will bring multi-tasking to the iPad at long last, but are dreams of replacing your laptop achievable, or still overly optimistic?

Somebody get these tech companies on Tinder, because they need to hook up

Corporate mergers have a bad reputation for burning consumers, but sometimes two combined companies can produce exactly what we’re dying for. Here are four hook ups we would love to see.

Will free upgrades wreck Windows 10 for geeks?

Windows 10 will be a lot more like OS X than people realize and not everyone will like it. Microsoft is changing the way updates are delivered. Most users won't be able to delay or defer feature updates, including promotional apps.

Windows 10 has seven editions – here’s how to tell which is for you

Microsoft's Windows 10 comes in seven different editions. That may sound like a recipe for confusion, but in fact most users will only have to worry about choosing between two of the seven.

Underwhelmed by I/O 2015? Look again, because Google is changing the world

This year's Google I/O keynote may have seemed a little bit... dull. After all, there were no new gadgets! Here's why everyone is completely wrong. It was an amazing I/O.
Movies & TV

Netflix is the new HBO, YouTube is the new MTV, and everything new is old

Netflix and YouTube are turning TV upside down, but they’re also following the well-trodden path of the companies before them – and need to pay close attention to what did those companies in.

Can Microsoft outsmart Google in search?

Microsoft's search engine has had a hard time competing with Google, but that may be changing. With Cortana, search is becoming more convenient and personal. Could she tip the scales in Bing's favor?

Where’s our wearable revolution? The state of tech’s biggest unfulfilled promise

In the last installment of Wear Next, we step back to look at how far wearables have come, promises left unfulfilled, and what’s ahead for this promising technology.

What becomes of the Misfits and FitBits of the world after the Apple Watch? Apps.

Are hardware manufacturers already planning for a life after fitness trackers? Yes, and it looks like an app.