Just stop, Google. The world doesn’t need 3 more chat apps

Allo, Duo, and Spaces brings Google's total of messaging app options to six. Which one should we use? If you’re not sure, don’t look at Google, as based on its confused approach to messaging, it doesn’t have a clue either.

The smartphone’s scattershot future looks a lot like the PC’s past

Smartphones aren’t novel anymore. Now that everyone has one, the rapid advancements that marked the dawn of the smartphone age will give way to an age of different shapes, sizes, and speeds.
Movies & TV

The internet TV you always wanted is finally here, and it sucks

The streaming “revolution” is starting to look a lot like the old format we just abandoned. Here’s what’s wrong, and how to fix it.
Social Media

Facebook pitfalls every grown adult should avoid in order to maintain online integrity

Preserve your online integrity by following our top tips for Facebook users. These are the social media pitfalls all self-respecting adults must avoid at all costs, from posting drunken-night photos to religious banter.
Virtual Reality

Oculus Home is sabotaging the Rift while HTC’s Vive steams ahead

As both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift start to find their way into homes, gamers are being asked to use Oculus Home, but its underlying foundation isn't what PC gamers are looking for.

Mobile-First: Why Latinos are more mobilized than ever for 2016’s election

For Latino voters, the political stakes feel very personal, and where a candidate stands on a few key issues will factor heavily into who wins their vote.
Cool Tech

Two weeks on the road with digital ear plugs made me want to ditch foam forever

I spent two weeks playing drums on the road with the Here Active Listening System, and I'll never use foam earplugs again. Here's how Here Active lets you EQ the world around you, letting you hear every sound around you exactly how you want…
Cool Tech

How do we teach robots right from wrong? Soon the problem won’t be hypothetical

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter, but as Microsoft’s recent Twitterbot meltdown demonstrates, we don’t seem to be any better at teaching it right from wrong. So how to do we build a robot conscience?

Even at 73, Paul McCartney still brought me to tears

I was skeptical about seeing Paul McCartney live, especially given his age and voice, but the experience changed my life for the better.

After hackers ran up a bill on my PlayStation account, Sony held it ransom

When someone hacked my PlayStation account, I figured canceling the fraudulent charges would be easy, but it ended with me having to shell out to save my account from a permanent banning.
Virtual Reality

What’s VR useful for? More than you can possibly imagine

VR skeptics can’t see past the current paucity of useful applications, but like any new medium, the best is yet to come.

While VR submerges you in other worlds, HoloLens just lets you peek

Microsoft’s latest HoloLens demo, made available at BUILD 2016, is ambitious in scale and disarming in its honesty. But it also highlights the headset’s limitations in ways that weren’t obvious before.