Opinion: Why I’ll be going to the movies for the first time in years

After giving up on cinemas for years, the lure of new technology like Dolby Atmos and 48fps films may bring me back – for a taste, at least.
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DT Debates: Is it time to cut out cash and cards and go all in on digital dollars?

In this week's edition of DT Debates, we discuss whether or not it's time to get rid of physical currency and get on board with all-electronic money system.

Opinion: Why Facebook is better off without preteens

Preteens shouldn’t be allowed on Facebook, but not just for their own safety. It’s the rest of us who need to be worried.

SchoolFeed: The Facebook app everyone needs to avoid [Updated with SchoolFeed’s response]

Online yearbook service SchoolFeed uses deceptive practices to boost its numbers and hijack your Facebook data.

Halfway to nowhere: How hybrid gadgets make two rights a wrong

Trying to provide the best of both worlds often ends up bringing out the worst instead.

Opinion: Microsoft should be backing Android. Here’s why

Microsoft’s failing Windows Phone strategy proves that sometimes, the best platform is the one you can make money from, even if it isn’t yours. Here’s why hopping into bed with a competitor might have been Microsoft’s best move for…

Opinion: The 18-inch Windows 8 Tablet that could crush the iPad

Goliath 18-inch tablets might seem laughably awkward beside the 9.7-inch iPad, but the right user interface could make devices this size work both at home and away.

Opinion: You are what Facebook is selling. So what?

Facebook’s recent IPO has put a price on our digital heads, but are we suckers or just satisfied customers?

This week in Twitter: revenue is soaring and that Google acquisition isn’t quite dead yet

Hot on the heels of its major revenue announcements, Twitter is said to be eyeing a sale to Google. Just a valuation ploy, or the real thing?
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A Google Maps reveal is in our midst – but don’t call it a comeback

New competition has pundits saying Google Maps hay day has come to an end. But that's hardly the case, as a coming refresh and it's solid ecosystem will translate to its longevity.

DT Debates: Is the movement to personalize the Web hurting or helping our Internet experience?

This week writers Andrew Couts and Jeffrey Van Camp debate the merits and shortcomings of Web personalization: Does it add to the experience or narrow our options?

Opinion: Finding the perfect carputer is still a nightmare

Despite the popularity of smartphones, tablets, and other compact mobile devices, the perfect car computer remains more of a dream than a reality.