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Get old, tune out: Is technology leaving the elderly in the dust?

Today’s neck-snapping pace of innovation threatens to leave older members of society on the outside looking in through the twilight of their lives. But what can we do?

State of the Web: In defense of lying

While truth and honesty remain noble ideals, technology that would strip us of the ability to lie or deceive might actually be taking us a step backward.

No more secrets: How technology is making honesty the only policy

Sorry, Pinocchio. Pervasive new technologies will make lying or even bending the truth impossible, ushering in an age of “extreme truth” that you may want to embrace before it arrives.

That’s not the real me: How vanity sabotages Facebook advertising

When the elaborate self-portrait known as a Facebook profile seldom resembles the real thing, can advertisers really reach the right people?

The king is dead: Can Samsung slay Apple and steal its crown?

As Apple’s reputation for execution falters in the post-Jobs years, Samsung’s ruthless pace could put it ahead, even if customers would ultimately suffer.

Opinion: Geeks keep companies honest, even when you’re not looking

Mainstream buyers no longer seem to care about the hard numbers behind gadgets, but you can thank vigilant geeks for ensuring the figurative engine still runs while you’re busy gawking at the moon roof.

DT Debates: Do we really want a Google-less iPhone?

Apple has made it clear it's going Google-free come iOS 6 - but is that something we really want? Writers Jeffrey Van Camp and Molly McHugh debate that merits of an all-Apple iPhone.
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Netflix ‘post-play’: Still not enough to solve the veg out problem

Netflix 'post-play' is a step in the right direction. But for the service to truly allow users to veg out the way cable does, it needs to take more drastic measures.
Android Army

Google vs. Apple: The inevitable patent battle ahead

When will Google and Apple fight each other directly? Is a direct patent fight inevitable after Samsung vs Apple ends?

All give and no take: Why should we use check-in apps, again?

Social networks at least provide some utility for the privacy they take, but check-in apps like Foursquare and Saga get an intimate glimpse at your life without much in return.

Google’s latest search algorithm update is a big concession to Hollywood

In its latest algorithm update Google will punish pages with DMCA takedown requests, and bow to what content holders have wanted for years.
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Opinion: Are you ready for the physical Web?

The Web might not just be a place you visit on your laptop anymore. Wearable computers and ubiquitous sensor networks promise to bring the benefits of connectivity to all aspects of life in the near future.