A clean slate: Why the Microsoft Surface could come out on top

Microsoft may be a latecomer to the tablet game, but it has the advantage of having watched – and learned from – the mistakes of others.

Turn a new page: Why digital designs shouldn’t mimic physical designs

Apple’s so-called “skeuomorph” designs, which ape the look and feel of real-life objects, violate the design principles of one of the world’s best industrial designers: Dieter Rams.

High stakes for social media: The fate of the world could literally be on the line

Opinion: Collaboration through social networks like Facebook and Yahoo Groups could literally hold the key to our world’s biggest problems. Which means they need to get a lot better, or we’re in trouble.

Opinion: Carriers will continue to crush consumers until the FCC gets a bigger hammer

Companies like Verizon, Comcast and Google now brazenly disregard rules designed to protect consumers, because at the end of the day, the FCC is powerless to really hurt them.

DT Debates: Are social media sites enhancing the Olympics, or ruining it?

The 2012 Olympics in London are being called the first “social media” games, but is a welcome revolution, or the end of a golden era?
Movies & TV

Will Web broadcasters like Netflix degrade the quality of TV?

Web broadcasters like Netflix make a fine home for shows we already know and love, but do they have what it takes to keep the ball rolling?

The Eatery app crowdsources opinions on your every meal

If you want to keep tabs on your diet, but can’t be bothered with notebooks or counting calories, The Eatery offers a uniquely techie way to get it done.

The problem with social media? Too many Joneses to keep up with

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn connect us to more people than ever, but as our social pools expand, our social obligations, fears and expectations can start to overflow.

State of the Web: Which vision of an ‘open Internet’ would you fight for?

The fight for the "open Internet" is not a two-sided battle. Where you stand depends on what you believe "openness" means.
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When old media and new media combine forces… the result is an Olympics-sized disaster

While Twitter has made some missteps, NBC's strategies are rooted in the past while it simultaneously tries to work with a real time service. And it's a recipe for disaster.

Dear Twitter: Corporate censorship is still censorship [Updated]

Opinion: Twitter's apparent willingness to censor a user to protect its corporate friends damages the company's image as a champion for free speech.

Why you shouldn’t fall for the upgrade trap phone makers set for you

Will the latest superphone save you time, organize your days and make you the life of the party any more than your last phone? Probably not.