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Five social media marketing ideas for businesses

Connect with customers and build your brand with these five social media marketing strategies for businesses.


Why Trip Hawkins is wrong about Nintendo and should rethink Zynga

Trip Hawkins, founder of EA and owner of Digital Chocolate, believes that Nintendo plunged the video game industry into a "dark age" with its NES and Zynga's free-to-play games model may bring it out.


This is your brain on Internet: How the Web filters out the contention we need

A Web that panders to what we want may not be what we want.


What’s next for Google+

Google+ has a lot of growing left to do, and here are just a few things bound to hit the site.


Six useless technologies that refuse to die

From modems to serial ports and IR transmitters, these useless built-in technologies still keep popping up in computers even though the world has moved on.


Email could use a revamp, not a replacement

New services rely on the idea that a consumer's attention span is so short that the traditional email can't even hold it.


Apple sues HTC again: Will Microsoft come to the rescue?

Apple has decided to file another patent infringement suit against HTC, this time over five patents related to software design, touchscreens, and sensors. But could HTC's new alliance with Microsoft could save it from the wrath of Steve Jobs?

Android Army

China buying piece of Facebook: To worry or not to worry

New rumors say that Facebook may sell stock to China, prompting concerned parties to worry what that means for the site.


How Apple turned the fountain of youth into a fountain of cash

Apple’s popularity with cash-strapped college kids has turned out to be the key to charming their parents’ wallets open, too.


One size doesn’t fit all: How the PlayBook and TouchPad outperform the iPad

The iPad still make the best choice for the masses, but for consumers focused on certain types of experiences, the TouchPad and PlayBook make better choices.


Google, you’re such a tease: Google+ temporarily opened, and shut back down [Update: Invites up for some]

Okay, Google, you win: Everyone wants in, now it's time to finally open up Google+.


Microsoft will make out thanks to Facebook, Skype deal

Microsoft's Skype acquisition means it will work even more closely with Facebook and its 750 million users.


Google+ hands on: Five major flaws

We finally got a couple Google+ invites and have been scouring the new social network. Unfortunately, we've found a few problems with the service that could undermine its potential, if not tweaked or fixed.


Google+ hands on: Five awesome features

Google+ still has a ways to go before it’s a finished product. But the days-old social network already has some great features. Here are the five best.


Change sucks: Why Google+ will flounder while Office 365 flourishes

Consumers don’t always want change, leaving Google an uphill battle to topple Facebook while Microsoft coasts by Google Apps with Office 365.