Opinion: Why Apple can’t sustain tablet dominance

Apple perfected its stranglehold on portable music players with the iPod, but can’t quite wrap its hands around smartphones or tablets the same way. Here’s why.

DT Debates: Has the Internet hurt innovation?

In this edition of DT Debates, we take a look at whether or not the Worldwide Web is a help or a handicap for new innovation.

Opinion: Cutting-edge tech hurts, but somebody needs to take the scuffs

Most consumers don’t need anything close to the power of the latest and greatest gadgets, but without deep-pocketed geeks to blaze the trail by buying it, the rest of us wouldn’t have much to choose from.
Cool Tech

Obama’s war on magnets: Feds sue to ban Buckyballs

Opinion: Buckyballs are under attack by the U.S. Federal government because people are eating them. Sign the White House petition to stop the ban on Buckyballs.

Will Microsoft Office 2013 finally challenge Google Docs?

Google Docs has already made a number of key improvements on Microsoft Office’s tried-and-true approach, but Office 2013 could be Microsoft’s chance to reclaim lost ground.

State of the Web: How the Internet makes things worthless

Does the Web zap the value out of everything it touches? In a way, yes.

I wanna be like Kev: Unpacking Digg’s complicated legacy

His crowning achievement may have cratered, but Kevin Rose’s tale – and Digg’s – remains a fascinating look at the madcap world of Silicon Valley.

Opinion: How to update your car to the 21st century

Carputers still aren’t up to speed with smartphones, but a number of solid aftermarket options exist for techies who want to ride in style.

Opinion: It’s a trap! Beware carriers’ new unlimited talk and text plans

New ‘unlimited talk and text’ plans may sound consumer friendly, but carriers have good reason to force us into paying for them: We barely use them anymore.
Movies & TV

Rewards, not lawsuits: A lesson in successfully combating online piracy

When it comes to online piracy, punishment is not the answer -- no matter what Big Entertainment believes.

I pledge allegiance to my gadgets: Fanboys and the rise of the megacorporation

Is fanboy fanaticism just a fad, or are we headed into a sci-fi future where defending your goliath corporation of choice has become the new patriotism?

Apple rumor alert: ‘iPhone 5’ cases mean absolutely nothing

Don't be fooled by the appearance of next-generation iPhone cases: Accessories makers know as little about Apple's device plans as the rest of us