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Be seen and not hurt with these five truly brilliant bike lights

Nearly 500,000 people sustain injuries annually in bike-related accidents, according to the CDCP. In an attempt to quell this problem, many states now require bicyclists to use a front headlight in tandem with a basic rear reflector. A headlight enables bicyclists to see approaching hazards sooner while alerting oncoming vehicles of their presence. From a budget option to some of the most powerful models on the market, these five lights intend to help you stay on your bike and (most importantly) off the pavement.

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Best overall — NiteRider Lumina 750

The NiteRider Lumina 750 is capable of producing up to 750 lumens via its Boost Mode setting. While this luminous overkill isn’t necessary for all settings, using the added performance during inclement weather or while cycling faster is much appreciated. Boost Mode depletes your battery rather quickly but, thankfully, there are five light modes (as well as a Daylight Flash setting) for optimal lighting in an array of situations. Those seeking a budget option should consider other options on our list but at just six ounces and priced under $60, the Lumina 750 Boost allows you to go full-on (bicycle) Beast Mode without breaking the bank.

Price: $79

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