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This $2,000 zero-emissions smart scooter can be driven without a license

Haven’t you heard? Scooters are making a comeback.

Here to prove it is the $2,000 OjO Commuter Scooter, a two-wheeled ride that hopes to convince adults that they haven’t outgrown the toys of their childhood. Described as a bike-lane-friendly, zero emissions ride, this may just be the answer to your daily commute.

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Well, maybe not quite. Given that the scooter only goes 20 miles per hour (and 25 miles on a full charge), you won’t exactly be zooming down highways with the OjO. However, if you’re in the mood for a neighborhood cruise, this is quite the sleek option. Branded as a “smart” scooter, the OjO boasts a sleek, patented ergonomic design and a HyperGear motor and gear system that will help you get up hills. And while other scooters may be meant for more minuscule riders, the OjO supports a 300-plus pound weight capacity, which also gives the rider a stable, smooth, easily maneuverable ride.

“We’ve been in research and development for almost three years to solve a dire need for a simple, stable, fun bike-lane-friendly and clean commuter vehicle,” said the president of OjO Electric, Dale Seiden. “Enter the world of OjO, a true advancement in personal e-transportation, unmatched in quality, agility, versatility, and technology. From its many patented features to the invigorating ride itself, this first-of-its-kind smart scooter gives a riding experience like no other. “

And while this OjO can be enjoyed by adults, you don’t necessarily have to be a credentialed one to enjoy the ride. The OjO Commuter Scooter follows the same rules as electric bicycles, which means it doesn’t require a license to drive. Seiden added, “In a marketplace of unstable, foldable, toy and motorcycle-like scooters that require a license for street-use only, the Tesla-inspired OjO is a ‘Real’ true adult scooter that is economical and sustainable.”

The OjO will be available in January on Amazon.com and later this spring at Best Buy.