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The last months of 2012 saw a rush of huge phone and tablet releases, but it’s a new year and we’re about to get a glimpse of the year ahead. Though the role of CES is diminishing as other shows like Mobile World Congress (late February) gain popularity, most of the major phone, tablet, and gadget manufacturers are here in full force, ready to unveil a flurry of new devices you’ll want to break your contract to buy. We’ve got a full team on the show floor. Expect bigger phones, 1080p screens, wearable gadgets, more practical tablets, a bunch of new operating systems ready to put a beat down on Android and iOS. 

Latest Stories

ST-Ericsson introduces NovaThor L8580 chip, with eQuad technology (Update: it’s not quad-core)

ST-Ericsson has announced the NovaThor L8580, a quad-core processor which uses a new method of conserving energy, which the company has named eQuad.


Don’t forget about the little guys! Our favorite smartphone underdogs of early 2013

As the excitement accompanying CES dies down, we outline seven smartphones the debuted there and find what makes them unique. It's a dog-eat-dog world for Android devices and manufacturers need all the help they can get.


Best of CES 2013: Mobile

We catalog our favorite phones, tablets, software, and companies at CES 2013.


Samsung 4.99-inch, 1080p screen spotted at CES, could be coming to the Galaxy S4

A Samsung 4.99-inch, 1080p display was spotted at CES 2013 - a screen size and resolution already linked with the forthcoming, and highly anticipated, Galaxy S4.


The Winners and losers of CES 2013: Mobile edition

It's impossible to leave a show like CES 2013 behind and not feel like you may have missed something. The same goes for reading through the news coming out of the event. We've compiled all the best stories from CES 2013 and give you a look at who left the show…


Hands on: Archos Titanium and Platinum series Android tablets

Archos introduces new Titanium and Platinum tablets at CES - will these slim and sexy Android tablets make the world forget about the company's previous not-so-impressive efforts?

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