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World’s rarest record? A one-off Wu-Tang album sells for millions at auction

In what just might be the rarest album sale in the world, a one-off record made over the course of eight years by legendary hip-hop group the Wu-Tang Clan has sold for millions of dollars at auction.

Federal judge throws out King of Kong star’s Cartoon Network lawsuit

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit former Donkey Kong world record holder Billy Mitchell filed against Cartoon Network over the alleged misuse of his physical likeness in the series Regular Show.

Retro City Rampage goes 16-bit in upcoming sequel Shakedown Hawaii 0:41

Indie studio VBlank Entertainment is developing a sequel to its Grand Theft Auto-like throwback action game Retro City Rampage, shifting away from the series' 8-bit origins in favor of more detailed 16-bit visuals.

Sony reveals 30 million PS4 sales since launch

Sony has revealed 30 million PS4 sales since launch, double Microsoft's 15.1 million Xbox One sales in the same time period. The news comes weeks before the holiday season rush, where several big titles are set to launch on PS4.

Want to help a great cause? Make a bid on the OnePlus X Ceramic

In a continued effort to move away from its past controversial promotions, OnePlus will put five OnePlus X Ceramic smartphones on the auction block and forward all the proceeds to charity
Cool Tech

Drones are now being used to prevent shark attacks off the coast of Australia

In what may be one of the most inventive applications of drone technology yet, the Australian government is using these flying nuisances (or novelties, depending on how you feel about them) to protect beach goers against shark attacks.
Cool Tech

This outrageously fast 3D printer creates objects at a blistering centimeter per minute 3:08

Italian startup Nexa3D has developed a new technique called self-Lubricant Sublayer Photocuring, which basically removes the need to create objects layer by layer and makes the printing process continuous instead of incremental.
Social Media

Teens promote safe sex unsafely with newest trend #CondomChallenge

Teens are participating in a new Internet craze referred to as the #CondomChallenge intended to promote safe sex and condom use, which involves dropping a condom filled with water over your head.

King’s Quest, Gauntlet free with PlayStation Plus in December 0:32

PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive free downloadable copies of King's Quest Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember and Gauntlet: Slayer Edition as part of December's Instant Game Collection lineup, Sony announced today.

Bentley will blow the doors off nonexistent rivals with a super coupe Bentayga

Bentley is reportedly planning a coupe version of its new Bentayga SUV that will push the performance limits to new heights. While rivals are in progress, this new model could crush them before they have a chance to make a splash.
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Universal eyeing Ryan Gosling for Neil Armstrong biopic

If Universal has its way, Ryan Gosling could soon be starring as America's most famous astronaut in a biopic based on James Hansen’s biography First Man: A Life of Neil A. Armstrong