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Buh-bye 16GB iPhone! Rumor has it the iPhone 7 will start with 32GB of storage

Forget about the iPhone 6S -- that's already old news. Rumors have already started to spread about Apple's latest offering, the iPhone 7, a device we almost certainly won't see until the end of 2016.

The next Galaxy Note phone could skip a generation and launch alongside a new Edge model

Already looking to see what's up with the next Galaxy Note? Here's a look at the latest news and rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, including talk of an early release to jump ahead of the next iPhone.
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‘Game of Thrones’ star Clarke wants to shake, stir spy series by playing Bond, Jane Bond

Not only does Emilia Clarke want to be the one to turn James Bond into Jane Bond, she has already decided on a co-star. Spoiler alert: He's one of the most revered leading men in all of Hollywood.

Court: Law enforcement do not need a warrant to ask carriers for your location

A U.S. Circuit Court has just ruled that law enforcement do not need a warrant to ask carriers for your phone's location. The precedent comes after the House of Representatives just voted down a bill that aimed to regulate the same issue.
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T-Mobile’s Tourist Plan is an affordable, three-week data plan for visitors to the US

T-Mobile's launching a new plan aimed at international visitors to the U.S. It's called the Tourist Plan, and it starts at $30 for three weeks of data and unlimited talk and text.
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Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors took over Twitter on Memorial Day weekend

Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors eliminated Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder to advance to the NBA Finals by winning two consecutive games over the Memorial Day weekend. Those games had more Twitter activity than…

Google wants to make its next personal assistant more personable by giving it a childhood

It looks like Google Assistant is set to be a lot more personable than previous personal assistants -- in fact, Google is even working on giving it a childhood and making it seem vulnerable so that users can build trust with it.

Watch a cheetah sprint to 60 mph from a GoPro on its back

What's it like to run as the world's fastest land animal? The Cincinnati Zoo strapped a GoPro to a cheetah named Savannah, to find out what it's like from the animal's perspective.
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New EU ‘hate speech’ rules: badly needed or bad policy? 2:39

Is the new European Union hate speech pact a step towards civil discourse, or online speech suppression? Plus, ASUS rolls out the Zenbo household robot, and a new Intel super-fast CPU.
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Facebook Messenger could emulate Google’s Allo by introducing an ‘encryption mode’

Ever since the Apple vs. FBI showdown, companies are jumping on the encryption train. The latest could be Facebook's Messenger. Unlike WhatsApp, end-to-end encrypted messaging would only kick in when you're in a special "encrypted mode."

One-of-a-kind ride: Ferrari builds custom 458 MM Speciale for one well-heeled buyer

The Ferrari 458 MM Speciale is a one-off custom version of the discontinued 458 Speciale supercar. It features modified bodywork inspired by the 288 GTO, as well as a custom interior.
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China's new heavy-lift ship is one of the biggest ever built

The Guang Hua Kou falls into a class of vessels known as heavy lift semi-submersible ships and, at 98,000 tons, it’s one of the biggest in existence. Heavy lift ships are designed to transport huge payloads that are too big to carry on…