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Galaxy S7 Edge pre-orders could begin on February 21 and come with a free Gear VR

Samsung might introduce a 6-inch Galaxy S7 Plus to go along with a 5.5-inch Galaxy S7 Edge, and a 5.1-inch Galaxy S7. An FCC filing confirms the S7 Edge's battery capacity to be 3,600mAh.
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Google expands right to be forgotten across all Its domains 2:36

Caving to European pressure, Google agrees to expand its 'right to be forgotten' efforts to all Google domains including While this is a win for privacy seekers, open Internet advocates are painting a different…

Microsoft: Android compatibility works, 74 OEMs now pre-installing apps

Microsoft might still lament that it hasn't been able to make Windows Phone the platform of choice for professionals, but it has had some real success with cross-platform applications. Its Android apps are now pre-installed by 74 OEMs.
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AMC releases suspenseful first minutes of The Walking Dead midseason premiere

AMC has released the terrifying first four minutes of The Walking Dead's upcoming midseason premiere, which will air this Sunday, February 14, showing what happens after Negan's men attempt to take the crew's belongings.

Kanye West is live-streaming his album-listening show from MSG exclusively on Tidal

Kanye West's upcoming show at Madison Square Garden for his new album, The Life of Pablo, will be live-streamed exclusively on Tidal. The show will also unveil Kanye's Season 3 collection for Adidas.
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Your shoe may be able to harvest energy to charge your phone

Our phones seem to have a nasty habit of running out of battery when we're running about, but soon, we may be able to harness all that running energy to the benefit of our mobile devices.
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Check out the intense new teaser for House of Cards season 4

An intense, one-minute trailer for the upcoming fourth season of House of Cards suggests that Frank is unraveling without Claire, and has a whole new list of enemies with which to deal

Quantum Break is coming to PC the same day as Xbox One

Quantum Break, originally announced as an Xbox One exclusive, will be releasing on PC in April, the same day as the console version. This comes soon after Rise of the Tomb Raider made the move to PC, as well.

Galaxy S7 pre-orders could come with a free Gear VR and begin February 21 4:46

It's time to get excited, because the Samsung Galaxy S7 is reportedly on the way as early as March 2016. The latest rumor says the device is capable of 17 hours of continuous video playback on full brightness.

Volvo’s head-turning V90 station wagon has been revealed prematurely by leaked images

Leaked images have prematurely revealed Volvo's upcoming V90 station wagon. Based on the S90 sedan, the V90 borrows styling cues from the Concept Estate design study that was shown two years ago Geneva Motor Show.

Can your PC run Hitman? Find out here 2:10

Keeping your PC up to date and capable of running the latest games might be easier than it used to be, but that still doesn't mean you can rest on your laurels. If you're interested in the new Hitman game, check out these specs to…

Relive early 90s software today, thanks to The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has posted over one thousand ancient apps and games from the Windows 3.1 era, including classics like Minesweeper, all accessible from the convenience of your web browser.