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Apple supplier Foxconn just replaced 60,000 employees with robot workers

Apple supplier Foxconn has terminated 60,000 employees at it's factory in Kunshan, China, in favor of robot workers, according to a recent report. The report also says that other factories in the area are likely to follow suit.
Health & Fitness

Are automated diagnostics the future of patient care? Zebra is banking on it

Zebra Medical Vision announced a new collaboration with Intermountain Healthcare to accelerate the creation of Zebra's imaging analytics engine and neural networks that will assist radiologists with automated diagnostic algorithms.
Movies & TV

A tome you can’t refuse: Francis Ford Coppola to publish ‘Godfather Notebook’

Fans of The Godfather are about to get one heck of a Christmas present: A 700-plus-page notebook about the film from director Francis Ford Coppola will hit book stores on November 15.

Now your iPad or Android can help you take better photos

The Kodak Professional Film App supports photographers looking to keep film alive. Previously available only on iPhone, film photographers in the Android camp can finally use the app to preview film types, find developing locations, and…

Samsung rolls into SID Display Week with a fully flexible smartphone screen

Samsung is hard at work on making displays even more flexible than the modestly curved screens on Edge series of smartphones. Its latest innovation? A 5.7-inch display that completely rolls up into a small cylinder.

Like Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists? So do 40 million other listeners

If you find yourself frequently heading to Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist to find new music, you're not alone. More than 40 million users have used the custom playlist since it launched in July 2015.

With large sensor and 4K capture, Z Cam E1 is a filmmaker’s action camera 5:15

The Z Cam E1 is a small video camera that packs a Micro Four Thirds sensor in a small body, letting you mount it on a drone or in tight spaces, while capture higher video quality than an action cam.

Tired of spoiled vegetables? The VeggiDome can help

The VeggiDome is a new Indiegogo project that is currently being crowdfunded. It hopes to help keep vegetables out in the open for easy access. Its design also helps vegetables stay fresh longer

A world-class music venue is coming to the Las Vegas Sands

Irving Azoff and his Madison Square Garden Entertainment group will build the world's largest non-sporting venue in Vegas, aim to capture top talent with amazing live concert experiences.

Comcast sets limit of $200 per month for data overage costs

Comcast's implementation of data caps has caused plenty of controversy over the last couple of years, but a new amendment to the company's policies might actually make things a little more fair for customers.
Cool Tech

Your next pair of Adidas sneakers could be made by robots

Adidas is bringing some of its manufacturing back to the homeland with an ultra-modern, 15,000 square-foot facility named "Speedfactory" in Ansbach, Germany,

Bentley’s Mulsanne flagship might lose its lid after all

Bentlely could build a topless version of the Mulsanne after all. The catch is that just 20 examples would be built by hand by Bentley's in-house coach builder, and each one will cost well over $1 million.