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Mark Zuckerberg’s AI butler now manages his entire house, and makes him toast

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claims in a new interview that his AI personal assistant now lets him control his entire home, and also makes him breakfast. Zuck states that he is readying the system for a demo "soon."

Gaming PCs are weaker than you think, but that’s okay!

Every PC gamer understands the urge to pump a system full of cards and cores until it heats your room with its outrageous power. But are people actually building those machines, or playing on budget hardware?

Soon you’ll be able to watch teams play Overwatch for $300,000 on TBS

ELeague is expanding past Counter-Strike and will be hosting the Overwatch Open. A majority of the tournament will broadcast on Twitch, with teams vying to compete for the top prize. the grand finals will air on Twitch and TBS…

Working with RAW video files? Update to SlimRAW lowers file sizes without quality loss

SlimRAW's latest update adds a new lossless RAW video compression to reduce file sizes while keeping quality intact. The update also adds more lossy compression options, giving videographers more options for converting and compressing…

How to use Photoshop’s Face-Aware Liquify for work or play

In Adobe’s latest update to Photoshop, the photo-editing software that has dominated the industry for so long that its name is now interchangeable with editing in everyday speech, the firm introduced a featured called Face-Aware…

Activists ask Apple to ditch patent for remote iPhone camera deactivation

Users of the online activist platform Care2 have written up a petition asking Apple to never implement its recently patented method of remotely disabling iPhone cameras at “sensitive events.”
Product Review

Samsung CF591 27-inch monitor Review

Samsung’s CF591 is late to the 1080p monitor party, and it didn’t bring a gift.

Robotic camera dolly upcycled from a wheelchair and other parts

Forget an $18,000 robotic camera dolly -- this DIY rig constructed from spare parts is way cooler. In this video, Eric Beck from Indy Mogul shares how he designed a rig that keeps the videographer out of 360-degree footage.

Trends with Benefits: ‘Pokémon Go’ will make Apple billions, and a suitcase that’s a scooter 30:00

Portland's Funniest Person for 2016, Nariko Ott, joins in our discussion of how Pokémon Go is augmenting our reality. We also have hands-on impressions of Sony's game-changing Z series TV, and chat about the world's most absurd…

The ‘Xboy’ was the Xbox handheld that never was

In an interview with IGN, former Xbox head Robbie Bach revealed that the "Xboy," or a handheld Xbox branded console, was in early conceptual stages, but was halted, and not just because of the Zune.

Microsoft updates OneDrive with automatic 'Pokémon detection'

A new feature bound for Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage service identifies the species Pokémon from augmented reality game Pokémon Go. It's available on the OneDrive app for Android and iOS.
Cool Tech

Microsoft's Dream Job partners will help you prepare for your next position

Microsoft reaches across its product line and to outside sources for a Dream Job program using Word, Sway, Skype, career expert Maxie McCoy, and Moo. The idea is to help people gain confidence and create a professional image while on a job…