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Google makes it easier, quicker to get articles in Newsstand on Android, iOS

Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages are now available on Play Newsstand, allowing users to quickly and easily access articles without having to download those articles from third parties. This should significantly cut down on loading times.
Cool Tech

With ten 3D printers and a robotic attendant, this automated fab lab doesn't need any human help

By setting an off-the-shelf robotic arm loose on a bunch of cheap 3D printers, Tend.AI was able to create a low-cost, fully-automated manufacturing facility that fits inside a garage

Watch: Drone strikes woman in head prior to 5K event, charges possible

A woman is looking to press charges after a DJI Phantom 3 drone struck her on the head while taking part in a 5K event in Quebec. According to witnesses, the operator was flying dangerously close to the runners and did not have an…
Cool Tech

Boston Dynamics serves up nightmare fuel with its “dancing” SpotMini robot

Capable of inducing nightmares based solely on its dance moves, Boston Dynamics' SpotMini robot is the latest creation from the Massachusetts-based outfit. Though owned by Google, a sale of the company is reportedly imminent.

Google is building a live support app with screen casting for Nexus phones

Are you a first-time Nexus smartphone owner? Google is developing a live support app that uses screen casting to help Google experts show users how to use their shiny new phone. It's unknown exactly when this app will be released.
Movies & TV

Between the Streams: Westworld fever, Rogue One relief, Finding Dory magic

This week, we'll be talking about the new trailer for HBO's Westworld, the strange turns for Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, the sheer beauty of Finding Dory, and the new film from the Thor: Raganork director.

E3 teasers giving you blue thumbs? Relax, there’s plenty to play just days away

Just because E3 has come and passed does not mean that the gaming news needs to cool down. Take a look at some of the hottest games to hit stores this July in this quick video preview.

Got milk? Keep it away from LED lights

According to researchers from Cornell University's Department of Food Science, exposing milk to LED lights "for even a few hours degrades the perceived quality of milk more so than the microbial content that naturally accumulates over…

Android N’s navigation buttons could get a face-lift

Google may be saving some design changes in Android N for the final developer preview, or even the official release. The navigation and home buttons could get a new look, which might also signal the arrival of other features.
Cool Tech

Brilliant VR startup leverages the ‘memory palace’ technique to boost learning speed

Macunx calls its virtual environments “memory palaces.” They are, in essence, visual, spatial learning spaces which, Dr Ralby says, will enable users to memorize new languages or facts at a previously unimaginable speed.
Social Media

Google offers VR solution for those who are barred from marching in gay pride parades

Meet #Prideforeveryone, a montage of pride parades in 25 countries across the world that you can access on YouTube 360 and Google Cardboard by way of your smartphone. From Belgium to Brazil, Sao Paolo to Sydney, you can be a part of Pride.

RZA’s next album will be a masterpiece of old-school Atari remixes

Iconic Wu-Tang Clan founder and producer RZA has some plans for Atari's classic video game soundtracks. He has partnered with the company to create an entire album based on its famed bleeps and bloops.