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Dave Grohl plays anniversary show on throne he designed while ‘high as a kite’

The show goes on for Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, performing the band's 20th anniversary show with on a rock-themed throne he envisioned while in a drugged daze, featuring guitar necks, an amplifier seat, and rotating stage lights.


Samsung Z3 rumors: The next Tizen phone may get a 720p screen and double the RAM

Only six months after the release of the Z1, Samsung looks to give Tizen another shot with the Z3 smartphone. Due for release later by the end of July, the Z3 could be a huge improvement on the Z1 in almost every way.


An Apple Watch survives four laps in an Olympic pool, and tracks its wearer’s workout

Turns out your Apple Watch will likely be just fine if you happen to jump in a pool. You probably won't want to try it since you will void your warranty, but you will be surprised how well the Apple Watch can track your workout under water.


Scream Queens set to genre jump each season like American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy shares that Scream Queens will be "anthological," with four characters carrying over to the possible second season. The four survivors will then find themselves in an all-new horror genre.

People in grass houses: Hempcrete is the ultimate green building material

What is hempcrete? It's exactly what it sounds like: a green building material made of hemp, lime, and water. It has a lot of benefits but hasn't caught on in the U.S. due to restrictions on growing the plant.


Avira Antivirus is working on a super-secure web browser

A new player is about to join the fight for browser marketshare, as antivirus developer Avira has announced its own security-conscious browser packed with functionality to keep users safe online.


Two top astronomers say they’ve found evidence of life on comet 67P

Just three weeks after the Philae spacecraft's awakening, two top astronomers say comet 67P could be home to an abundance of microbial alien life.

Cool Tech

Rubicon wants to pick up your trash the way Uber picks up its passengers

At the beginning of the year, Rubicon Global raised $30 million to deal with our trash,. Now, half a year later, it's continuing to disrupt the waste industry with a new app that would be like Uber for trash pickups.


Digimon returns on PS4, Vita with mystery-themed adventure game

Monster-battling RPG Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, released earlier this year in Japan, is slated to launch in North America and Europe next year for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.


These five new features will make you respect OS X El Capitan

The latest version of OS X, known as El Capitan, is incoming. While it's not as large of an update as its predecessor, Yosemite, it still has a few awesome new features up its sleeve.


Footage from unmade Nicolas Cage Superman film shows the disaster that might have been

The documentary The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened? explores the ill-fated Burton/Cage collaboration. If you’re having trouble visualizing the sort of superhero that duo might produce, have no fear -- we’ve got footage.

Movies & TV

Microsoft unveils a redesigned Bing Maps for the Web

Microsoft has unveiled Bing Maps Preview, a redesign of its mapping service for the Web. It features a bevy of improvements, among them trip planning tools and interface improvements.


Lotus will inject more performance with the 4-Eleven and Evora 400 Roadster

Lotus will reportedly add two new performance models soon, including a more powerful version of its 3-Eleven and a convertible version of its Evora 400. The 4-Eleven will develop more than 450 horsepower.


Mega Man co-creator returns to Kickstarter with anime homage RED ASH

Japanese studio Comcept and Mega Man co-designer Keiji Inafune are developing a spiritual successor to Capcom's long-dormant Mega Man Legends series, with an analogous, spin-off relationship to their upcoming Mighty No. 9.