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New Chrome for Android features speed up mobile browsing on slow connections

Google's debuting new features in the Chrome browser for Android that promise to speed up web browsing. One, Data Saver, compresses web pages on the fly, while another removes unnecessary images and background elements.
Cool Tech

Scientists study a Martian meteorite with a little help from 3D printing

A 3D printing company is aiding NASA by using its additive manufacturing technology to create an accurate replica of a meteorite, located 34 million miles from Earth. Here's why it matters.

FCC commissioner wants an investigation into Wi-Fi at presidential debate

A commissioner from the Federal Communications Commission has asked the agency to investigate the banning of journalists’ Wi-Fi hotspots at Monday’s presidential debate at Hofstra University. Press were required to pay $200 for Wi-Fi…

Selfskie: Mount your smartphone or GoPro to any stick for all the action shots

Selfskie is a mounting system designed to turn any stick into a selfie stick or camera mount. It can hold both smartphones and action cameras and has already reached its funding goal on Kickstarter.

Climb into this glass box in a Vegas casino to play VR games for cash bets

Gamblit has created a virtual reality platform designed to bring real video games to casinos.

New leak shows off front of Google's upcoming Pixel smartphones

Google's new smartphones are coming on October 4. They are rumored to be the 5-inch Pixel and 5.5-inch Pixel XL, and they will be marketed as the first smartphones "made by Google." Here's everything you need to know.

Find out what is lurking in your tap water with the innovative Ecomo bottle

Featuring the ability to show users exactly what is in their tap water -- like mercury or lead -- the Ecomo water bottle plans to launch its funding campaign via Kickstarter during the first week of October.

iPlaylist: Apple Music is using your iTunes history to make playlists for you

It was recently revealed that Apple Music's new playlists -- My New Music Mix and My Favorites Mix -- are personalized for each user based partly on their individual iTunes history.

Google’s slimmed-down YouTube Go app tailor-made for India’s unstable internet

Google unveiled YouTube Go, a lightweight client for slow internet connections like those seen in India, at an event in Dehli, India, on Tuesday. It's launching later this year as part of a limited beta.

A ‘safe’ Galaxy Note 7 may have just exploded and burned its user, report says

Samsung is working hard at recalling the Galaxy Note 7 over risk of the battery exploding, however the company may note be out of the woods just yet. A supposedly 'safe' Galaxy Note 7 may have caught fire in China.

Laptop makers are hitting brick walls thanks to hesitant component suppliers

OEMs such as Hewlett Packard and Dell are seeing increasing demand for notebooks, but are hitting a brick wall thanks to a shortage of laptop components. "Conservative" suppliers are forcing OEMs to find business elsewhere.

Citizens of Switzerland vote for broader government surveillance powers

A majority of Swiss voters voted in favor of a referendum that extends government surveillance powers. The new law permits monitoring first, approval later. Application of the new powers is limited to the Swiss intelligence agency.