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The first full-length TV episode on Vine is available now, thanks to Adult Swim

Now that Vine allows more than six-second videos, a new world of possibilities has arrived, including users watching full-length TV episodes. Adult Swim has posted the first: the premiere of Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin' Sclopio Peepio.
Cool Tech

Cozmo is like a lovable Pixar character come to life on your desk

Anki has created the robotic companion of your dreams: Cozmo, an AI-powered companion that's capable of conveying realistic emotions. It can play games, too, and entertain itself with dice-sized blocks.

Report: Matt LeBlanc threatens to quit Top Gear unless Chris Evans is ousted

Things seem to be frosty on the set of the new Top Gear, as Matt LeBlanc has reportedly expressed his displeasure with working alongside Chris Evans. Reports show that Evans has been disinterested in associating with the rest of the crew.
Cool Tech

Will future buildings be built from artificial bone and eggshell?

We need to find a less energy-intensive way to process concrete and steel, or we need to develop new buildings materials that are more energy efficient -- two researchers from the University of Cambridge are working on it.

This programmable, open source outlet can do things that off-the-shelf smart plugs can't

Excited by the idea of an open-source, Arduino-based outlet, capable of remotely controlling your various household devices? Then you'll definitely want to check out the Portlet, which you can program to control your various household…

BrewArt lets homebrewers concoct their favorite beers from their smartphones

Eight years in the making, the BrewArt is a project from two Australian entrepreneurs that hopes to revolutionize on-demand brewing by allowing users to recreate some of their favorite pub's beers.
Cool Tech

Groundbreaking random number algorithm may be boon for online security

Generating a string of random numbers is easy. The hard part is proving that they’re random. But as this algorithm's co-creator tells Digital Trends Marcin Pawłowski, "I really believe we can improve the security of communication for…

CryptXXX ransomware gets even tougher to crack, pulls in $45,000 in three weeks

The latest version of the CryptXXX ransomware has become even tougher to decrypt and has earned its authors more than $45,000 in Bitcoin payments from victims in just three weeks.

How a pioneer of street photography helped shape the way we take images today

Bill Cunningham, considered by many to be a pioneer of street photography, died on Saturday, but not without leaving an impact on photography today – from working to be invisible to simply letting inspiration come from the streets.
Social Media

With #Stickers, Twitter offers a new way to have a little fun with your photos

Twitter is giving users a new way to decorate photos and interact with others on the service. #Stickers let users be expressive, while also serving as embedded hashtags to automatically group images together that use the same sticker.

Google Earth just got a whole lot sharper thanks to the Landsat 8 satellite

Google has updated Google Earth with sharper and brighter images from the Landsat 8 satellite. The new images will also show in the satellite view of Maps, and over time will replace all of the older images in Earth.
Cool Tech

BBC’s new ‘Robot Wars’ resurrects your favorite wired warriors 0:44

“When we were first commissioned to design and produce the new House Robots we really wanted to take them to the next level,” James Cooper, Creative Technologist of the company which built the series’ new robot overlords…