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Richard is as klutzy as ever in new teaser for Silicon Valley season 3

HBO is getting fans ready for Silicon Valley season 3. The premium network released a new teaser Thursday, giving a taste of the ups and downs to come when the comedy series returns on April 24.

New leak points to April release date for HTC's first smartwatch

HTC wearables have all suffered delays in 2015, but the most recent rumors point to a spring 2016 launch for the HTC One Watch. Check here for all of the rumors leading up the eventual announcement.

Watch Dogs 2 confirmed, coming out before April 2017

Watch Dogs 2 is in development and will hit store shelves by the end of March, 2017, publisher Ubisoft announced Thursday.

Is Pandora on the market? Report claims the streaming giant is looking to sell

Coming off of a bad year for profits and a dwindling user base, Pandora is said to be in early talks for a possible sale. The news comes as the company has been besieged by the rise of on-demand streamers like Spotify and Apple Music.

Capcom outlines features, modes bundled with Street Fighter V at launch

Publisher Capcom has announced which modes and features Street Fighter V players can expect to see on launch day, revealing that many key aspects of the game will be locked away for future updates.

Microsoft hopes to expand its cross-buy offerings

After announcing that pre-orders for the Xbox One version of Quantum Break will offer customers access to the game on a Windows 10 PC, Microsoft has plans to expand its cross-buy program going forward.
Virtual Reality

Google reportedly will offer two VR headsets by the end of the year

Google is planning on building two virtual reality headsets by the end of this year, according to The Wall Street Journal. One will be an update to Cardboard VR, and the other will not require a connection to a smartphone, gaming console…

Star Kart is a universe where Star Wars and Mario Kart had a beautiful baby

Dark Pixel gives a tantalizing glimpse at an alternate universe in which Nintendo's mascot characters pilot a fleet of ships from the Star Wars film series, resulting in a Mario Kart mashup that turns fanboy dreams into reality.

Track your swimming stats and get custom training routines with this brilliant waterproof wristband

Swimmer's wearables have all the requirements of a typical tracker – light weight, long battery life, and high accuracy – but they all need to fit in a waterproof package that's easy to read in the water. The Swimmerix, up on…

Amazon adds zombie apocalypse clause to Lumberyard terms of service

A clause in the terms of service for Lumberyard, Amazon's new video game engine, limits company liability in the event of a viral outbreak triggering a zombie apocalypse.

Instagram will finally let you know how many people watch your videos

Instagram announced that a view count will begin to appear where the current likes are on videos. This feature follows others intended to improve video on the platform, and will roll out over the next two weeks.