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The ‘Xboy’ was the Xbox handheld that never was

In an interview with IGN, former Xbox head Robbie Bach revealed that the "Xboy," or a handheld Xbox branded console, was in early conceptual stages, but was halted, and not just because of the Zune.

Microsoft updates OneDrive with automatic 'Pokémon detection'

A new feature bound for Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage service identifies the species Pokémon from augmented reality game Pokémon Go. It's available on the OneDrive app for Android and iOS.
Cool Tech

Microsoft's Dream Job partners will help you prepare for your next position

Microsoft reaches across its product line and to outside sources for a Dream Job program using Word, Sway, Skype, career expert Maxie McCoy, and Moo. The idea is to help people gain confidence and create a professional image while on a job…

3DR flies its Solo drone to new heights in bid for commercial business

Thanks its popular Solo drone, 3DR is a household name. Now, the company hopes to find new success in commercial markets, thanks to partnerships with Autodesk and Sony that help it provide full-service solutions to enterprise…
Movies & TV

Get ready to cry watching the season 7 trailer for 'The Walking Dead'

The season 7 trailer for The Walking Dead, revealed at Comic-Con, will tug hard at your heartstrings as it further teases a major event in the first episode. Plus, we finally see Ezekiel, leader of The Kingdom, and more.
Cool Tech

Looking to track earthquakes on your own? Do it with the Raspberry Shake

Was that a tremor you just felt? You don't have to be a seismologist to answer that question, at least, not if you have the Raspberry Shake. Branded as a "professional grade personal seismograph"
Cool Tech

Robots demolish a site deemed too hazardous for workers

After four workers were tragically killed on a U.K. demolition site, robots were charged with carrying out the demolition work in their place. This is the future of the demolition industry, the manufacturer of the robots says.

Canadian DJ duo MSTRKRFT let their gear make the music on ‘Operator’

Jesse F. Keeler and Al-P, computers don’t make creating music easier, they stifle. Find out how this DJ Duo turned to classic analog equipment to make their latest record.
Movies & TV

Trouble is brewing in Mexico in new trailer for ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

A new trailer for the back half of season two of Fear the Walking Dead reveals that we'll be following all three groups separately as they encounter trouble in Mexico; Nick on his own, Travis and Chris wandering about, and the…
Virtual Reality

HTC reportedly plans to serve up Vive-branded desktop PCs from HP

Rumors suggest that HTC has reached an agreement to rebrand VR-optimized PCs provided by HP with the "Vive" name. The company reportedly wants to provide a consumer price-friendly package, presumably with a bundled headset.

Seagate offering ‘Gears of War 4’-themed portable hard drive for Xbox One

Hardware manufacturer Seagate announced that it will produce a limited edition, Xbox One-optimized portable hard drive for the upcoming launch of Gears of War 4, giving players more options when it comes to storage and transport of console…

‘Pokémon Go’ just broke another major iPhone App Store record

In news that will probably surprise no one, since its debut earlier in July, Pokémon Go has become the app with the highest number of downloads during its launch week on the Apple App Store.