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‘No Man’s Sky’ delayed once again, but only on PC and only by three days

No Man's Sky will see a small delay, but only for PC users. It will now come out on August 12, three days after the PlayStation 4 release. This should be the last delay in an already drawn-out development history.

Shape and control outdoor light for better photos and video

Taking the time to modify and control the light hitting your subject outdoors can go a long way toward improving your photos and videos. Here is how to do it.

Google's new and improved Maps does away with the clutter to make finding places easier

Google's rolling out an update to Maps that makes it easier to spot areas of interest and venues. Other new features include a Wi-Fi mode and public transit delay/cancellation notifications.

Epic founder Tim Sweeney is bashing Microsoft again over the Universal Windows Platform

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney is back on his soapbox again bashing Microsoft about its Universal Windows Platform model and its attempt to drive Steam out of business. The latest rant arrives by way of Edge magazine issue #296 published in…
Cool Tech

3D-printing project makes building lab equipment as easy as snapping Legos together

A team of researchers at the University of California, Riverside are using 3D-printed blocks to make building the perfect lab as easy as snapping together a Lego set.
Movies & TV

‘American Crime Story’ finds an exclusive streaming home at Netflix

Netflix has landed exclusive streaming rights for yet another popular series. The streamer has nabbed American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson thanks to its first global agreement with 20th Century Fox Television Distribution.

FBI confirms it is investigating cyberattack on Democratic National Committee

The Democratic National Committee has revealed that it was successfully attacked, possibly by Russian hackers, and now, the FBI is investigating the incident.

Nintendo's stock plummets after 'Pokémon Go' investor gaffe

Days after Nintendo's stock market value hit a record high due to the success of Pokémon Go, shares have plummeted as the company reminded new investors that it had no role in the game's development, and profits will be minimal.
Cool Tech

Life in the fast lane: Zip through airport security with Clear biometric scanning

Frequent travelers can speed up airport check-in with Clear biometric scanning terminals. Skip the lines, scan your boarding pass and fingerprint and move on through. You'll still have to go through security checking, unless…

Here’s what Bugatti’s 1,500-horsepower Chiron could have looked like

Bugatti has released a picture of what the Chiron could have looked like. This early design study features a striking front end with horizontal grilles and headlights that are completely blacked out.

Mysterious, Lumia-like smartphone could be Sony’s next Xperia

Sony is desperate for a hit with its next Xperia flagship, which may have finally seen the light of day. Leaked images reportedly show the handset in all its anodized glory, while a Croatian classified ad may have revealed the specs.

The OnePlus 3 'Soft Gold' goes on sale in U.S., elsewhere Tuesday

The OnePlus 3 is finally here, and it boasts a 5.5-inch AMOLED display, powered by the Snapdragon 820, with a whopping 6GB of RAM. You can buy it right now via the Loop VR Android app or by visiting OnePlus' website.