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Canon breaks apart a super-telephoto lens to show why it costs $11,000

Ever wonder why a super-telephoto lens costs so much? Canon disassembles one of its most impressive and expensive lenses, the $11,000 EF 200-400mm f/4L IS, to show why.

Improve your telephoto photography with this long lens tripod technique

Shooting your kids' sporting events or out at the wildlife refuge? Having a good technique can be the difference between a disappointing image and a clear, sharp shot, and this video contains plenty of pro tips.
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A decade after Katrina, meteorologists say hurricane models vastly improved

Meteorologists did a good job in forecasting where Hurricane Katrina made landfall, but underestimated its strength. Advancements in weather modeling may make that a thing of the past, NASA scientists say.

Ditch the scanner, this iPhone app digitizes and restores faded photos

Unfade is a new iPhone app that takes the chore out of scanning old photographs. It uses an iPhone’s camera to digitize the prints, and brings them back to life by restoring the vibrant colors of the original print.

FBI director continues to bemoan encryption measures n consumer devices

FBI Director James Comey lamented recently over the increasing number of encrypted devices. Comey says out of 4,000 devices it has examined since October, it has been unable to break into 500.
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Human's Sound ear covers aimed at meeting all of your audio needs

Human has announced the core features of its audio wearable, Sound. The ear covers will control ambient sound and aid communications and entertainment. Language translation and other functions will be revealed later in the year.

Samsung makes fitness a little more social in latest S Health update

Samsung has released yet another update to the S Health update, bringing a social aspect to the app with leaderboards. The new app is also better at counting steps and tracking blood glucose levels.

Jury finds Google's use of Java APIs in Android 'fair use,' dealing blow to Oracle

A jury has ruled that Google's use of 37 Java APIs in its Android operating system falls under "fair use." This is a setback for Oracle in its quest to be awarded around $9 billion in damages from Google, but of course, Oracle will likely…
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Robots may be saying goodbye to a pain-free existence

The unfeeling nature of robots has long been touted as one of their great attributes. But now, a group of German researchers is embarking upon a new mission to gift robots with pain sensors -- or their mechanical equivalents.

This new lens for GoPro makes recording 3D video a breeze

The upcoming Vitrima lens by Fantem promises to be an affordable way to record ready-to-watch 3D video to a single GoPro Hero camera. Footage shot with it can immediately be played back in a standard VR viewer, without any editing.
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Samsung UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player Review

Quality is king: The first 4K Blu-ray player will make you scoff at streaming.

Apple Flix? Apple reportedly considering scooping up Netflix

Hot on the heels of a report saying that Apple had considered a buyout of Time Warner late last year, a note in the same report mentions that the company could be considering acquiring Netflix.