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Neural networks? Machine learning? Here’s your secret decoder for AI buzzwords

Don't know your machine learning from your evolutionary algorithms? Worried every time you sit on a bus in case Google's Larry Page sits down next to you with a pop quiz? Our handy AI buzzword guide is here to help.

The 18 most stylish iPhone stands and charging docks

The right iPhone dock does more than just hold your phone. If you’re looking for the perfect dock for your bedroom, or one to sit discretely on your office desk, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here.
Movies & TV

Did the Cloverfield sequel 'God Particle' just get a new release date?

Paramount Pictures has shuffled its release calendar a bit and removed the presumed Cloverfield sequel God Particle while also adding a new October 2017 release date for a mysterious Cloverfield movie.

The White House plans to use Twitch for raising health care awareness next week

The White House teamed up with Twitch to throw an upcoming four-hour party on Monday to raise awareness about the importance of health insurance. The event will feature popular streamers, Rocket League, Street Fighter V, and more.
Movies & TV

‘Blair Witch’ director is crowdfunding a docudrama about an alien encounter

A man who claims he had an alien encounter decades ago is looking to reunite with the "Skyman" he met and we'll get to see a version of it. Blair Witch Project director Dan Myrick has launched a crowdfunder to make the docudrama film.
Cool Tech

John Glenn, first U.S. astronaut to orbit the Earth, longtime senator, dies at 95

John Glenn, the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth has passed away at the age of 95. Glenn was the last survivor of the original Mercury 7 astronauts, the group chosen by NASA in 1959 as its first crew to travel into space.
Product Review

Vibram Arctic Grip Soles Review

Running on ice: Vibram Arctic Grip grabs when other soles slide.

Earth Networks’ smart home sensor will keep tabs on all your ‘dumb’ appliances

Earth Networks, a company which operates the world’s largest lightning detection network, has an unlikely new goal: making your home appliances smarter. And they've built a smart sensor to help.
Movies & TV

Watch Zack Snyder's mash-up video of 'Batman v Superman' and 'Star Wars'

And so it continues. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder resumed a back-and-forth with Star Wars: The Force Awakens' J.J. Abrams by posting a mash-up of their two movies.

'Magic Minute Project' uses Android Wear to show what time means for all of us

Google is trying to promote Android Wear, and its latest attempt at this is the "Magic Minute Project," which shows "what time means" to different people. For example, Kie Willis filmed a 60-second Parkour trial for the project.

Lexus continues its assault on boring cars with the 2018 LS

Lexus has announced that the all-new, fifth-generation LS will be revealed at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. Lexus’ flagship car, the LS is expected to equip the 5.0-liter, 471-horsepower V8 from the LC coupe.

'Mobile Strike' Super Bowl spot with Arnold Schwarzenegger top YouTube ad of 2016

YouTube has released its most viewed ads of 2016, showing some pretty interesting trends. The top ad? The Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring Mobile Strike Super Bowl ad. Also on the list are the Samsung Galaxy S7 introduction ad, and a Pokémon…