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Your days of watching pirated live streams may be over, thanks to Cisco

Cisco has plans to stop you in your tracks -- if you're illegally watching a pirated stream, that is. The San Jose-based company recently introduced a new technology known as Streaming Piracy Prevention.

5 songs you need to stream this week: Eminem, Bob Weir, and more

Not sure what new music to listen to? We'll let you know what new tracks and albums dropping this week are worthy of your attention. Up this week: Eminem, Bob Weir and more.

Personal computing industry press leader David Bunnell dies

David Bunnell died last week at his home in Berkeley. Bunnell chronicled the birth of the personal computing revolution and founded major computer magazines. Microsoft co-founder Paul Alen said, "David Bunnell give voice to the PC…
Movies & TV

Negan will haunt your dreams on ‘Walking Dead’, says Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman discusses Season 7, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s brilliant portrayal of the villain Negan, and the challenge of killing off characters in the AMC series.

Brewed and infused: The best electric tea kettles of 2016

While a traditional stovetop kettle may be adequate for most tea drinkers, electric kettles offer a few modern conveniences. Here are our six of our current favorites, whether you're in need of a simple machine or one that takes the type of…
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How to run a free background check

There are plenty of legitimate reasons for carrying out a background check, and not all of them are creepy. Here are several methods that allow you to run thorough background check on someone online, whether you need to vet a potential hire…
Cool Tech

Hands on with Cozmo, the little AI robot that could

Anki's new Cozmo robot may be powered by artificial intelligence, and it's surprisingly capable... but not consistently. We put it to the test for a week to see just what it can do.

How to connect your smartphone or tablet to a PS4

Sony built the PlayStation 4 with smartphone and mobile integration in mind. Take a look at our guide for connecting your smartphone or tablet to a PS4, so you can browse profiles, trophies, and other content directly on your mobile device.

American hacker Jester warns Russia to stop interfering with U.S. election

Jester, a hacker who takes down jihadist sites and warns U.S. authorities of terrorist threats, attacked the Russian Foreign Ministry site this weekend. Jester called out the Russians for hacking into U.S. sites to interfere with the U.S…

AT&T buys Time Warner for $85 billion

Telecommunications giant AT&T has agreed to buy Time Warner for $85 billion. The purchase would provide an instant menu of television channels and films. AT&T bought DirecTV in 2015 to expand services from pure communications.

The Galaxy C9 Pro is the first Samsung smartphone with 6GB RAM

A faulty Galaxy Note 7 will not stop Samsung from releasing new phones, starting with the Galaxy C9 Pro. The phone will only be available in China starting November 11 for around $470.
Cool Tech

NASA plans to start a garbage fire in space … on purpose

While starting a fire in space generally doesn't seem like a recommendable course of action, it's precisely what NASA is planning on doing with its Cygnus cargo spacecraft, which was recently sent into space.