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Apple's iPhone 7 may have wireless charging, an on-screen fingerprint sensor, and other cool features

Forget about the iPhone 6S, that's already old news. Rumors have already started to spread about the iPhone 7, a device we almost certainly won't see until the end of 2016.
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50 Cent to appear in new Fox meta-comedy, My Friend 50

50 Cent will have a recurring role in a new comedy series, My Friend 50, which has received a script pickup from Fox, and will center around a young woman who joins the rapper's entourage.

Marvel to release free comic book compiling its variant hip-hop covers

Marvel is releasing a free comic book next year that will compile a selection of its recent variant hip-hop covers. The special-edition covers feature some of the company's biggest new titles and pay homage to iconic hip-hop albums.
Movies & TV

Fox draws new blood for Rambo TV series, Stallone to produce

Fox has added another to its already long list of TV adaptations, planning to create a new series based on iconic action franchise Rambo, which will be executive produced by Sylvester Stallone.

NuDock Mini is the sleek charging solution Apple fanatics crave 1:31

NuDock Mini is helpful if you own an Apple Watch, an iPhone, and a MacBook. It's the addition of USB Type-C MacBook charging that sets it apart. Backers of an IndieGoGo campaign can snag one for $70.

Just Cause 3’s release may be cause for concern

Just Cause 3 is one of the biggest AAA launches of the year, and like many others, it's mired in controversy, as it's launched with a number of performance issues and bugs. Avalanche has promised a fix, but in the mean time, many…

Chrome for Android can now save up to 70 percent of your data with Data Saver mode

If you have a limited data plan or frequent slow networks, you already know how important it is to not waste data. Google's updated Data Saver mode on Chrome for Android will save up to 70 percent of your data and speed up your Web…

Get ready, fitness fanatics: The Moto 360 Sport hits the U.S. on January 7

Motorola's fitness-minded counterpart to its Moto 360, the Moto 360 Sport, will be available on January 7 in the U.S. Those lucky enough to be in the U.K. and France can order it on December 18.

A record 95 million people shopped at small businesses this past Saturday

On November 28, 95 million customers reportedly shopped at small businesses in the United States, for the first time since Small Business Saturday started in 2010.
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Write a racist post in Brazil, and you may find it on a billboard

A new anti-racism campaign in Brazil is making use of rather controversial tactics to stem online hate speech, plastering the racist Facebook posts of some users on billboards close to the offenders' homes

Drake crowned as 2015’s most streamed Spotify artist, but Ed Sheeran’s still the king

Canadian rapper Drake topped this year's list of Spotify's most-streamed artists with 1.8 billion plays, but British songwriter Ed Sheeran is still the service's all-time leader, with 3 billion.

Star Wars Battlefront gets a lot right, but here’s what’s still missing 4:20

Though it does a good job of visually representing Star Wars, Battlefront at its core is still missing a few things. Find out what we think is absent in this quick video.