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The new Chromecast launched with a half-baked Apple iOS app missing key features

While Google's new Chromecast is loaded with new features and functionality, much of it appears to be currently unavailable to iOS users. Contrary to Google's press event, it appears voice search, and other features don't yet work for…

TYLT’s Energi desktop charging station can juice up 5 phones at once

TYLT has already built a name with its wireless chargers. Now the company is back with an IndieGoGo campaign to fund its five-port Energi desktop charging station capable of charging devices at twice the standard speed.

Still studded in sensors, Microsoft's new Band finally has a design you won't hate

The first Microsoft band was awful looking, albeit, very smart. The second Microsoft Band looks a whole lot better and it's got 11 sensors, which is more than almost any other smartwatch or fitness band around. Read our hands on for more.

Microsoft Surface Book vs. MacBook Pro 13: Spec Showdown

The MacBook Pro 13 has long been the gold standard for laptops, but Microsoft's new, more versatile Surface Book offers an alternative. Will it drive old-fashioned laptops extinct, or does the Pro prove the clamshell still has some life in…
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This heat-proof umbrella will keep ships from burning up in the Martian atmosphere

Engineers at NASA just successfully ran tests on a new heat shield that possesses the capability to endure extreme heat when entering a planet's atmosphere. The agency developed the new tech for possible missions to Mars.
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You can finally preorder this ridiculous leaf-blower-powered hoverboard

Instead of using fancy supercooled magnets and elaborate metal-covered skate ramps to levitate, Mr. Hoverboard employs four downward-facing leaf blowers -- and you can preorder a kit to build one yourself

First, fastest, lightest: Microsoft's Surface Book hits all the right extremes

Microsoft’s Surface Book is not only its first laptop ever, it’s also one of the fastest, lightest, most beautiful laptops on the market, thanks to a seriously innovative design.
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Here’s how many solar panels we’d need to provide power for the entire planet

According to Land Art, we would need 191,817 square miles (the size of Spain) of panels to provide 100 percent renewable solar power for the entire Earth.

Rumors suggest imminent release of 21.5-inch iMac with 4K display

With much of the hype over Apple's latest round of iOS devices finally coming to a lull, the company is starting to prepare some new Mac launches, 9to5Mac reports. One of them could be a new 21.5-inch iMac with 4K display.

Chevy's Volt just molted from a gimmicky wannabe EV to a mature plug-in hybrid

The latest generation Chevrolet Volt has undergone a thorough overhaul, adopting more a more contemporary look and becoming the dutiful hybrid Chevy sought to make in the first place.

Elon Musk’s deleted tweet hints at a future Model Y to round out ‘S3XY’ lineup

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently posted a tweet regarding a future car called the Model Y, but promptly deleted it. Musk also hinted that a forthcoming Model X will be offered with a smaller, 70kWh battery.