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Beyonce’s The Formation tour turns to THX for sound quality befitting the Queen

THX Live is a new certification program aiming to improve sound for live concerts at large venues like stadiums. The new program will make its debut on Beyoncé's Formation World Tour.

Tommy Hilfiger is letting Apple Watch wearers cut in line at Fashion Week

Tommy Hilfiger and fashion lifestyle app Fashion GPS Radar have teamed up to allow Apple Watch users an expedited entry into his upcoming New York Fashion Week show, becoming the first fashion line to offer smartwatch benefits of this kind…
Social Media

Instagram addicts can finally switch between accounts with ease on iOS and Android

Instagram finally added a way to easily switch between multiple accounts on iOS and Android. Now, users can skip around between 5 different accounts with ease. Instagram addicts, businesses, and celebrities may use it a lot.

Böhm B66 Bluetooth headphones prove style and substance can be had under $100 2:57

It's tough to find a pair of budget-friendly wireless headphones that look and sound classy, but the Böhm manage to pull it off for around $100. And you get active noise cancelling to boot.

It's back to the Grammys stage for Taylor Swift: Pop star confirmed to perform

Taylor Swift hasn't only been nominated for seven Grammy Awards this year; she's set to perform at the vaunted awards show once again. The official Grammys Twitter account confirmed the news Sunday.

Windows 10's Storage menu makes managing your hard drive a cinch

Microsoft has made managing your hard drive's storage easy with a new Windows 10 storage menu. Here's how it can quickly find, and eliminate, programs that are taking too much space.

You can now grab Huawei's fingerprint sensor-enabled GX8 for $350

The budget-friendly G8 was launched globally in September of 2015, except in the U.S. Huawei is rectifying that with the GX8, which matches the same specs as the G8. It's now available for purchase at $350.

Mazda’s RX Revival sports car will pack turbocharged rotary magnificance

Mazda is turning up the heat with hints of a turbocharged rotary engine within the production sports car. The RX Vision will be a successor to the Japanese automaker’s iconic RX-7 sports car.
Movies & TV

Derek Zoolander and Hansel provide hilarious political fashion commentary on SNL

Election talk has been all about the results of the Iowa caucuses lately, but fictional male models Derek Zoolander and Hansel changed the conversation when they stopped by SNL to provide their expert commentary on the campaign's…
Cool Tech

This revolutionary 3D scanner digitizes your limbs to make custom braces and casts 1:47

A student-developed 3D hand scanner called the Curatio just may herald the beginning of a truly customized arm brace, and with a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work, we may just be able to create things that, you know, fit.

Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo takes to Instagram to cover Fetty Wap’s Trap Queen

90s alt-rock superstar Rivers Cuomo of Weezer recently shared a snippit of his version of Fetty Wap's Trap Queen, featuring emotional vocals that would fit perfectly on the group's next record.

Capcom unveils Street Fighter V full-length CG trailer 3:13

Publisher Capcom has released a full-length trailer for its upcoming mano-a-mano fighting game Street Fighter V, giving an early glimpse at the game's sizable roster of featured competitors.