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Netflix’s new ‘Stranger Things’ trailer is full of supernatural mysteries

Get ready for 'Stranger Things' with the upcoming supernatural series' latest trailer. Netflix released the second preview today, teasing the mysteries to come when the show premieres in July.

Gawk at the finest rides from this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a big motor sport party, and the cars that debut there are among the most exotic you’ll ever see. From Aston Martin to McLaren, we’ve got ‘em all right here.
Cool Tech

Hobby drones are still hampering wildfire air crews on the West Coast

Some drone owners seem unable to resist flying their remotely controlled copters in places they really shouldn't. Take wildfires. The aerial footage may be dramatic, but the risk to air crews fighting the blazes is enormous.
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Don’t just like: Give. Facebook flips the switch on donate button for nonprofits

Facebook has launched a set of tools that allow you to raise money from your friends to donate to a registered non-profit charity of your choice. The feature will be rolled out to all U.S. users over the coming weeks.
Cool Tech

Flyover video shows Apple’s ‘spaceship’ campus just 6 months from completion

Apple's so-called "spaceship" campus is now just six months from completion, a fact made clear by this latest flyover video of the site posted on YouTube.

Will Nest’s smart crib replace the baby monitor?

Possibly ideal for anyone that wants to keep a data-driven eye on their baby all the time, Nest may be working on a smart baby crib that will tell parents when and why a baby is crying.
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Judge issues Twitter ban to man who sent threatening tweets to senators

A man who was arrested after tweeting death threats to Republican senators and members of Congress has been banned from using Twitter by a federal judge. Uber driver Kyler Schmitz was arrested earlier this week over the threatening…

Phones don’t get much bigger than the Xiaomi Mi Max

Xiaomi has got a big new phone. A really big new phone. It's called the Mi Max, and the screen is 6.44-inches in size, bridging the gap between its current largest phone and the Mi Pad 2 tablet.

The incredible underlying technology of Snapchat’s selfie lenses

Snapchat’s selfie lenses, more commonly referred to as filters, are fun, ridiculous, and good for a cheap laugh. But for a feature that exists as little more than a gimmick, there’s a surprising amount of underlying technology powering…

Made for astronomers, this weather forecast is perfect for photographers too

Looking to nail that golden hour shot or capture the glow of the Milky Way on a clear night? Look to Clear Dark Sky for your weather forecast. It's designed for astronomers, but happens to be equally useful for photographers.

This new bokeh-friendly lens is ideal for artists

Meyer-Optik, the same company behind those Trioplan soap-bubble bokeh lens Kickstarter campaigns that Digital Trends has featured, today announced a new Trimagon F2.6/95 portrait lens.

Google’s latest diversity report shows very slow progress

Google has released its latest diversity report, showing slow progress, but progress nonetheless. Google is quick to highlight that these numbers do not reflect where the company wants to be.