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Google now lets you star images and add them to collections

Google's new feature for its image search lets you bookmark images so you can revisit them later. The feature is only available on mobile, but can be accessed on all major browsers on iOS and Android.
Cool Tech

Epson's new paper recycler processes of waste paper to create fresh sheets right in your office

PaperLab keeps paper recycling in-house to cut down on logistical costs and natural resources that are overused in traditional recycling processes. The compact office machine creates clean paper from the broken down paper fibers…

Samsung's Galaxy S7 will look a lot like the Galaxy S6, rumors say

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is reportedly on the way. Here's everything we know so far about Samsung's next flagship mobile device, including possible specifications, pricing, and release date information.

Gangnam Style's Psy gets crazy again in new music video Daddy

Psy is back and his latest music video, Daddy, is just as strange as his 2012 viral hit Gangnam Style. The K-pop star's new song is ridiculous yet catchy, and the music video features three generations of Psy.
Cool Tech

Microsoft is sending its HoloLens to the ISS so astronauts can use augmented reality

NASA teamed up with Microsoft to send its HoloLens technology to the International Space Station in an effort to make space work easier to manage. With the tech, teams on the ground can work right alongside those aboard the ISS.

Video game loading screens will get a lot more interesting following this patent’s expiration

A long-held patent giving Namco the exclusive rights to feature loading screen minigames in its software has expired, giving developers the freedom to spice up in-game loading screens with interactive elements.

Sony readies two $300 PlayStation 4 bundles for December 1:30

Miss out on a Black Friday deal for the PlayStation 4 this year? Sony has you covered with a pair of PS4 hardware bundles available for $300 from December 6th through December 19th.

4K rips from Netflix and Amazon are flooding onto torrent sites

The age of 4K piracy has begun, as pirates have apparently broken the encryption protecting UltraHD content on Amazon and Netflix. A flood of newly minted rips have appeared, including new shows like Jessica Jones.
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China gets Point Break reboot 3 weeks early, signals box office global shift

The Point Break remake will thrill Chinese moviegoers three weeks before it reaches the viewers stateside. The early release date in China serves as another indicator of the country's box-office prowess.
Product Review

Dell XPS 13 (Skylake) Review

Dell's XPS 13 still sets the bar other ultrabooks must clear.