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How to block phone calls on your Android phone 2:35

Telemarketer or persistent won't leave you alone? Here's how to block calls on an Android smartphone, whether you want to do so with native features or mobile apps such as Mr. Number and Extreme Call Blocker.
Cool Tech

When you really need to get from Florida to the Bahamas in under an hour

AB Yachts combines three 1,900 hp Mann diesel engines and three Marine Jet Power water thrusters to propel the AB 100 yacht up to 54 mph. The yacht is built for maximum interior volume and easy maintenance.

VRGE is a charging dock for your VR headset that doubles as a storage unit

If you're looking for a subtle means of storing your virtual reality headset when it's not in use, South Carolinia's Team VRGE has a solution that may even be able to charge your head-mounted display.

Master everyday life with 8 apps you didn’t even know you needed

There are so many apps to choose from nowadays that many of the best apps are often overlooked. We've rounded up some of the most obscure -- and useful -- apps in existence, just in case you want to use something other than Facebook.
Movies & TV

Hackers hit Sundance Film Festival

The iconic Hollywood expression of "the show must go on" was evident Saturday at the Sundance Film Festival. Despite hackers messing with the box office, the shows went on as scheduled.

Tesla waits for no one — not even its customers, Musk suggests in a tweet

If you were hoping that your Tesla would be the last car you'd ever buy, Tesla's CEO has a message for you -- it's not. At least, not if you want to stay up to speed with the latest updates and innovations.
Movies & TV

Anne Hathaway takes on ‘Colossal’ sized movie role

Many Hollywood movies fit a safe format. Sequels are a good example. Have a hit with one particular title? Remake it over and over. The new Anne Hathaway movie Colossal isn't quite like that.

Keanu Reeves’ Arch motorcycles: Suitable for galleries, better on the road

Every day and long distance biker Keanu Reeves wanted to order a motorcycle and ended up co-founding a custom performance cruiser company. Each bike is built to order for the buyer's ride comfort and performance preferences.

5 songs you need to stream this week: Cloud Nothings, Dirty Projectors, more

Not sure what new music to listen to? We'll let you know what new tracks and albums dropping this week are worthy of your attention. Up this week: Cloud Nothings, Dirty Projectors, and more.

Track more than just steps with this discounted $70 Misfit Ray fitness tracker

The Misfit Ray Fitness Tracker tracks all of your activities, not just steps taken, and doesn't require charging. The device normally retails for $100, mark but is currently available for $70, giving you a 30 percent discount.

The $15 Aerb universal remote with built-in keyboard and mouse gives you total control over your devices

Now only $15, the Aerb universal remote offers complete control over your PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. The all-in-one remote has a built-in keyboard and features mouse and TV control functionality.

Concerned about cybercrime? Chances are, you’re not doing much to protect yourself

According to surveys by security companies, people are concerned about cybercrime but most are not knowledgeable about or protected against ransomware. Simple precautions can make a huge difference in protecting your information.