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Cancelled Super Meat Boy port resurfaces on Wii U this month

Team Meat's breakout indie platformer hit Super Meat Boy will make its long-awaited debut for Nintendo consoles later this month as a downloadable Wii U title, porting studio BlitWorks announced today.

30 of the juiciest portable battery chargers money can buy

Battery life still tops the polls for smartphone concerns. If it’s bugging you, then maybe it’s time to snag yourself a portable charger. Come on in, put your feet up, and allow us to show you round the wonderful world of external…

NSA whistleblower Snowden, CNN’s Zakaria face off over encryption

A debate on whether the government should have lawful access to encrypted communications and devices saw former NSA contractor Edward Snowden duking it out with CNN host Fareed Zakaria.
Cool Tech

You won’t believe how far the Zapata hoverboard flies in record run

Zapata Racing wows the French coast with its Flyboard Air, setting a new world record for hoverboard flight in the process.
Cool Tech

Transform your boring bike into an eBike in 60 seconds with the GeoOrbital Wheel 2:20

Transform your regular bicycle into a fully powered electric bicycle in under 60 seconds with the GeoOrbital wheel. The fully contained electric wheel snaps on in place of your regular front wheel, so it can turn virtually any…

Omni’s smartcase fattens up your MacBook to double its battery life

Omni Technology has a Kickstarter project seeking backers for what it calls a "smart case" for the MacBook, which includes an additional battery promising up to a nine hour extension, and a few extra ports to make connectivity easier.
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What's going on with Game of Thrones' Jon Snow? Kit Harington finally comes clean

There has been a lot of speculation on Kit Harington's Game of Thrones character, Jon Snow, in part fueled by the actor himself. However, a shocking new twist in season 6, episode 2, Home, has revealed some lies.

Hawaiian church uses fiberglass ‘igloos’ to help shelter the homeless

On the Hawaiian island of Oahu, the First Assembly of God has begun constructing fiberglass igloos to help control the state's rising homeless population. So far, the church has raised roughly $100k for the temporary residences.

The Knox-secured Samsung Galaxy Tab E is on pre-order from AT&T starting this Friday

Looking for a highly secure yet not-too-expensive LTE tablet? You can get the Samsung Galaxy Tab E from AT&T starting this Friday for only $10 per month. Not bad for someone looking to do some reading, watch a few movies, and browse the…
Movies & TV

Game of Thrones season 6, episode 2 recap: murder, more murder, and a big return

On Game of Thrones' latest episode, Home, people struggle to find their place in an increasingly dangerous world. And of course, the episode ends with one hell of a cliffhanger. Here is our recap of season 6, episode 2.

Squid Sisters get moment in the sun as amiibo figures that unlock Splatoon content

Nintendo announced a new batch of collectible amiibo figurines this week, revealing that Splatoon players can unlock new in-game content via upcoming figures based on Squid Sisters Callie and Marie.
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Space Jam sequel may have found a director, but will LeBron go Looney Tunes, too?

Fast and Furious director Justin Lin and Bad Words writer Andrew Dodge are reportedly developing a Space Jam Sequel for real this time, which could star none other than NBA star Lebron James.