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Photowipe is a Tinder-inspired app that makes it easy to delete photos

Photowipe is a new app for iOS that simplifies the process of moving images from your Camera Roll to the trash. To delete images, you navigate through your photos one at a time and swipe up to send them to the garbage.
Cool Tech

Sneak(er) peek: Nike store in Paris lets you test out colors in augmented reality

French immersive technology company SmartPixels recently installed a video projection mapping machine in a Nike Store in Paris which allows customers to use augmented reality to preview custom shoe designs in real-time, using…

Your browser might be filling in hidden fields and giving away your secrets

Phishing site present themselves as legitimate pages while requesting account and other sensitive information. Now, there's apparently a browser vulnerability that can enter information on phishing sites without your knowledge.

Osprey’s GearKit duffel bags are your mobile base camp for the outdoors

The new Osprey GearKit duffel bags help travelers and outdoor enthusiasts stay organized while on the road, offering activity specific features for hiking, skiing, and more. The bags are scheduled to arrive in the fall.

Mini’s updated Countryman SUV gets the John Cooper Works treatment

The Mini John Cooper Works Countryman goes on sale in April with a 228-horsepower turbocharged engine, 145-mph top speed, and sport-tuned suspension. It's based on the second-gen Countryman unveiled in November 2016.

Sears says it can now fix home appliances 40 minutes faster than usual 0:56

To reduce the amount of time it takes for home appliance repairs, Sears Home Services teamed with GoToAssist to remotely bring master technicians onto a job. Sears reports some repairs taking 40 minutes less than usual.
Cool Tech

Awesome new 'drone in a box' system can launch, land, and recharge itself autonomously

A new all-in-one drone solution takes the form of a box, which opens up to act as a launch pad for a drone, capable of carrying out autonomous missions, before returning to its home to charge.

MS Optics unveils handcrafted 17mm f/4.5 pancake lens for Leica M cameras

MS Optics unveiled its latest creation, the Perar 17mm f/4.5 pancake lens made for Leica M-mount cameras. It measures in at only 10.5mm thick, 70mm in diameter, and weighs only 70 grams.
Mobile uses augmented reality to help you in the hunt for a perfect home

Thanks to two new features now found in's Android app, you'll be able to leverage image recognition and augmented reality to make your homebuying experience the most immersive it's ever been.

Microsoft's purchase of Simplygon demonstrates its commitment to 3D in Windows 10

Microsoft's acquisition of Simplygon illustrates how 3D will take a more significant role in Windows 10, as the company is making some specific investments in 3D technology that should provide more benefits for creative types.

White House photographer reflects on 8 years, 2 million pics with President Obama

What's it like to work as the official White House photographer? An interview with Pete Souza offers a pretty good idea. As President Obama's term ends, Souza shares his favorite images out of around two million shots.

BMW's new 5 Series recalls its performance roots, without forgetting luxury

BMW’s 7th generation 5 Series is here to re-conquer the midsize performance luxury sedan segment.