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TiVo adds QuickMode to all Roamio DVRs to help cut your binge time

All TiVo Roamio boxes will now feature QuickMode, which allows users to watch recorded shows 30 percent faster with pitch-corrected audio. The service initially rolled out on TiVo BOLT in September. 

Microsoft's decision to lay off 60 Israeli contract workers hints at Hololens efforts

With an early 2016 release for the developer Hololens looming, Microsoft has cut some employees abroad to focus on new technology at home. The Hololens isn't far from an early 2016 release for developers, although it will carry a hefty…
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CBS flying high with Supergirl, adds 7 more episodes to full-season

Supergirl has more work to do: The first season of the CBS freshman drama will now consist of 20 episodes now that the network added seven to its order. The series was one of fall's highest-rated debuts.
Home Theater

Chromecast domination: The streamer beats out Roku, Apple TV in Q3

Streaming devices are continuing to grow in popularity, and when it comes to digital media streamers, Google Chromecast has been snatching up the biggest global market share, according to a new report.

Revealing new Daft Punk documentary comes to Showtime on December 10

The recent documentary about the celebrated French electronic group, Daft Punk Unchained, airs on Showtime on December 10. It features interviews with Daft Punk as well as key collaborators. 

AT&T jacks up its old unlimited data plan price by $5 a month

Grandfathered AT&T unlimited data customers will see their monthly bill jump from $30 to $35. The price hike is a first for AT&T, which stopped offering the plan to new customers seven years ago.

SyncPhone wants to put a Windows 10 desktop in your pocket

Feel like smartphones aren't that great for productivity? Take a look at the SyncPhone -- it's a smartphone running the desktop version of Windows 10. This Indiegogo campaign is looking to bridge the gap between smartphones and…
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New Star Wars film will honor fallen fan with special pink R2 unit

A pink R2 unit called R2-KT will appear in the new Star Wars film, donated to the film in memory of Katie Johnson, a young fan who passed away a decade earlier from an inoperable brain tumor.
Cool Tech

China is building a controversial animal cloning facility to satisfy rising meat demands

The China-based company BoyaLife announced it plans on opening the world's largest animal cloning facility near Beijing in 2016. Once operational, it will supply 5 percent of the meat eaten in China.
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Sonos plans to add Apple Music in December, proceed with multiroom domination

Sonos owners will soon be able to use Apple Music on their wireless multiroom speakers. The company has announced that it is launching a public beta of Apple Music on Sonos products on December 15.

Fallout 4 blurred vision bug has no official fix, but workarounds exist

A recently discovered bug in Fallout 4 afflicts players with permanently blurred vision that persists across extended gameplay sessions and character resets. User-made workarounds offer possible solutions while we await a fix.