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Who’s there? Amazon’s Alexa could soon distinguish you by your voice

According to a new report from Time Magazine, Amazon is working on a feature that would allow its popular AI-based voice assistant Alexa to differentiate among users based on their voices.

Wireless charging will replace your fridge with self-cooling Tupperware

With wireless charging, everything in your house — from your spoon to your slippers — can be smart. Ossia hopes to make it happen, though there are some drawbacks that could prevent widespread adoption.

Mozilla makes new mobile push, acquires online ‘read-it-later’ service Pocket

Mozilla has acquired Pocket, a service aimed at helping users save online content for later. It's not known exactly how much Mozilla paid for the company, but Pocket has said it will remain a stand-alone service.

Olay shows off its Olay Skin Advisor, a deep learning beauty application

Beauty just got a healthy injection of brains. Or at least, artificial intelligence. On Monday, skincare brand Olay brought its Olay Skin Advisor to the global stage at Mobile World Congress.

Windows 2-in-1s picking up the slack as iPad and Android tablet sales flounder

While iPad and Android tablet sales continue to fall, Windows 10 detachable 2-in-1 devices continue to pick up steam. Samsung and Lenovo are two vendors following Microsoft's lead in pushing the productivity of Windows 10 2-in-1 machines.
Cool Tech

Boston Dynamics shows off first official video of its new wheel-footed robot

Boston Dynamics is known for its freakish four-legged robots, but the robotics manufacturer has outdone itself in its latest endeavor -- an experimental wheeled robot that came straight from your nightmares.
Cool Tech

The inventor behind the Maglev train is back with a Hyperloop for launching space vehicles

James Powell, the inventor who inspired the maglev train, is back with a maglev rocket launcher concept for launching space vehicles. A new video from PatentYogi shows what it might look like.

Transform your taxi into a mobile movie theater or office

The new Metrocab with RealVNC technology inside allows you to stream movies from your smartphone, share directions with the driver, and more. It's a hybrid London cab, which also offers panoramic views thanks to the clear roof.

Nikon's flagship DSLR gets a sleek new finish for the firm's 100-year anniversary

July marks 100 years for Nikon -- and a special edition D5 and D500 now look to be included as part of the centennial celebration. The gunmetal finish cameras (and a trio of lenses) were on display at the CP+ show last weekend.

Need a new PC? Try one of these 6 awesome laptop deals

If you're looking for a laptop deal, we've collected some of the best deals going right now on new computers. Save up to $150 on name-brand laptops from manufacturers like HP, Acer, and Apple.

Elinchrom launches a camera light so portable, you can paraglide with it

Elinchrom announced a potential game changer for action photographers -- the lightweight ELB 1200. To prove how portable the light is, the company set up a shoot for a base-jumper -- with the light held by a paraglider.
Movies & TV

Netflix releases the first teaser for 'Bright,' its fantasy cop drama starring Will Smith

Orcs, elves, and other fantasy creatures fill the streets in the first teaser for Bright, the upcoming Netflix movie starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton as a pair of cops policing a magical world.