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Bon Jovi performs live tonight on SiriusXM from Miami Beach

Bon Jovi has released a new album and they're going to give an invitation only audience a live listen at a SiriusXM event in Miami.

Airbnb and New York City settle short-term rental lawsuit filed by company

With agreement from the NYC's mayor's office that the short-term rental law would be enforced only against hosts, Airbnb dropped its lawsuit. The law forbidding short-term rentals applies to buildings with three or more units.
Virtual Reality

Titmouse’s ‘Smash Party’ proves that smashing stuff still feels good in VR

Animation house Titmouse has brought its real-life LA Smash Party to virtual reality, and it works.

Airbnb softens its tone, agreeing to regulations in Amsterdam and London

Airbnb is trading an ornery history for an olive branch. The home rental company, which for so long has been known for fighting government regulations, is now changing its tone, at least in Europe.

Did Uber help drivers break the law in Denmark?

Aiding and abetting criminal activity isn't just a charge reserved for people -- apparently, companies can get in hot water for the same thing. The latest to be charged with such a crime is none other than controversy-magnet Uber.

‘Tis the season for robberies at San Francisco area Apple stores

Customers have been packing Apple stores during the holiday shopping season, and in the SF Bay Area, hoodie-wearing robbers have been joining them, helping themselves to iPhones and computers.

Customers took a stand against Windows 10’s aggressive upgrades – and won

One man threatened Microsoft over the Windows 10 upgrade promotion that automatically upgraded a PC owned by his grandfather. Surprisingly, he won, and his case shows what goes wrong when automatic updates become too aggressive.

Not sure which leader to pick in Civilization VI? We’ve tallied up their strengths

For experienced players and newcomers alike, Sid Meier's 'Civilization VI' can be overwhelming. Check out our guide to each of the 19 cultures and their respective leaders to get a leg up on the competition and achieve world domination.
Home Theater

Hulu kicks off 4K Ultra HD streaming with original programming and Bond films

Unlike Netflix or Amazon, Hulu wasn't too quick to add 4K streaming, but the service has finally begun offering 4K content, though it's starting slowly, with only PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S owners able to watch.

Caffeine consumption: The difference between cold brew, espresso, and coffee

There are dozens of different methods for creating the world's most popular beverage. While drip coffee, espresso, and cold brew are all made with essentially the same ingredients, they're very different beverages. Here's how they compare.

Apple’s letter to the NHTSA hints that there may be some truth to Project Titan

In early December, a letter from Steve Kenner, Apple’s director of product integrity, to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was discovered, in which Apple offered "comments on the proposed Federal Automated Vehicles…