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When you run out of TV shows to binge on, check out one of these great movies on Hulu

From Criterion classics to new blockbusters, Hulu has some truly great films available. Check our top picks for the best movies currently streaming on Hulu.

Gettin’ sketchy: Mercedes previews the C-Class Cabriolet ahead of Geneva debut

Mercedes-Benz has released an official design sketch of the 2017 C-Class Cabriolet, which is expected to debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The four-seater uses a folding soft top instead of a folding hard top.
Social Media

Scott Kelly answered questions on Tumblr, and the result was pretty hilarious

Today, astronaut Scott Kelly hosted a live "Answer Time" session, essentially Tumblr's answer to Reddit's wildly popular "Ask Me Anything" series. Questions ranged from the practical to the puny, and everything in between.

Print your GIFs with Ubersnap, the free iOS app

We may be naught more than mere muggles, but we can begin to tap into the wizarding world with moving photos. It's all thanks to Ubersnap, who has just launched the world's first GIF printing app for free download on the Apple app store.
Movies & TV

Someone parodied the A-Team intro with Metal Gear’s Diamond-Dogs, and it’s glorious

Change the line "10 years ago a crack commando unit was sent to prison for a crime they didn't commit," to "Nine years ago, their private army was decimated by a secret organization," and the LA skyline to Mother Base while keep…
Health & Fitness

With Find Your Trainer, you can bring the gym to you

Luckily, there's a solution that will make getting or staying in shape more accessible, affordable, and convenient in more than 300 cities. Meet Find Your Trainer (FYT), the platform that's bringing the gym to you.

VanDerWaals charging purses are the perfect Valentine’s gift for your lady

With mobile charging handbags from VanDerWaals, your leading lady won't be able to say that she didn't respond to your text because her phone was dead. She'll just have to come up with another excuse.

This Valentine’s Day, keep track of all your dates with RaterDater

The little black book of the 21st century, RaterDater is the app that celebrates your popularity and your poor memory by allowing you to track and take notes on your slew of dates.

The Lively Wearable will help grandma stay safe and physically active

GreatCall Inc., the provider of active aging and independent living solutions recently launched an Indiegogo campaign for a wearable geared towards your mom or your mom's mom -- the Lively Wearable.