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Zach Galligan: The Gremlins return will not take the form of a reboot

The third Gremlins movie is reportedly in the works, but original star Nick Galligan, who may or may not appear in the new movie, confirms that it won't be a reboot, but rather a look at the world 30 years from the original.
Product Review

TarDisk Pear 256GB Review

Boost your MacBook’s storage with the TarDisk Pear.
Home Theater

Can waving an iPhone around like a Shaman fix a speaker? We tried Sonos TruPlay to find out

Sonos has avoided using an Auto-EQ system until now, so why the change of heart, and does the smartphone-based system work very well?

Russia plans to build its largest data center on top of a nuclear power plant

While most of the world still balks at the notion of using nuclear energy to power large-scale enterprises, Russia recently announced plans to build what could be its largest data center right on top of the Kalinin nuclear power plant.

Anonymous hacks ISIS site, replaces it with Viagra ad

On Thursday, the Ghost Sec, a hacking group related to Anonymous, gained control of a website supporting the Islamic State, and replaced it with a Viagra advertisement. Anonymous has pledged retribution against the terrorist group for the…
Cool Tech

This robotic fishing lure can make dead fish swim again

The field of robotics is transforming so many aspects of our lives, and now it's poised to change how we fish. Let us introduce you to the Zombait, a robotic fish insert designed to bring dead fish bait back to life.

Uncork the champagne: Mercedes-AMG celebrates its latest F1 title with a limited-edition A45

Mercedes-AMG is celebrating a victorious Formula 1 season with a limited-edition version of the A45 AMG called Champion Edition. It gains a F1-inspired paint job, a more aerodynamic body kit, a custom interior, and a long list of standard…

New modular engines will make the next Mercedes-Benz E faster and more efficient

The next Mercedes-Benz E-Class will inaugurate a new family of modular engines that will eventually power every member of the company's lineup. A plug-in hybrid model is in the cards, and the range-topping E63 AMG will get a 600-hp V8.

Watch your coloring book characters come to life with Arnimate

First there were coloring books, then there were 3D coloring books, and now, there are fully interactive augmented-reality coloring books, where your characters not only appear in three dimensions, but actually move about and respond to…