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Health & Fitness

Microsoft shutting down Xbox Fitness service in 2017; no word on refunds

Microsoft announced that it will discontinue support for its Xbox Fitness service in 2017, permanently closing off access to its associated Xbox One app and rendering user-purchased content inoperable.
Movies & TV

‘Finding Dory’ keeps making a splash, topples another box-office record

Disney/Pixar's smash-hit Finding Dory just reached a major financial milestone faster than any other animated feature in history -- and it really wasn't all that close.

Digital Camera Buying Guide: What to look for and what to avoid

Is your smartphone camera enough for you? Do you need a point-and-shoot, mirrorless, or DSLR? Should you buy online or in a physical store? We answer these and more questions in our camera buying guide.
Cool Tech

Watch NASA test the monstrous rocket booster that’ll take us to Mars

NASA got one step closer to its mission of launching the Space Launch System (SLS) to Mars by this week testing the world’s most powerful rocket booster for the second (and last) time before launch.

New malware can make a PC’s cooling fans cough up passwords, encryption keys

Isolating a computer from every network may seem like a sure-fire, if not impractical, method of keeping your files safe - until researchers use your system's own fans to betray it.
Cool Tech

Neuroscientists just found that texting alters your brainwaves, but they can’t explain why

“This is one of the first reports of a technology-brain interface which have been shown to exist,” Dr. William Tatum of the Mayo Clinic tells Digital Trends.
Cool Tech

The FDA approved this ‘stomach pump’ implant, and doctors aren’t happy about it

The FDA-approved AspireAssist weight-loss device allows obese patients to pump food from their stomach, through a tube, out their belly, and into the toilet without being fully absorbed.
Movies & TV

Justin Timberlake music, crazy hair on display in first official ‘Trolls’ trailer

The world of Trolls is on full display in the first official trailer for the animated film. The preview also showcases the movie's catchy music from stars Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, and more.

Clever new ‘Diet Eyeglasses’ track your eating habits by monitoring your chewing muscles

“We derive features from the sensors’ measurements and apply machine learning techniques to categorize the foods consumed,” researchers Rui Zhang and Professor Oliver Amft tell Digital Trends.

Unleash your full selfie potential with Idolcam

AeriCam has been building large drones for Hollywood for years. Now, it's working on Idolcam, an integrated camera and three-axis gimbal that seeks to bring out “your inner idol” with high-quality, stabilized selfie videos.

Accessories for the Galaxy Note 7 may reveal curved screen

Already looking to see what's up with the next Samsung Galaxy Note? Here's a look at the latest news and rumors surrounding the Note 6 (or maybe the Note 7), including talk of an early release to jump ahead of the next iPhone.

ZTE's Axon 7 is now shipping to much of Europe for 450 euros

ZTE busts out its new flagship killer for 2016 with the Axon 7. This all-metal phone boasts high-end specs and a premium all-metal design for a much cheaper price than most. Here's our hands on.