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Google getting plenty of right-to-be-forgotten requests, reveals examples

In the 18 months since Europe issued its controversial right-to-be-forgotten ruling, Google says it's evaluated 1.2 million URLs from 348,085 requests, rejecting 58 percent of them. The company this week revealed examples of cases in a…
Cool Tech

Check out what Pepper the robot looks like in a wig and makeup

Pepper now has its own range of garments and accessories on sale, created by fans of SoftBank's friendly droid. Besides dresses, tuxedos, and even a kimono, Pepper owners can also choose from hairpieces and jewelry. What do you mean it…

Huawei unveils the veritable, but sleek, monster of a phablet that is the Mate 8

Huawei officially announced the Mate 8, the sequel to last year's Mate 7. With a 6-inch display, the Mate 8 has both feet planted firmly in phablet territory, though the high screen-to-body ratio should make using the phone easier than you…
Social Media

Hyatt is serving customers through Facebook Messenger

Using the Facebook Messenger app, users will be able to easily reach Hyatt. They can also make reservations and engage in live conversations with the company's chat support team.

Watch Carly Simon perform Mockingbird with Stephen Colbert

Carly Simon performed her 1973 hit Mockingbird with Stephen Colbert on the Late Show earlier this week. The Bronx, NY-born singer/songwriter was on Colbert's show to promote her new memoir Boys in the Trees. 

5 reasons why Black Friday is totally pointless

Thinking of going out on Black Friday? Just don't. Stay in and enjoy time with the family. Here are five reasons why you shouldn't bother with Black Friday.

With the OpenbayASP app, you can monitor your car repairs from your phone

Automotive repair marketplace Openbay has released a new app called OpenbayASP. The app allows mechanics and customers to communicate with texts, pictures, and video, while also streamlining the scheduling and payment process.
Movies & TV

Verizon’s go90 mobile video platform launches exclusive web comedy Fatal Decision

Zach Reino stars in the scripted comedy exclusive to Verizon's mobile streamer go90. The show is loosely based on CollegeHumor's 2008 web series of the same name. 

The Star Wars spoilers are strong, but the force is strong with this Chrome extension

Like Luke, this chrome extension is an unlikely hero that will protect you from the dark side of the Star Wars universe - spoilers!
Movies & TV

HBO to premiere new adult-themed cartoon about NYC vermin in February

HBO has high hopes for its new animated series Animals, which will premiere in February. Produced by indie film darlings, the Duplass brothers, the new comedy centers around New York City vermin who encounter some decidedly human problems.

Watch a neural network try to describe the streets of Amsterdam

Neural networks are becoming better at seeing things and describing them. One developers took an open-source program, NeuralTalk2, out on the streets of Amsterdam and recorded what it saw.