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Ricoh’s Theta S 360 camera goes for an ace at the Women’s British Open

The Ricoh Theta S is (unsurprisingly) the official 360-degree camera of the Ricoh Women's British open. While it won't be broadcast live, Ricoh plans to bring fans behind the scenes with interviews and inside-the-ropes coverage.

Chinese optics company’s 12mm f/2.8 wide-angle lens has almost no distortion

The Venus Optics Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D is the widest f/2.8 lens with rectilinear correction ever made for full-frame cameras and it has almost no distortion. That is to say, it's one awesome wide-angle lens.

AMD’s new $10,000 graphics card has its own built-in SSDs

The Radeon Pro Duo was already the most impressive graphics card that AMD had ever put together, but now the SSG version lets you play with one that has as much as a terabyte of local storage too.
Android Army

Enable caller ID on these Android phones and get Google’s call spam detection

An update to the Phone app for Google's Nexus and Android One devices adds call spam detection. It requires that the Caller ID feature be enabled, The update is rolling out through the Google Play Store.

Google launches Emergency Location Service for Android

Google's Emergency Location Service, a new feature for Android, automatically sends your location to emergency services when you dial an emergency number. It's launching in the U.K. and Estonia, initially.

10 calendar apps for Android and iOS that will help you organize a chaotic day

There are numerous calendar apps available on iOS and Android, but separating the good from the bad can be difficult. Thankfully, we've rounded up 10 of the best calendar apps -- from Fantastical 2 to Awesome Calendar -- to help you better…

AT&T chief will head the intimidating-sounding ‘Robocalling Strike Force’

In response to the FCC's letter, AT&T and its CEO announced the Robocalling Strike Force, which looks to develop anti-robocalling tools and solutions. AT&T's CEO will head up the group.
Virtual Reality

Veeso face-tracking headset hopes to become virtual reality’s missing link

Virtual reality is about to get much more real. No longer will you be an invisible observer of a virtual world; people there will be able to look back at you, too, if Veeso has its way.

Microsoft Authenticator brings two-factor logins to your Apple Watch

Microsoft's launching a new app two-factor app for "major mobile platforms," Microsoft Authenticator, which will unify its current crop of disparate apps. It's set to launch in August.

You can use Android apps on a Chromebook now, so we gave it a try

Google Play and Android apps are now available on a few select Chromebooks, providing access to services that used to be unavailable. But is the user experience any good?

Latest picture shows one camera lens isn't enough for Xiaomi

Xiaomi's upcoming Redmi smartphone could feature a 10-core processor and dual cameras, among other top-end specs. It's expected to be called the Redmi Pro, and the launch could happen very soon.

We Wonder how this will go? New startup has futuristic gaming phone aspirations

There's little room for newcomers in the world of smartphones, but that doesn't stop companies trying. The latest is Wonder, a startup that apparently wants to build a futuristic device with VR capabilities, that will appeal to mobile…