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Takata airbag delivery truck explodes, killing one and injuring four

Reuters is reporting that a truck carrying Takata airbag inflators and propellants -- the components responsible for Takata’s 2015 recall -- exploded in Texas earlier this month, killing one and injuring four others.

Samsung's Galaxy TabPro S2 will be the second Windows 10 Samsung tablet

Samsung is working on a sequel to its TabPro S tablet: the Samsung TabPro S2. There aren't a lot of details right now, sadly, but the device is coming. Here's what we'd like to see Samsung add in the next version.

‘BioShock: The Collection’ gameplay showcased in new video series

BioShock fans eager to return to the world of Rapture can get an early look at the remastered gameplay featured in the upcoming BioShock: The Collection with a new "Let's Play" video series from publisher 2K Games.

Sony’s latest watch has an E-Ink band and face so you can customize every inch

The e-ink FES Watch U from Sony is undergoing innovations and renovations yet again. Now, an update to the FES shows that this pretty little wearable features both an e-ink display and an e-ink band.

HopSkipDrive is a California-based Uber for Kids

HopSkipDrive ridesharing for children succeeds because the service meets a need, and its screening and monitoring border on the obsessive. Experienced childcare workers are screened, trained, and monitored in real time as they transport…

Your presence can light up a room with the new Philips Hue motion sensor

Your presence can literally light up a room if that room features the new Philips Hue motion sensor. The latest technology to come out of the lighting company, the motion detector promises "to ensure comfortable passage around your home."

Chevrolet turns to Cadillac to build a more efficient pickup

Chevrolet has introduced the updated 2017 Colorado. The Bowtie's smallest pickup truck features a more efficient V6 engine borrowed from Cadillac, and an array of fuel-saving tech features.

Iran rolls out first stage of internal, national internet

Although once a country with very open internet standards, Iran has continued to restrict access and content and has now launched the first stage of its new national internet scheme, which will eliminate most international internet sources.
Movies & TV

Now we know what Thor was up to during ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Thor becomes someone's roommate and struggles with the mortal day-to-day routine in a short film released by Marvel Studios that will be a bonus feature on the Captain America: Civil War home-entertainment release.
Home Theater

Say hello to Rotel’s sleek, feature-packed 14 Series amplifiers, CD player

If you still cherish your CD collection, Rotel might have just the thing for you with its new 14 Series CD player and amplifiers, which offer high-quality components and a classy look.

The floor is lava! Klei’s new game is all about furniture-hopping

Whether it's the home, school, or the playground, every child knows hot to play The Floor is Lava, but how would you fare if that was actually true? That's what Hot Lava, Klei's new 3D platformer, is all about.