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Nvidia vows to assist GTX 970 refunds, roll out performance-improving driver update

After acknowledging the 4GB GeForce GTX 970 GPU is essentially limited to using 3.5GB of VRAM at full speed, Nvidia has promised refunds and driver updates.


Microsoft’s new Outlook app for iOS and Android syncs all your email together

Microsoft's new Outlook app for iOS and Android syncs email from all your accounts in one place, has a built-in calendar, shows you attachments, and more. The new app makes it much easier to use Outlook email on any platform.


Intel’s Basis Peak finally gets notifications for calls, texts, events, and more

The Basis Peak looks like a smartwatch, but acts like a fitness tracker. The Peak can monitor your heart rate, sleep, activity, and overall wellness.


Dartz, the company that makes superspy-worthy armored cars, now makes car seats

Latvian carmaker Dartz, a brand known for tank-like vehicles and gold-plated exuberance, now makes child car seats. Made with top-end Ferrari Red leather, the ‘l'Enfante Terrible’ is perfect for your little dictator in training.


Unleashing the Tesla P85D’s ‘Insane Mode’ on these people is almost unfair

The Tesla P85D is a formidable machine, with 691 horsepower and 864 pound-feet of instant torque on tap. The range-topping ‘Insane Mode’ sends all of that power to the wheels, which is enough to scare the unsuspecting passengers in this video.


This passport lets you use a selfie as the photo, no duck face allowed

Later this year, Ireland will introduce an official passport which uses a selfie as the photo. A smartphone app will be used to apply for the card, through which the snapshot will also be taken.


The $200 Jolla Tablet's a crowd-funding hit, proves people-power works

Finnish firm Jolla has announced the Jolla Tablet, which is up for pre-order through the crowd-funding website Indiegogo, and features a 7.85-inch, high resolution screen, an Intel processor, and the new Sailfish OS 2.0 software.


Swipe through your email faster with TL;DR’s cool, condensed inbox

TL;DR email app gets the gist of every email across in 30 words, and encourages you to do the same. The app will help you get through your email faster, with Google Now-like cards that you can swipe away when you're done.


Want to dock your laptop without wires? Intel’s 5th-gen vPro processors can help

Intel has followed up its launch of consumer mobile chips with the introduction of vPro parts with features like Pro Wireless Display and Wireless Docking.


Forget hot towels, this airline lets first-class passengers play games with Gear VR headsets

If you happen to be flying first class on Qantas anytime soon, your in-flight entertainment options are likely to include Samsung's Gear VR virtual reality headset.


Samsung feels the pressure as mobile profits plunge by 64 percent

Samsung's Q4 mobile profits fell by 64 percent on the same period a year earlier, contributing to the company's fifth consecutive quarterly drop. Declining mobile sales have forced the tech giant to head into 2015 with a new strategy to boost earnings.


The world's first 5K monitor is here. You can stop going outside now. Forever.

Apple may have released a 5K display first, but its Retina with iMac can't be used as a monitor. If you have a PC, or you'd like to use a 5K monitor as a second display, Dell's…

  • Pros: Attractive design , Great ergonomic stand , Excellent image…
  • Cons: Low-resolution content is iffy , Extremely expensive

Slightly smaller sister phone to the 6-inch Huawei Mate 7 rumored for launch

Huawei has announced it will hold an event just before the doors to Mobile World Congress open in March. It hasn't said what it will reveal, but there are rumors surrounding several devices.


Amazon goes after business customers with new ‘WorkMail’ email service

Amazon is taking on Microsoft and Google in the fight for business customers with WorkMail, a new cloud-based email and calendar service set for launch in the spring.