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Don’t you forget about meme: Relive Vine’s glory days on its web archive

Twitter's Vine preservation efforts are well and truly underway in the wake of its demise earlier this week. On Friday, the Twitter-owned platform announced that it’s transforming its website into a Vine Archive.

Have $250 million to blow? Buy the most expensive house in the U.S.

If you can't buy an island, just buy a house instead. Well, perhaps we should rephrase -- if you have the money to buy an island, but would rather buy a house, then consider this particular $250 million mega mansion.

Google loses another bright mind to Uber: engineer Amit Singhal

Apple is to Tesla what Google is to Uber -- at least, when it comes to employee migration. On Friday, Amit Singhal became the latest bright mind to bid adieu to Google and bonjour to black cars.

Upcoming LG G6 smartphone could get both Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

Rumors are circulating about LG's next flagship smartphone, the G6. Whatever the company has in store for us, the phone will have to be a stunner, as LG failed to spark interest in its modular ecosystem with the G5.

Google’s Instant Tethering will make it easier to tether from an Android device

Google is set to make it a whole lot easier to tether Android devices -- the company is currently rolling out "Instant Tethering" to Google Play Services, which will allow users to quickly and easily tether devices connected to a Google…
Product Review

Canon EOS M5 Review

Canon finally made a mirrorless camera even serious shutterbugs will love.
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President Trump shares first tweet from the official @POTUS Twitter account

Find out about all the official White House social media accounts President Donald J. Trump and his entire administration are inheriting, and how you can follow along online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

After the success of 'Inside', Playdead has already teased its next game

The studio responsible for two of the best-received indie games in recent memory has teased its next project. It appears to maintain Playdead's signature aesthetic and comes on the heels of upheaval within the company.
Cool Tech

Kristen Stewart (yes, that Kristen Stewart) has co-authored a paper on AI

Actress Kristen Stewart has co-authored a machine learning paper describing a filmmaking technique used for her recent short film directorial debut, Come Swim. Here's everything you need to know about it.
Cool Tech

Signs suggest that 101Hero, the $49 3D printer, was too good to be true

101Hero promised Kickstarter backers a functional 3D printer for as little as $49. But many haven't got theirs yet, or it just doesn't work. Worse yet? The company is not answering many of its emails.

Are you an AT&T subscriber? Analysts say you may be part of a dying breed

According to a report by Cowen and Company Equity Research, the Dallas-based carrier is losing more subscribers on a quarterly basis than any other American carrier. AT&T's biggest threat is posed by T-Mobile.

Ads for Google products lord over most of its search results, study finds

Google promotes its products aggressively on its web properties. That's according to an analysis by The Wall Street Journal, which found that advertisements for Google's hardware and services appeared prominently in search results.