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New algorithm can predict relationship success based on your tone of voice

An algorithm can predict the success or failure of a relationship based on changes in each partner's tone of voice while in couples therapy. The algorithm delivers more accurate predictions than human relationship experts coding the same…
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Ron Howard to take on The Girl Before after Dan Brown’s Inferno

It never hurts to line up your next project before you finish your current one. With his adaptation of Dan Brown's Inferno still in post-production, director Ron Howard has been tapped to bring another book to the big screen.

Confused about Wi-Fi routers? Here's how to buy the right one for your home

Your home's wireless router can make the difference between an Internet connection that works like magic and one that does little but display a "buffering" screen. Here's what you must know to make the right choice.

Get ready to roll: Samsung patents show flexible, foldable phones and tablets

Samsung has filed patents for devices that feature flexible displays. The patents include a scrollable tube where users pull the display out, a flexible phone that acts like a book, and a bendable phone.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Will Apple ditch the headphone jack on the iPhone 7? 2:54

Tech headlines for November 30, 2015: Rumors, again, of Apple ditching the 3.5mm headphone port on the next iPhone, Vtech hacked, Jeremy Clarkson pimps Amazon Prime Air.

Sony unlocks seventh PS4 core

According to data buried in a recent update for the FMOD audio tool released earlier this month, Sony has quietly released an SDK that will maintain Playstation 4's supremacy over Microsoft's Xbox One in graphics capabilities.
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Enterprise or Millennium Falcon? For Neil deGrasse Tyson, the choice is easy

Legendary astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson has weighed in on one of geekdom's longest-running debates, picking the Enterprise over the Millennium Falcon as the best ship in the imaginary sci-fi galaxy.
Cool Tech

Vibrating SmartCane uses ultrasonic ranging to help the visually impaired detect obstacles 8:10

The SmartCane device sits atop a standard folding cane, and uses ultrasonic ranging to detect obstacles. Distinct hand vibrations warn the user of surrounding dangers at greater distances and with greater accuracy.

Nissan might offset the cost of designing the next Z coupe by launching a Z crossover

Nissan has revealed the high-riding Gripz concept might be the first-ever Z car on stilts. That doesn't mean it will replace the coupe, and a 370Z successor powered by a more efficient engine is expected to land before the end of the…
Cool Tech

This bleeding virtual leg may help train combat medics to perform better in the field 1:52

While nothing can fully prepare combat medics for the full horror of a war zone, the hope is that a fake, virtual leg gushing blood will provide a better sense of what to expect during the real thing.
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The James Webb Space Telescope nears completion as NASA begins installing mirrors

NASA announced that it has installed the first of 18 mirrors on the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), which is projected to launch in 2018.
Cool Tech

You can draw pictures with your words thanks to WordsEye 1:01

If the best writing is the kind that engenders mental images, this new app may just turn you into the next Langston Hughes. WordsEye is a new app that allows you to "type a picture."