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Apple launches iOS 10.1, brings Portrait mode to the iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus has finally gotten its long-awaited portrait mode, allowing users to take snapshots of others with a slick blur effect added to the background. The new feature appears in iOS 10.1.

GoPro's new Passenger app makes flying the Karma drone a team effort

GoPro's Karma may be pretty small, but it can take on passengers -- virtually, anyway. The new Passenger app offers a second user the view from the drone as well as the chance to control the camera.

Hackers can use heart-rate monitors to send jolts to cardiac implants, experts say

Security firms have verified that hackers could gain access to St. Jude's Merlin@Home monitor to deliver deadly commands to specific implants. The company is currently in a legal dispute with several defendants over the accusations.

The iPhone 7’s camera makes up nearly 10 percent of the phone’s total cost

Chipworks has completed its teardown of the 128-gigabyte iPhone 7, revealing that the various camera components add up to about $26, or roughly 9.5 percent of the phone’s estimated $275 total cost.
Home Theater

Behold the glory: the $4,000 Technics SL-1200G turntable is now available

At CES, Technics unveiled its broadcast-quality SL-1200G turntable and now it is finally beginning to ship to the U.S. for a rumored price of $4,000. That sounds expensive until you get a look at the feature set.
DT Daily

Apple, Microsoft gear up for big reveals this week 3:01

Also today: What helped execute the big internet DDoS attack on Dyn last week, and Samsung looks to double down on their now tarnished Note phone lineup.
Health & Fitness

Doctor-on-demand house call service Heal poised for greater growth

Heal doctors-on-demand, a service, which sends a physician direct to your home, office, or hotel, is expanding with new funding. Licensed primary care physicians are available for checkups, when you're sick, or if you need a new…

From racing to touring, the best sports cars to do it all - fast

It’s never been a better time to be a car enthusiast. Modern sports cars are powerful, yet manageable. Here are the five best examples you can buy today.
Cool Tech

Cute wearable robots will crawl all over your body to do your bidding

The future of wearables could be miniature on-body robots that crawl all over your body to create instant makeshift displays. Or so a delegation of MIT and Stanford researchers think, at least.
Social Media

New and improved Facebook Safety Center aims to for safer online activity

On Monday, the social media giant relaunched the Facebook Safety Center, which promises to equip users with tools and resources to combat bullying and encourage safe sharing throughout the online community.
Movies & TV

‘Westworld’ recaps and reflections on Episode 4: ‘Dissonance Theory’

In its fourth episode, 'Westworld' complicates the villains but as the show continues to tease out its mysteries, does it lose steam? Check out our recap of the events, and thoughts on the show.

How to fix a wet smartphone

Water and electronics don't mix well, but you can often save a wet cell phone or smartphone after it's been dropped in the can or spun in the washing machine. Here's how, whether you prefer to do so using a towel or a bag of uncooked rice.