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D-Link EXO AC1750 wireless router Review

D-Link’s sporty Exo AC1750 is the budget coupe of wireless routers.

The LeEco’s dirt cheap Le S3 is the midrange phone to beat for 2016

LeEco has finally made a splash in the U.S., unveiling two new phones for the States, including the midrange Le S3. But how does it stack up?

The Plum wine dispenser preserves opened bottles for up to 90 days

The Plum wine dispenser, a temperature-controlled, internet-connected wine dispenser from entrepreneur David Koretz, preserves your wine by the bottle and pours a customizeable number of glasses.

A serious Linux privilege-escalation bug has been in the wild for nine years

There's a Linux vulnerability in the wild that's apparently been residing in just about every Linux version for the last nine years, and users will want to install a patch as soon as possible.

BeFunky Visionn for iOS turns videos into real-time animations

BeFunky's new iOS app applies artistic effects to both photos and HD videos in real time thanks to the company's patented Art Engine. Simply swipe left or right to cycle through effects, and each loads instantly.

Hackers could reconstruct your typing by listening to your keystrokes over Skype

Researchers at the University of California, Irvine and in Italy have created a system capable of working out what a person is typing by listening to their keyboard strokes over Skype.

Secret Service lets Vice President Joe Biden drive his ‘Vette, and he promptly does a burnout

Presidents and vice presidents aren't allowed to drive while holding office. When the Secret Service let the VP drive his Corvette, instant burnout. Biden has only been given special permission to drive his own car three times in eight…

Every Tesla Model 3 will have full self-driving hardware

Tesla has shared more information about its upcoming Model 3 sedan, including its claimed range of 250 miles or more on a charge. The Chevy Bolt competitor will be far cheaper than the Model S will open the brand to new buyers.

Nearly 50 years after his Canon was stolen in Vietnam, vet is reunited with it

Photographers, write your name on your gear. Leon Hambree's camera was stolen from his bag while serving in Vietnam. Nearly 50 years later, a stranger gave it back to him, thanks in part to an engraving on the side.

Backpack that quickly turns into a boat makes the great outdoors even greater

K-Pak is a 9-foot-3-inch “skin on frame” boat-in-a-backpack from the aptly named Folding Boat Company. Best of all? It unfolds in less than four minutes, and weighs just 21 pounds.

Nintendo’s Switch is small, but it can slug it out with PS4 and Xbox One

Nintendo has unveiled its next console, Switch, in a new trailer. While the exact hardware specifications haven’t been released, we know enough to say how it’ll stack up against the Xbox One and PS4.