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David Cage sees a bleak, android-run future in 'Detroit: Become Human'

Quantic Dream's 'Detroit: Become Human,' the latest from director David Cage, paints a bleak, android-run future for the city. Multiple protagonists and detective abilities should make this a thrilling and emotional ride.

Like a Swiss Army Knife for your car, the Intelliboost RG6000 can jumpstart a dead battery or inflate a flat tire 2:31

The IntelliBoost RG600 by Rugged Geek is a compact lithium ion battery that you can use to jump start your car, inflate a flat tire, and have charge to spare to charge your phone or a laptop.
Cool Tech

Self-assembling nanomachines may help detect disease

Dubbed OPTIMuS (Oligo-Propellled Technology for Interrogating Molecular Systems), the dumbbell-shaped machines use nanoscale DNA-spings to move a ring along a central cylinder or “handle."
Social Media

Facebook tweaking its News Feed to show more of the stuff you care about

Facebook has announced an improvement to News Feed that will see content from your friends and family pushed to the fore, and posts deemed less relevant to your interests demoted.
Product Review

Hidrate Spark Review

Don’t roll your eyes: There’s a smart reason to smarten this water bottle.

Prince's iconic shirt, jacket from "Purple Rain' up for auction on eBay this weekend

The frilly shirt and leather motorcycle jacket worn by Prince in his famed Purple Rain film will be auctioned off this weekend, along with 1,700 other pieces of interesting Hollywood memorabilia.

AMD game promo gives away the existence an upcoming AMD Radeon RX 490

The RX 490 is a real card that AMD is working on, if a now removed listing for it on a game promo page is anything to go by. Before it was pulled, AMD listed the RX 490 as applicable for its big giveaway.

Microsoft confirms the launch of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and it’s not in July

Microsoft confirmed on Wednesday that Anniversary Update for Windows 10 will be released in early August. The update will arrive just days after Microsoft pulls the plug on its free upgrade to Windows 10.
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Cranston may pass on ‘Better Call Saul’ directing gig so he can avoid spoilers

For everyone out there who loves Walter White as much as they hate spoilers, the news that the former Breaking Bad star may turn down the opportunity to direct an episode of Better Call Saul will be bittersweet.
Movies & TV

The whole superhero team gets suited up in new ‘Justice League’ concept art

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice -- Ultimate Edition Blu-ray was accompanied by some concept art from the upcoming Justice League movie featuring Superman, Batman, and the rest of the superhero team.

Microsoft drops SMS-from-desktop feature from Windows 10 update

If you own a Windows phone and were looking forward to texting from your PC, we've got some bad news. Microsoft has dropped messaging everywhere from Windows 10, but the feature will eventually become part of Skype.