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Nintendo Switch accessories appear on Australian website but are taken down

EB Games in Australia previously listed accessories for Nintendo's upcoming Switch console. Two have already disappeared, including a 10-foot-long USB Type-C cable for power, but the page for black Nintendo Switch Pro Controller remains.

In hot pursuit of Verizon, AT&T begins testing 5G technology in Austin, Texas

AT&T is in hot pursuit of Verizon, and to that end has announced that it has begun testing 5G technology in Texas. Before you get too excited, however, keep in mind that it will likely be a while before we get 5G in the real world.

IDC: Apple Watch sales aren't doing so hot — down 70 percent from 2015

According to the IDC, sales of the Apple Watch may be suffering more than previously thought. In fact, they may be down 70 percent in the third quarter of 2016 compared to the same period of 2015.
Home Theater

How to download Netflix movies and TV shows to your phone or tablet

After years of customers asking to download movies and TV shows, Netflix has finally made it happen, now here's how you do it on your mobile device, no matter whether you are an iOS or Android user.

Latest Nvidia GeForce drivers optimized for the best Oculus Touch experience

Nvidia has launched their latest GeForce drivers, version 376.19, with improvements not only for some important games as usual but with enhancements for virtual reality systems as well. In particular, the Oculus Touch has been optimized.

Battle of the browsers: Edge vs. Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Safari vs. Opera vs. IE vs. Vivaldi 4:21

Choosing a web browser can be tough. Here, we pit the latest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Edge, and Vivaldi against one another to try and name the best browser for most users.

With Origin, Grayton creates the most elegant analog smartwatch yet

Smartwatches have been growing in popularity as designs become more elegant. Still, they have a hard time competing with the classic style of an analog watch. Grayton came up with a solution by embedding the tech into the strap.

3D-printed mount turns four Sony cameras into a 360 video rig

When a media company couldn't find a suitable 360 camera, it designed its own using four Sony a7S IIs, a 3D printer, and stitching software. While the price still sits at a pro level, it's considerably less than the $45,000 Ozo.

Get comfy: You'll be the only human BattleMech pilot in 'MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries'

MechWarrior has been a multiplayer-only game for more than a decade at this point, but that's about to change. In 2018, Pirahna Games is releasing a new single-player MechWarrior game and it looks to be very faithful to the…
Cool Tech

Superfast fMRI is first to track human brain activity during thought

Up until now, fMRI hasn't been quite quick enough to detect the kind of subtle brain activity that’s associated with higher order brain functions. That may be changing thanks to a new fMRI technique that's up to 10 times faster.

Zyxel's latest wireless range extender can beam dedicated streams to devices

Zyxel launched a new wireless range extender featuring MU-MIMO technology, the first extender in the industry to offer this connectivity feature. The device is available now, and can even be used as a wireless adapter for wired devices.

Former Samsung engineers team up to bring smart tech to umbrellas

By gathering weather data from a companion Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, the Opus One smart umbrella alerts owners about whether or not to prepare for a rainy day. It's currently only available in Japan and Korea.