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Was the man who died in an autonomously driving Tesla really watching Harry Potter? 3:10

A man riding in a Tesla Model S while in autonomous driving mode died in a car crash yesterday, marking the first death sustained while a car was in self-driving mode. A witness says the man may have been watching Harry Potter…
Cool Tech

Google is buying energy from two wind farms that haven't even been built yet

Google's future is looking...gusty. In the tech giant's latest demonstration of its dedication to renewable energy, Google has purchased the future output from two wind power farms in Norway and Sweden

Blizzard job listing suggests there’s more ‘Diablo’ on the way

Blizzard revealed it is at least considering what to do next with the Diablo franchise, based on a job opening on the publisher's website. Blizzard posted a public listing for a "Game Director" to shepherd an unannounced Diablo-related…

Sprint customers now can get 60 days of Amazon Prime for free

Branding themselves as "the exclusive wireless retailer of Amazon Prime," Sprint is now giving their customers the option of adding a Prime membership to their monthly cell phone bill for $11 a month.

This new Calyos PC is as powerful as a sonic boom — and as quiet as a whisper

Calyos has a new workstation designed for PC gamers that relies on the company's Loop Heat Pipe tech, meaning there's no moving fan inside or out. This desktop is based on Lian Li's PCO7S case and can include an Intel Broadwell-E processor.

Welcome to 2016: US Senate staff will no longer receive BlackBerrys

Lawmakers are getting dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. A policy change means Senate staffers will no longer receive BlackBerry phones, but Android devices or iPhones, instead.

It takes a lot of skill to sweep a game of beer pong played atop a Roomba

Roomba pong or Beeroomba? A viral YouTube video shows that iRobot's autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners can be used to add a degree of difficulty to the drinking game beer pong.

She can write a pop hit for anybody, but on ‘Death Valley,’ LP wrote for LP

“Good songs have a leeway to them. They respond to being done in different versions.” Identity is everything to recording artists. If that gets diluted in any way, musicians feel a clear disconnect has occurred between their intended…

Updated – Is BMW teaming up with Intel, Mobileye to develop autonomous vehicles?

BMW, which recently said it would have a completely autonomous car by 2021, is holding a joint news conference July 1 with chip-maker Intel and machine vision technology firm Mobileye. An autonomous car venture is expected.
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No English? No problem: Facebook can translate posts into different languages

Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow you to automatically translate posts. Once translated, posts will display in their translated versions to those who don't speak the language of the original post.

Brazilian court freezes $6M in Facebook assets after WhatsApp fails to share data

A Brazillian court has ordered $6 million of Facebook's assets frozen in response to WhatsApp's refusal to hand over data. It's the clash in an ongoing saga between Brazilian authorities and the messaging service.
Cool Tech

Augmented-reality headsets could help helicopter rescue pilots fly in dense fog

“Databases containing obstacles and terrain data are used together with real-time data from sensors in order to substitute the lost visual cues in a degraded visual environment” project lead Franz Viertler told Digital Trends.