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Feds want trucks and buses to slow down, and the trucking industry agrees

With speed contributing to a third of all truck crashes, both the federal government and the trucking industry are calling for trucks to slow down. Speed limiters are already installed in most trucks but not activated.
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How animators made the entire animal kingdom talk in ‘Jungle Book’

The visual-effects team responsible for bringing talking animals to life in The Jungle Book explains how they created the creature FX in the Disney blockbuster.

Got vinyl? Fluance’s RT80 and RT81 turntables offer affordable excellence 2:34

Whether you're looking to revive your vinyl collection or getting into spinning wax for the first time, Fluance's new affordable turntables are classy, high-performance options worth checking out

Possible steering flaw in 190,000 Mazda CX-7 SUVs causes recall

Mazda CX-7 SUVs model years 2008 to 2011 are being recalled due to a potential loss of steering. A similar recall last year was for CX-9 SUVs. The problem can occur if salt-contaminated water gets into suspension balljoints.
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Angry Birds creators have sequel feature film in the works

“The Angry Birds Movie,” which came out in May 2016, took in an estimated $346.9 million at the box office worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo, and had a budget of $73 million. Rovio hopes to emulate that success.
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Swiss Post to test robots to deliver parcels, maybe even chocolate?

This September Switzerland's postal service begins trials of Starship Technologies' delivery robot. Tests are ongoing in Germany and the U.K. If pedestrians and customers feedback is positive, Swiss Post will decide whether to…

Microsoft ramps efforts to fight internet trolls with new reporting tools

The company outlined plans to oust hatred from its online communities. Through a dedicated web form for users to report hate speech on Microsoft’s consumer services, the company hopes to create safer online communities.
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Watch Carbon Fiber get destroyed under a hydraulic press

The Hydraulic Press Chanel on YouTube has uploaded a video testing out carbon fiber, one of the hardest and most durable synthetic materials ever made. How well does it fare under 10,000+ pounds of pressure?

Crickets hit the plates as the latest Silicon Valley snacking trend

The next time your buddy gets you in for a tour of Facebook’s HQ, you might hear more crunching than usual, and it isn’t data — employees of tech companies in the region have taken to snacking on crickets at work.
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Magnetic lace holders mean your shoes will never come undone again

Zubits entrepreneur Ryan Wiens has created a magnetic lace holder which mean you'll never have to stop and tie your shoes again. And, boy, has it ever proved a big hit on Kickstarter!

‘SpaceEngine’ is like a free ‘No Man’s Sky’ modelled after the real universe

Space Engine is a free-to-download, procedurally generated simulator that's ten years in the making. Despite the incomprehensible size of the game's universe, it was developed by one man. But now, he says, he can't do it alone.

Red, white, or champagne: These wine fridges will help you sip in style

Why not get a wine fridge to keep your vintage reds and whites at the optimal serving temperature? One of these models can help you to organize your wines and treat them the way they're meant to be treated.