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Tactical AI beats a US Air Force colonel in a dogfighting simulation

“ALPHA is an incredibly difficult opponent to face,” creator Nick Ernest tells Digital Trends. Are we looking at the next big AI breakthrough?

Snowfox Trackerphone aims to give kids independence, parents peace of mind

An Indiegogo campaign has been started for a phone/tracker that's being touted as the device that will give your kids their independence, while still letting you, the parent, keep an eye on them and make sure they're safe.
Movies & TV

Upcoming $80 million ‘Tetris’ movie will be the first chapter in a trilogy

The upcoming movie based on the Tetris game will be the first chapter in a trilogy of films, according to co-producer Larry Kasanoff, who also says that it won't feature "blocks with feet running around."

Square Enix’s ‘Adventures of Mana’ makes a surprise appearance on PS Vita

Square Enix's throwback action-RPG Adventures of Mana is now available for download on the PlayStation Vita in North America and Europe, arriving as an unannounced surprise for series die-hards.

If you play ‘Overwatch’ you need to know these top 5 basic tips 4:06

Are you new to the hit first-person shooter game "Overwatch" or just simply looking to get better? Take your game to the next level with these five basic tips.

Speed kills if you're playing as Tracer in 'Overwatch'

Tracer is 'Overwatch's' slippery, speedy shooter, and she can be too fast to handle sometimes. Make your enemies tremble and take advantage of these five Tracer tips to win with the cavalry's girl every time.

EU is displeased with Google yet again, this time over advertising

In the latest episode of an ongoing saga, the European Union has leveled yet another antitrust charge against Google. The most recent accusation, which is actually the third in the last few years, deals with the tech firm's advertising…
Movies & TV

Ready for Rio? NBC will cover the 2016 Olympics most hours of the day

NBCUniversal is going to make it easy for Olympics lovers to keep tabs on the Summer Games in Rio. Over the course of the 2016 Olympics, TV networks and other platforms will offer over 6,700 hours of coverage.

Pillo is a ‘home health robot’ that seems too good to be true

Pillo is probably the coolest pill dispenser you've ever seen. A campaign has been started for the 'home health robot,' however it seems a little too good to be true. If it does deliver, Pillo could totally change how you handle your…
Product Review

Casio Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 Review

Casio takes Android Wear to the great outdoors, but it's not a happy camper.
Cool Tech

Watch a breathtaking 4K aerial video of Europe’s greatest castles

From the Castle of Almourol in Portugal to the Khotyn Fortress in Ukraine, Fairytale Castles reveals Europe’s most impressive architectural wonders in beautiful 4K aerial footage. The video was shot entirely on DJI Phantom…

Soldier 76 can be a key ally for 'Overwatch' players

Though Soldier 76 may be known around Overwatch as a "boring" character, the truth is this trooper is ready to fight. If you're looking for kill streaks and victories, use these five tips to win with this soldier.